3 tweaks that help your laptop battery last longer

Even if you’ve got a long-lasting notebook, sometimes you need to preserve every last bit of your laptop’s battery to help it survive the day. Recently, my house suffered from extended power and Internet outages during a brutal wind storm. These three tactics helped my laptop battery stay alive until the lights turned back on.

Is there more you can do to make your laptop survive until you’re able to connect to a power outlet? Definitely—you’ll want to avoid power-sucking tasks like gaming or 3D modeling, for example. But these three tips deliver the most bang for most people’s bucks.

Change your Windows power profile

Windows 10 ships with several power profiles available, ranging from a setting that maximizes performance to another than prioritizes battery life. Obviously, if your laptop is on its last legs, you’ll want to use the latter. Most laptops use a Balanced power plan that splits the difference, however, and some gaming-focused laptops default to the Performance mode even when you’re not plugged in.

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