Asus and Noctua might be teaming up on a graphics card

Asus has recently listed a new batch of graphics cards on the EEC database, giving us a look at new RTX 30, GTX 1660 Ti and GT 730 graphics cards in the works. One model in particular stood out to us – the ASUS RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA, suggesting a collaboration with the cooling experts at Noctua. 

Asus has previously partnered with EKWB for water-cooled graphics cards and now, the company looks to be teaming up with Noctua for a collaboration on an air-cooled graphics card. According to the EEC entry, Asus is working on an RTX 3070 graphics card using a Noctua-designed cooling solution.

Rumours about this partnership first appeared in late July, but now thanks to this EEC listing, it seems that an official announcement will be happening soon. When HWCooling asked Asus for comment on the rumours, a spokesperson answered: “Sorry Lubo but I cannot comment on this yet, hopefully soon though!”.

With that statement in mind, it seems that Asus and Noctua will be announcing their collaboration in the near future.

KitGuru says: Noctua is well known for its high-performance, quiet CPU coolers and heatsinks. There is still one question that needs to be answered though – will this RTX 3070 come in a brown and beige colour scheme? 

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