The Top Four Beauty Benefits of Coffee

We all know that coffee is a mood enhancer and the perfect drink to start your morning, but did you know that your brew is packed with antioxidants that deliver healthy benefits to the skin and hair? Here are beauty benefits that you can derive from your cuppa joe!

  • Brightens the Skin

Drinking coffee will wake you up. Placing it directly into the surface of the skin is another thing. Coffee grinds can be used a facial scrub. The coarse consistency of coffee grounds effectively exfoliates, brightens, and unclogs pores. The acid found in coffee function as chemical exfoliator getting rid of dead skin cells.

  • Hair Color Energizer

If you have dark hair, you can use coffee grounds to further brighten the color of your hair. Simply damp the hair and combine coffee grounds with water. Once that’s done, simply rinse the hair to remove all coffee grinds.

  • Prevent Skin Cancer

You can also apply coffee grounds on skin regions that are prone to sunburn. According to research, caffeine, when applied topically helps in protecting the skin against skin cancer. The minerals and vitamins you can find in coffee grounds inhibit the production of protein enzyme on the skin.

  • Revitalize Tired Eyes

Most eye creams that claim to have the ability to de-puff the eyes are likely to contain healthy amounts of caffeine. This is due to the fact that caffeine, when applied on the skin’s surface, features the ability of dehydrating and constricting blood vessels. Caffeine helps in the removal of excess water from the system.

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