AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Review

In relation to GPUs and CPUs, AMD has been a mile in the aid of Intel and Nvidia for as long as I will endure in thoughts. Then all all over again, due to a couple spectacular arrivals from the AMD camp aid in July, that style appeared seemingly to alternate for the first time in over a decade.

July 7th played host to a plethora of latest hardware arrivals from AMD that incorporated the third Gen Ryzen lineup and their NAVI RDNA GPUs – one amongst which, became as soon as the RX 5700 XT.

The AMD RX 5700 XT became as soon as massively anticipated by buyers ever since whispers had been heard of its means arrival months earlier than. It became as soon as due to hit the market similtaneously their unheard of novel Ryzen lineup and had been customized-designed to residence Nvidia’s RTX 2070. Then all all over again, due to the appearance of Intel’s SUPER Series – a differ of GPUs that provided further efficiency vitality at no further price – AMD needed to realign their goal to the 2060 SUPER.

Fortunately for AMD, the RX 5700 XT became as soon as unruffled massively lifelike and provided a bunch of frosty novel capabilities that hadn’t been considered from AMD earlier than. That gave buyers a exact headache when deciding whether or no longer or no longer to favor the RX 5700XT or the Nvidia RTX 2060 SUPER.

We’re going to position the RX 5700XT through its paces to scrutinize how it stacks up in opposition to the opponents in price, efficiency, cooling, and capabilities.

With that in thoughts, let’s waste no further time and leap straight into it.



Structure Navi
Manufaturing assignment (nm) 7
Transistors (billion) 10.3
CUs 40
GPU Cores 2560
Imperfect Clock 1605
Boost Clock 1905
Game Clock 1755
VRAM Bolt 14000
Bus width 256
Free up Date July 2019
Free up Tag $399


From a create point-of-leer, the RX 5700XT supplies some of primarily the most animated aesthetics I’ve considered in a long time. It comes equipped with a as much as date create made up of a sad grey (nearly dim) color theme accentuated by flashes of purple LED inform in the keep.


The “dent” as many of us had been calling it, has sparked somewhat of controversy amongst buyers as half of love it, and half of hate it. For me for my allotment, I judge it appears to be ideal frosty – and in step with AMD, it supplies mighty more than lawful edifying attraction. The dent is presupposed to be a create characteristic for the cooling, allowing the turbofan to be more efficient in little spaces – SLI as an illustration.

Staunch now, I’m no longer entirely sold on that theory, however I love the create regardless. General, it’s hard to knock the edifying of this GPU, it appears to be accepted from all angles.


Beneficial properties

As talked about above, AMD has implemented some ideal spectacular capabilities into the novel NAVI GPU differ to test out and give them the edge over their bitter opponents, Nvidia. That being said, let’s stumble on them in a diminutive more detail to come up with a idea of what to demand from this stellar GPU.

Now, even though AMD made moderately a couple of noise over the 7nm manufacturing assignment extinct on the novel RX 5700XT, it’s no longer the first time we’ve considered this extinct on one amongst their cards – the RADEON VII will get that crown. Then all all over again, it is the first time we’ve considered it extinct alongside the RDNA architecture. The combo of the two is a decided signal that AMD has, for the first time, decided to exhaust this manufacturing assignment to focal point entirely on the gaming platform. So, what incompatibility does the novel architecture develop in phrases of gaming efficiency?

DSC03409 2

Monumental inquire. When extinct alongside the RDNA architecture, the RX 5700XT performs at similar ranges because the RADEON VII – whereas, technically, being the weaker of the two cards (and diagram more price effective). AMD claims that the novel architecture must unruffled present an additional 25% efficiency amplify over a card with the similar clock walk which makes exhaust of GCN architecture. No longer grisly.

To the touch upon the cooling temporarily, AMD divulge that the cooling solution extinct on this card is higher than old era blower-style cards. Having said that, it’s hard to aid up these claims at this stage of the attempting out. The fan isn’t the quietest ingredient in the field, however it’s indisputably no longer as loud as one of the most major final-gen cards AMD released – I’m attempting at you Vega.

Speaking of Vega, one amongst primarily the most animated changes we’ve considered when evaluating Navi and Vega might possibly maybe even be inform in the novel Compute Unit. The RNDA CU has been designed spherical ‘workgroup processors’, which, in theory, manner it makes exhaust of a pair of compute objects related together to share resources in expose to compose higher in orderly workload scenarios. And whereas sharing resources, the RDNA compute objects in Navi unruffled possess more devoted silicon over final-gen’s GCN CU.

Every CU will reach equipped with one extra schedular and an additional scalar unit too. What that manner from a efficiency standpoint is the Navi CU doubtlessly doubles the instruction rate of the GPU, due to this truth growing a more efficient compute unit devoted entirely for gaming.

RDNA Compute Unit

Whereas the Vega CU became all all over again geared in direction of official workload scenarios, the Navi architecture focuses more successfully on gaming efficiency. Monumental news for gamers all-spherical.


So, we’ve taken a scrutinize at one of the most major capabilities this card comes equipped with, now it’s time to scrutinize what the efficiency ranges are love in-sport.


Sooner than we procure started, it’s price relating the displayed clock speeds and what it’s good to unruffled demand in exact-world eventualities. So, as you might possibly maybe possibly gape from the specs above, this card comes equipped with a “contaminated clock”, “boost clock”, and “sport clock” – with the boost clock being primarily the most fine. That being said, after we tested our 5700XT, we infrequently observed the clock walk reach the heights of the displayed boost clock. Our results showed that the game clock, on different hand, became as soon as a mighty more lifelike figure of what we might possibly maybe demand in exact-world eventualities.  So lawful defend that in thoughts.

Anyway, clock speeds out of the diagram in which, for primarily the most phase, the 5700XT is an extremely efficient GPU by 1440p gaming. It handled most games we threw at it in extremely settings, offering no longer lower than 60FPs in most scenarios. We generally observed FPS reach over 100 in games much like CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, F1 2019, and A ways Cry. Whereas more annoying games much like Metro Exodus, Murderer’s Creed, and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider all observed lawful gaming efficiency of spherical 60-80FPS.  So, general, ideal rattling lawful.

Whenever you happen to compare that to the RTX 2060 SUPER that this card is focusing on, it ideal mighty wipes the bottom with it in every scenario. On average you’re attempting at a 10% amplify over the 2060 SUPER across the board – one thing I became as soon as for my allotment moderately very much surprised at. I mean, it wasn’t that a ways a ways off from the 2070 SUPER in moderately a couple of titles. Murderer’s Creed observed a 2% incompatibility, whereas Shadow of the Tomb Raider showcased even less. Whenever you happen to suspect about the 2070 SUPER is form of $100 more, you beginning to scrutinize the appropriate cost of this card – no longer to inform AMD’s genius.

Nvidia opponents aside, how does the RX 5700XT stack up in opposition to one of the most major GPUs AMD possess released over the final few years? Neatly, it’ll be no surprise to hear that the 5700XT ideal mighty dominates the self-discipline on this department. Let’s favor the Vega 64 as a top example. The Vega 64 – which arrived boasting a label of spherical $499 – is sluggish in comparability to the 5700XT. The 5700XT  supplies spherical 20% more walk whereas drinking less vitality as smartly. In relation to gaming efficiency, the 5700XT has spherical 38% fewer compute objects than the Vega 64 however unruffled supplies 20% higher frame rates in-sport.

The variation between the RADEON VII and the 5700XT is mighty less glaring, however in the end, you procure the similar gaming efficiency out of each GPUs, with the 5700XT being mighty more price effective. That makes the RADEON VII ideal mighty worn.

Our Verdict

So, we reach to the verdict. What are our remaining thoughts on this GPU?


Neatly, let’s defend this short. The 5700XT is no longer only a stunning GPU in phrases of create, however it’s also very effective by gaming efficiency as smartly. No longer only does it assassinate different GPUs in its possess household, however it also goes after one of the most major Nvidia’s most effective GPUs too. Thanks to the appearance of primarily the latest RDNA architecture, the 5700xT has ideal mighty made some of their final-gen GPU’s redundant.

Taking a scrutinize at the Nvidia differ, it’s hard to argue for their GPUs here too – except you bodily need the Accurate-time ray tracing give a decide to. The 2070 SUPER – a massively spectacular card – goes toe-to-toe in many games with RX 5700XT. Whereas the 2060 SUPER is outperformed on nearly every front.

So, develop we judge this card is price your cash? My system to that is excellent. No longer only does it offer sizable gaming efficiency across 1080p, 1440p, and some 4K gaming too, however it also supplies most animated aesthetics, higher cooling, and general improbable cost for cash as smartly. Neatly played AMD.

Whenever you might possibly maybe possibly possess gotten any questions referring to this text or the RX 5700XT, why no longer tumble us a comment in the allotment below. Greater unruffled, why no longer head on over our Neighborhood Hub the keep you might possibly maybe possibly discuss the entirety graphics card related with love-minded folks.

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