Handwheels Are Nothing Without A Grip

Everyone knows I am outspoken about what I like in my handwheels. I prefer they have markers so I know how much I have cranked, where I am at, and whether I need to hold back a bit.

I prefer three-spoked handwheels. Now, many people are always asking me about how the handwheel actually differs from the grip. The problem is in the question. In actuality, the grip is a handle. It makes it easier to get some leverage to turn the handwheel (almost like usingĀ toggle clamps).

At least, in my opinion, it is much better to have the grip in place on the handwheel. Some will fold back into the wheel, though they are generally plastic.

I personally prefer the aluminum handwheels over plastics. I just feel better using metal. Aluminum is lightweight and holds up well for a long time without requiring any special attention. Having a grip, or a handle, gives me leverage to operate the wheel.

They give the best type of leverage and are easily included in the design without making a mess. They are nice and easy for me to use (as easy as using hand knobs), require little maintenance, and perform as expected every time I use them in the yard.

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