AOC AGON expanding to include all gaming monitors and peripherals

For a few years now, we’ve been seeing the AGON badge on AOC’s top-end gaming monitors. Now, with AOC expanding into gaming peripherals and accessories, it is time to unify the company’s gaming line-up. From now on, AGON by AOC will house all of the company’s gaming monitors and peripherals. 

With its new brand, AOC aims to further expand its gaming product line-ups. From peripherals to monitors, AOC plans to launch new products aimed at casual gamers, competitive gamers and ambitious esports professionals.

AOC had already released multiple AGON monitors and peripherals, including mice and keyboards, but now the AGON line-up will include gaming products from all price categories, not just the high-end.

Now that AGON has become AOC’s brand for all gaming gear, customers can easily determine gaming products from AOC’s other professional and mainstream products. Over the coming days, AOC will be holding the AGON by AOC week, unveiling more details about the new brand and possibly revealing some new products.

KitGuru says: AOC has simplified its portfolio by moving all gaming products under one roof. 

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