Here are Tips to Make your Grand Canyon Tour Memorable

If you want to make the most of your time visiting the Grand Canyon, here are tips that you should never miss:

  • As the Grand Canyon is vast in size, it exposes guests to many challenges. To overcome these hurdles, you need to take a note of a few things:
  • The elevation on most rims can rise up to 8,00 feet above sea level. With this said, it is always best to regulate the body to avoid altitude sickness. Always make sure to bring a bottle of water wherever you go.
  • Don’t forget to bring extra clothes for layering. Although most regions of the Grand Canyon are hot and dry, this does not discount the fact that winter months can reverse the climate, making it chilly cold and freezing a few months in a year.
  • As the Grand Canyon attracts huge crowds, it’s always best to reserve a hotel room in one of its lodges. Although it is cheaper to reserve rooms in hotels outside the national park, it is more convenient to stay within the vicinity so you can always be ready the place anytime you fancy.
  • Never forget to visit the South Rim. And most likely, people will not miss the spectacular view that the South Rim offers. Although most activities, experiences, and programs can be found on the South Rim, only a small number of people are familiar with Havasupai Indian Reservation and its hidden gems. It is the home of Havasu Falls (Havasupai Falls) – one of the five waterfalls that give this place its charm. Start your hike at Hualapai Hilltop and enjoy a challenging 10 mile hike to Havasupai.

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