What are Awnings and Why You Should Even Care! From a mother.

There are a lot of reasons why awnings have been popular additions to both homes and businesses worldwide. For one, they’re great at providing shade when the sun is beating down from above. Then, if it starts to rain, they’re fantastic at keeping the rain off especially when they cover a sidewalk or other type of path. In addition to their usefulness, they’re quite beautiful as well. There are a ton of factors to consider when buying and installing Markiisi, let’s take a look at how to choose the best for your home or business.

Not Every Color Looks Good On Every Type Of Architecture

Since installing Markiisi is many times cheaper and easier than building a porch they’ve become one of the best ways to expand your inside space into the near outside. You immediately gain an extra 6 to 8 feet of living space you can set chairs in, have a barbecue, drink coffee, smoke, stretch out in a hammock or any number of activities.

You should, however, be aware of certain colors that just naturally go with certain types of construction. If you have a brick front to your home or business, you’ll note that dark green is a very natural color for your awning. You’ll see a lot of top quality businesses in the downtown areas using that color.

If you have a home with yellow, tan or white for its main color, you might consider an awning of brick red. If your home is blue, a white or black awning would definitely set it apart and be a nice contrast. You should try to avoid matching the color of your house exactly, you should always go for a complimentary color.

If you have some doubts, head to the paint section of your large home improvement store and take a look at the pre-chosen complementary color brochures to get some ideas. They basically show three totally different colors so you can paint the body of the house, then the trim and finally add the awnings and have them compliment each other perfectly.

How To Choose The Size Of Your Awnings

There is a lot of thought that needs to go into choosing the size. If you have a sidewalk below the awning you should take care to cover its entire width unless it’s extremely wide. You’ll want the rain to fall at least several inches off the sidewalk to reduce splash and because it makes a nice match aesthetically.

If you have more utilitarian uses planned, to cover a barbecue, lounge chair, hammocks or other fun ideas, make sure you get your awnings slightly larger that what it takes to cover them all. The reason for this is that neither sun nor rain falls directly down and you’ll want a little extra space to make sure you’re well covered.

Many cafes and restaurants install large enough awnings to enable them to put tables and chairs out in front of their businesses. This a great idea and can result in a large number of people that come every day just to sit and people watch while they drink coffee. Adding free Wi-Fi internet can help as well.

You Might Consider Choosing Retractable Awnings

Both canvas and metal awnings can be made retractable. This can be a huge advantage for some locations where it’s way too hot, then way too cool, or that gets a lot of rain but only sometimes. The point is that in climates that get very little sun there will be those that enjoy sitting in the sunlight certain times of the year. But when it gets hot, it will be time to roll out the awnings for cover.

There are also parts of the country that are prone to fierce storms and in these places it would be helpful to be able to retract the awning to protect them from damage. Awnings can take quite a bit of punishment, and do help protect buildings and windows in lighter storms and strong breezes, but a hurricane is when you should batten the hatches and take cover.

Check Rules And Bylaws Before You Buy

In many locations, there are rules about the installation of awnings and other outside structures around your home, condo or business. Even though others around you might have awnings already installed, there could be rules about color, size, materials, and numerous other considerations to be aware of, it’s always better to check first.

Although an awning can be the perfect place to put the name of your business or other advertising, you should also check to make sure that is legal as well. In most cases the local city doesn’t care, in a few, they meddle in every small detail of your business and they can make life difficult.

You Should Consider Cleaning And Maintenance Too

Awnings are fairly easy to clean and maintain, especially in certain climates. However, in damp, moist, leafy areas they’ll need special attention on a regular basis. The most important thing to do is buy a brush and a small strong ladder so that you can keep fallen leaves off. Many leaves have natural acids and stains that will leach onto your fabrics or metals and make cleaning more difficult.

There are special cleaning supplies just for the type of fabric or metal that you have and you should refrain from using chlorine bleach. Chlorine is not only caustic for your fabrics, but it may also bleach and ruin anything else that it lands on underneath. It can eat holes in your clothes, burn your skin, and blind you if splashed into the eyes.

Most of the time the special cleaning detergents can be mixed up in a small sprayer and applied in just a few minutes. After a quick soaking, scrubbing with your brush from the ladder, and then a good hosing with fresh water you’ll be done. It shouldn’t take a long time and if done frequently, the job is over quickly.

If you’re thinking about adding awnings to your home or business you’re in good company and they are quite popular these days. By taking into consideration the colors, type of materials, and size, you’ll be sure to get just the right look that you’re after, then you can spend your afternoons relaxing under cover.

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