Best 140mm Fans

Is your PC your pride and pleasure? Per chance you are most efficient getting started alongside with your first design, otherwise you’re taking a survey to change or toughen one thing you hang already purchased. No matter, we mediate that for the huge majority of us, our computer represents an investment of time, effort, and money that makes it reasonably priceless to us.

High-rupture computers can hang a worth that falls into the hundreds of greenbacks, so it be mandatory that we derive our simplest to retain them in appropriate well being. The obliging and most instructed come is to derive deal of cooling.

Case fans make up a distinguished portion of each and each PC design, be it a high-notch gaming rig or a easy disclose of job computer. Without appropriate cooling, PCs are liable to bottleneck, develop badly, or worse yet — break down. That’s why you are doing the lawful ingredient by seeking to recall up a pair of 140mm fans!

At WePC, researching and attempting out computer substances is our ardour project and we’re here to portion that with you. Sifting through a sea of picks may perhaps also be reasonably as complex as it’s miles time-drinking, so allow us to tackle all that for you.

Below you are going to salvage a whole handbook on all issues connected to 140mm fans, on the side of our simplest picks for this 365 days. Read on, on fable of your perfectly cooled rig is appropriate a diminutive while away!

Finest 140mm Followers: First Glimpse

Finest Total

ARCTIC F14 Silent


ARCTIC F14 SILENT claims the important dwelling on our simplest of 5 checklist. It impressed us with its effectivity, helpful cooling, and noise level.

This PWM fan has one of basically the most efficient impress-to-performance ratios on the market and it performs excellently, even below stress.

Finest High-Stop

Corsair ML140

Corsair ML140

Corsair LL Series LL140 is the helpful recall for lovers of LED builds that survey reasonably as appropriate as they develop.

Need your design to survey elegant? You derive no longer need to compromise — this fan delivers both by come of aesthetics and sheer performance.

Finest RGB

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB

Corsair LL Series LL140 is the helpful recall for lovers of LED builds that survey reasonably as appropriate as they develop.

Need your design to survey elegant? You derive no longer need to compromise — this fan delivers both by come of aesthetics and sheer performance.

Finest Restful

Cougar CFD14HBR

Cougar CFD14HBR

No matter pushing deal of air in extremely-efficient methods, this fan remains still as a mouse!

Cougar CFD14HBR is a crimson cooling fan that does a mountainous job even at low RPM. The final result? It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps doubtless also barely hear it.

Finest Designate-To-Efficiency

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Stress Fan

That is a static stress fan that keeps vibration and noise at a minimal whereas guaranteeing all the pieces inner your case stays effective and chilly.

Thermaltake is yet one other heed that has made a title for itself on the cooling market, and in addition they derive no longer fail to notify with this explicit model.

How We Purchase

When the market is stuffed with many engaging alternatives and picks, deciding on out the fan that may work simplest for you is no longer any easy feat. That’s why we are liable to set aside aside in deal of time into our compare earlier than we call a product “basically the most efficient”.

When we are saying compare, we in truth mean it: we read up on the product, browsing for data from every that it’s also possible to mediate provide. We then strive its performance in benchmarks and even review client solutions. The rupture-diagram is to be clear we’re narrowing down our checklist to most efficient embody purposeful items.

Once all that is performed, we circulate on to the attempting out! Finest then are we in truth in a dwelling to counsel one thing and feel confident within the working out that we hang signed our title below a appropriate product.

We select to rob away the total stress that comes with constructing your PC. Enable us to be troubled about the compare and merely reap the rewards by constructing basically the most efficient computer you would like to hang!

How We Test

Finding out plays a gigantic portion in our final decision when we assemble the checklist of merchandise for our guides. Most steadily issues can survey appropriate on paper but no longer so distinguished so in truth — for this reason we strive to derive as distinguished attempting out as that it’s also possible to mediate.

As long as we’re in a dwelling to derive our fingers on a given product, we push it to the limit and then some. We want to be clear that it’s also possible to overclock to your heart’s announce, and that can most efficient be performed with high-notch substances. 

Stress attempting out progressively shows the coolest impress of any portion of a PC, be it a GPU or a case fan. Varied than the benchmarks, we also keep in mind issues like effectivity, longevity, create, and cost-to-performance ratio. 

All of the above helps us come up with basically the most appropriate and informative stories of our popular merchandise. An informed replace is a appropriate replace — that is the mantra that we strive to examine when preparing our procuring guides.

Issues To Think

So that you hang made up our minds to derive a unique 140mm case fan, or two, or even six. That’s mountainous! Whether you are aiming to fit them into your current design otherwise you’re taking a survey to toughen your present rig, we fully mediate that it’s also possible to’t fling faulty with quite bit of extra cooling.

Gain in mind that no longer all fans will suit all customers. Sooner than you soar the gun, we want you to rupture lawful here and strive a pair of of the issues to take into fable earlier than making your use.

What Fabricate I Need In A Fan?

That is a tall quiz, but it in truth’s the important one to inquire. What are you going to make use of your unique PC for?

For instance, if you are mostly the use of it for work (and likewise you are no longer working with heavy design), that it’s also possible to just no longer need reasonably as distinguished cooling as a competitive gamer does. Nonetheless, in truth that fans are repeatedly to take into accounta good investment, and it be greater to circulate with higher than with much less.

One other ingredient you fully need to test out is the pin compatibility. Some fans attain with 3-pin, 4-pin, or Molex connectors. Latest motherboards hang deal of room for extra fans, but you would like to be clear the fan can also be plugged into your motherboard within the important disclose.

Lastly, it be also a quiz of worth range, which we discuss at dimension below.

Specs To Think

Varied than the above, there are a pair of more technical issues so that you can rob trace of of earlier than you click on that tempting “uncover now” button.

Any PC client, regardless of their tasks, will must keep in mind the next:

Form of Bearing

Bearing forms in fans affect deal of varied elements, from performance to lifespan. In favorite, basically the most cost-superb sleeve bearings hang the shortest life expectancy, whereas excessive-rupture fluid bearings are liable to final for years.

The forms of bearings embody:

  • Sleeve bearings: inexpensive, still, can most efficient be mounted vertically
  • Ball bearings: mounted in any route, comparatively still, with moderate longevity
  • Rifle bearings: very an identical to ball bearings
  • Fluid bearings (FDB and HDB) are progressively the excessive-rupture alternatives. They provide reduced friction and up to 300,000 hours of solid performance

Noise Level

Obviously, no longer many contributors favor a fan that is noisy. Latest fans are still and if yours makes deal of noise it may possibly well also demonstrate a effort with the hardware or even the set up itself. Nonetheless, there are a gargantuan quantity of varied ranges of “still”.

Virtually all trendy fans tumble below 30 dB(A), but some in truth still items can retain end to 15 dB(A). Sooner than making your decision, inquire your self how important still performance is to you.


RPM stands for revolutions per minute, whereas CFM stands for cubic toes per minute. In easy phrases, this implies that the important one controls your fan speeds whereas the second controls the airflow.

When fans fling at excessive RPM, they may perhaps also just generate greater cooling, but it in truth progressively comes at a worth: they derive noisier. A appropriate fan will live still even at high fan speeds, but this too may perhaps also just swap over time. Place on and fling affect fans appropriate like every other component and it makes them much less still as they age.

The particular stability will allow for correct airflow and helpful cooling at a comparatively low RPM. That turn out to be once one of our targets when we created this handbook, so the fans we discuss may perhaps also just still all develop quietly, even below stress.


Whereas no longer steadily the obliging ingredient in comparability to pure specs, LED lighting has taken the market by storm. This makes it a distinguished ingredient to mediate beforehand.

Whenever you happen to pray to hang keen intellectual lights, be it a rainbow of colours or a single-colored vibrant hue, you are going to want to survey into LED/RGB fans.

How Mighty Fabricate Followers Designate?

Followers are most steadily inexpensive, though 140mm variants clearly cost higher than their 80mm counterparts. Nonetheless, they derive pack quite a bit more punch and are excellent to huge, excessive-rupture builds.

One ingredient to keep in mind is that you’re no longer liable to rob appropriate one fan. Unique circumstances progressively accommodate up to six and reckoning on how distinguished cooling you are involved by, that it’s also possible to just salvage your self spending more appropriate to derive plenty of fans at the moment.

To present you a higher conception of how distinguished money it be important to reserve to your worth range, we hang though-provoking quite rundown of approximate pricing for 140mm case fans.

  • Low-rupture 140mm case fan – $10-15
  • Mid-rupture 140mm case fan – $15-25
  • High-rupture 140mm case fan – $30-50

The costs can vary quite a bit from model to model, so be clear you read the specs reasonably — and if that is simply too daunting, appropriate read our whole stories below!

Finest 140mm Followers

Now that we hang long gone throughout the total issues so that you can retain an witness on, derive you feel more confident in deciding on out your unique fan? Even in case you derive no longer, there is nothing to be troubled about. That’s on fable of we still have not long gone over the obliging ingredient: our whole checklist of the simplest case fans on the market.

We hang performed the total mandatory legwork to recall most efficient basically the most efficient of basically the most efficient merchandise. Enable us to introduce you to them!

Finest Total


Starting with its improbable effectivity and ending with the long service life, Arctic F14 has in truth earned our coveted “Finest Total” dwelling. Serious about that it succeeds on plenty of ranges, we had a in truth easy time naming it basically the most efficient of basically the most efficient for our handbook.

As a long way as create goes, Arctic has historical their tried and helpful minimalistic come to raise forth a standard combine of sunless and white with out LED lights. No longer all non-LED fans survey appropriate in every case, but this one will mix in appropriate lawful with out taking a survey lifeless. We mediate that most of builds will suit this vogue of aesthetic.

Looks to be are effective and all, but it in truth’s the performance that we care about basically the most, and we’re sure you derive too. 

That is one of basically the most vitality-efficient case fans we hang ever viewed. It stops when your computer is lazy and it adjusts to what you are doing, in no design going past 800 RPM. Blended with 46 CFM, it delivers solid, legit cooling with out making your fans work beyond traditional time.

It has a fluid dynamic bearing design, which implies that its life expectancy is distinguished greater than in static stress items. That is a fan that, once sold, will doubtless pause with you until you would like to hang a replacement and can no longer break down even after years of use.

Arctic’s fan create may be very modern and promotes efficient ventilation. That is attributable to the come the fan blades are made, allowing them to toughen airflow. The impeller is designed with a specialize in eradicating as distinguished noise as that it’s also possible to mediate with out any lack of performance.

Due to the the runt RPM, we wouldn’t call this our first recall for overclocking, but it in truth may perhaps also be performed — appropriate rob it easy and slide your self to search out the helpful dwelling.

Mixing still performance and sheer cooling strength into one well-organized package deal, this Arctic fan has impressed us on many ranges. We counsel that you strive it out!

Finest High-Stop

Corsair ML140

As long as you hang the option, when constructing a high-notch gaming rig it be repeatedly appropriate to circulate with excessive-rupture fans to examine. By come of the pause of the street merchandise, we counsel the Corsair ML140.

Mighty just like the Arctic we instructed above, this fan has a sophisticated sunless and white create that may no longer overpower the inner of your case. They lack LED lights, but what they lack in easy create they make up for in performance.

One of basically the most efficient issues about this twin pack of fans is the incontrovertible truth that they attain with a magnetic bearing. This implies that they harness magnetic levitation skills in uncover to characteristic. The benefits of which can be easy and excellent. It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps doubtless also expect decrease noise, a longer lifespan, and improved performance.

The RPM is adjustable and can attain up to 1600 RPM with a excessive 97 CFM airflow. It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps doubtless also salvage that it’s also possible to tailor these fans to your wants, switching between excessive and low cooling in step with what you are up to.

Corsair has a custom rotor create that optimizes the stability between excessive static stress and excessive airflow, which makes it a appropriate fit for extraordinarily stressful builds. Whether you are a gamer or a announce creator, you are going to salvage the cooling higher than ample.

Whereas most steadily reasonably still, these fans may perhaps also just are liable to derive louder over time if historical at high speeds. They’re still no longer overly loud, but if you are procuring for the quietest design that it’s also possible to mediate, read on below to test out our advice in that division.

Total, these excessive-rupture fans are literally impressive by come of performance and longevity. Whenever you happen to’re procuring for one thing made to final, you are going to doubtless want to test them out.

Finest RGB

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB

Corsair’s LL140 fans made it onto our checklist for a quantity of reasons, but we’ll be in a position to bet that the important ingredient you are going to see here may be the unbelievable create of these LED fans.

That is a twin pack of RGB PWM fans that comes with a pair of of basically the most efficient coloration combinations that may perhaps also just also be came across on the market. Starting from vibrant hues to delicate pastels, these fans can in truth gentle up your case and make as distinguished of an announcement as you like.

The fans embody 16 just RGB LEDs in every, break up between two separate gentle loops. The LED lights are controlled by the included Lighting Node PRO, Corsair’s staple design, that helps you to recall and get hang of from the total varied variations.

Transferring on to precise specs, these fans need to no longer appropriate quite, they’ll in truth pack a appropriate punch. The combo of adjustable RPM (600-1300) and a appropriate airflow of 51.5 CFM delivers a appropriate stability between efficient cooling and low noise.

On fable of PWM, you are in a dwelling to dynamically control the fan slide to fit your wants. The fan blades themselves are innovatively engineered, pondering low-noise operation with out sacrificing performance.

If we hang been to search out some downsides of this 140mm fan set aside aside of abode, we would point out the cable management as the perpetrator. Be cautious when installing them and strive to be as clean as that it’s also possible to to no longer derive puzzled.

Total, we mediate that these fans merely shine — figuratively and literally — and stand out from the competition. They’re surely noteworthy of a closer survey.

Finest Restful

Cougar CFD14HBR

Cougar’s intellectual crimson CFD14HBR model is remarkably still, but that is no longer basically the most efficient appropriate quality you are going to salvage on this 140mm fan.

Let’s first discuss the create. Cougar is no longer an LED fan, but it in truth has 4 LED lights on the outer rim that resemble spotlights. The physique of the fan itself is a intellectual crimson/orange, which, to a pair, can nearly appear to overpower the inner of a case. Nonetheless, in case you like vibrant colours, you are sure to skills this fan.

As a long way as the design itself goes, it’s miles a in truth solid recall by come of performance versus noise ranges. The fans can roam at up to 1200 RPM, but even on the very obliging level, you are going to be contented with the low noise output of 18 dB(A). That’s barely higher than a disclose.

A part of the reason it be so still comes from the come its fan blades are built. 9 twin-layer inflexible blades are helpful of generating an impressive airflow, air stress, and mountainous cooling all one day of. All of this is performed whereas reducing wind shear noises and noisy air turbulences.

Vibrations are kept at a minimal thanks to the come the fans hang been engineered. Additionally, as it’s miles a hydrodynamic bearing fan, noise is even extra reduced attributable to the shortage of friction.

As you nearly surely know by now, HDB fans hang a long life expectancy. As such, it’s miles a fan that once picked up, is liable to pause with you for so long as you like.

We derive no longer counsel mounting it horizontally, as that is the one ingredient which will cause vibrations. It is an HDB fan, as a design to also mount it in any come you like, however the instructed orientation is vertical.

To carry out the bottom noise ranges that it’s also possible to mediate, be clear you strive Cougar’s CFD14HBR.

Finest Designate-to-Efficiency

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Stress Fan

At WePC, we select to double and even triple check every product earlier than we counsel it to you. That is exclusively on fable of we mediate that your in truth-earned money needs to be spent on basically the most efficient that it’s also possible to mediate merchandise. Due to the that, we select to compare cost-superb alternatives that elevate in basically the most substances for the bottom prices.

Thermaltake’s Ring 14 is one such fan that manages to search out the helpful stability by come of pricing, but it in truth does so for free to the performance. That contains a quantity of appropriate cooling solutions, this fan may perhaps also doubtlessly attain at a higher impress — and we would still counsel it.

The create of this fan may be very inconspicuous on the origin seek for, but it in truth does characteristic a pair of LED lights that make it shine on the hours of darkness. The colors need to no longer overly intellectual, so this may work well in a more muted setup.

The specs are where the associated fee-to-performance ingredient in truth comes into play, handing over by come of cooling, longevity, and reliability. When put next with the frequent case fan, this is in a position to perhaps perhaps also just provide up to 40% greater cooling performance on average temperatures. 

The airflow measures at 51.15 CFM, and the RPM at 1400. Due to the Thermaltake’s concentrated compression blade create, this fan is engineered to heart of attention the inner circle of air outwards. This permits the outer share to pressurize and compress.

There may be a wind blocker frame included that maximizes the static stress and thus, reduces the amount of noise this fan makes — yes, even at excessive speeds. We came across it to be pleasantly still whereas still packing reasonably a punch by come of cooling.

Whenever you happen to pray to need to derive basically the most efficient performance for every penny that you exercise, we mediate that Thermaltake makes that straightforward to carry out.

Rounding Up

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know basically the most efficient 140mm fans on the market. At any time when we test the rest and then work on our guides, we strive to be clear we recall one thing for all people. Finances, excessive-rupture, and mid-vary fans hang been all included in our checklist.

As we hang place them through some quite intensive attempting out, we feel clear that we’ll be in a position to vouch for them — the above are literally basically the most efficient fans on the moment on the market. Let’s rob one parting survey at them all to highlight their strengths.

Our Finest Total recall in the case of 140mm fans is the ARCTIC F14 Mute model. It operates orderly-well at extremes, no longer breaking a sweat even right through intervals of stress attempting out.

For basically the most stressful customers, we counsel Corsair ML140. It ticks the total lawful boxes: it be still, it be solid, and it be constituted of sturdy materials.

Whenever you happen to care about vogue as distinguished as you care about performance, we counsel Corsair’s LL140. That is a extremely customizable RGB fan that may add life to every case.

Abominate noisy fans? We derive too! Luckily you derive no longer need to effort about noise with Cougar CFD14HBR, on fable of it be one of basically the most still fans on the market.

Taking a survey to be clear your money is spent within the lawful come? Proper call, and it be with out considerations performed with Thermaltake Ring 14. That is an impressive static stress fan that is extraordinarily cost-superb.

Whereas the above employ our checklist of basically the most efficient of basically the most efficient, we hang also gotten our eyes on a pair of more fans that we feel may perhaps also hobby you. Whenever you happen to pray to need to retain taking a survey, be clear to test out:

Closing Be conscious

Proper as we said on the very origin, deciding on out the lawful case fan can nearly appear like a chore. Followers lack the thrilling specs that, let’s assume, GPUs hang. Case coolers may perhaps also just derive no longer hang any impart enact to your PC’s performance in games and the just like the come another positive aspects derive, but that doesn’t make them any much less important.

We hope that our handbook has helped you rob your recall and likewise you are going to rapidly be assembling the PC of your dreams! Why derive no longer you allow us to know below what you are planning to make use of to your subsequent design? It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps doubtless also furthermore head on over to our Crew Hub, where other PC lovers like that it’s also possible to be spherical to discuss all issues computer-connected!

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