Handmade Carpets – Three Interesting Facts About A Product With A Wealth Of History

Handmade carpets are something to be admired, impressed by, and even purchased if you have the means. There’s a few things about handmade carpets which you may not know and we’re going to tell you all about them (I wonder if there are some┬árecommended rug and carpet cleaners Bridgend)!

Handmade Carpets – The First Interesting Fact

They Have a Very Long History!

The very first floor coverings are thought to have been made way back in time, in fact perhaps as early as 7000 BC!

The Pazyryk carpet is the world’s oldest carpet and has a staggering age of 2000 years!

Handmade Carpets – The Second Interesting Fact

The Camel Was The First Iconic Symbol For Handmade Carpets

In the past camel hair was commonly used to make carpets. Since it can give off a pretty bad aroma during hot weather, it’s probably a good thing that the camels are keeping their hair these days!

Handmade Carpets – The Third Interesting Fact

The Name Of The Carpet Shows Its Roots

Most of the Oriental and Persian carpets are named for where they originated. The name may also be derived from the nomadic group. So names of carpets like Isfahan, Keshan and Mashad are based on the carpet’s place of origin.

Certainly handmade carpets are a product with a wealth of history. Perhaps the first carpet produced was way back in 7000 BC and since then the product has improved in leaps and bounds. It was the mighty camel who originally provided the needed fabric for handmade carpets, although this choice has been replaced in more modern times and with good reason.

So next time you are admiring a handmade carpet, think about the rich history lying behind the intricate work (and a carpet cleaner to get it cleaned like carpet cleaners in Sutton Fab Clean Carpet Cleaning) and don’t forget to check whether the name of the carpet is derived from its place of origin.

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