Router Features To Consider For The Best Gaming Experience

Let’s face it, nothing uses more juice in regards to Internet connectivity than online gaming. If you don’t believe me, grab your favorite console gaming system, your favorite game and check into a resort hotel in a tourist city during the middle of the summer. Set everything up and see if the lag and the connectivity issues don’t want to make you pull your hair out. Of course, you’re looking for the best gaming router for your home and you want to know the features you need to be looking out for.

Are you the only one who lives in your home? If not, your gaming system is likely going to have to contend with all kinds of electronic devices. If you don’t have a good gaming router, then you’re probably going to be consistently blamed by other family members that know you’re using all of the juice so to speak. To avoid that situation, and to have the best online gaming experience, make sure you look for the important features when choosing a router for gaming.

By the way, that juice is called bandwidth. Furthermore, if you do have connectivity issues, don’t let the family members streaming movies blame it on you as the gamer. Those things are pretty much equal when it comes to bandwidth killers. The first feature you need to pay attention to is whether or not the models you’re looking at operate on a single radio band. That’s not what you want. You want what is called a dual band router.

You also need to pay attention to Wi-Fi protocols and data transfer rates. You need wider channel bandwidth, and by the way, in case you didn’t know, there are also tri band routers these days. If you want to enjoy the best online gaming experience, you’re going to have to know what type of router and features you need.

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