Apple wants Xbox testimony pulled from Epic Games trial

Last week, the Epic Games v Apple trial officially kicked off, with days worth of testimonials. Microsoft’s VP for gaming, media and entertainment, Lori Wright, was called up to the stand during the trial, but Apple is now questioning the credibility of the testimony and wants it thrown out. 

As reported by The Verge, Apple’s legal team has requested an “adverse credibility finding” regarding Wright and the testimony given on behalf of Microsoft and Xbox. During the trial, Wright claimed that Microsoft has never made a profit from sales of Xbox consoles, but stated that the company does make money on services and subscriptions like Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and games sold through the Xbox store.

Apple takes issue with this claim that Xbox hardware has never been profitable, particularly since the company’s lawyers can’t verify those claims. Prior to the trial, documents were requested from several parties, ranging from Microsoft to Valve.

As it turns out, Microsoft did not turn over some of the documents requested, which Apple believes would show profit and loss statements for the Xbox division. Apple’s lawyers are also arguing that while Wright says Xbox does not compete with the iPhone or the App Store, no documentation to validate this claim was produced.

Whether or not Wright’s testimony is permissible still remains to be seen, as a judge has not ruled on Apple’s latest filing.

KitGuru Says: The Epic Games v Apple trial has been very interesting to follow. Do you think Microsoft has truly never made a profit selling Xbox consoles? 

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