CES 2021: Gigabyte upgrades its Aero and Aorus laptop lineups, launches new series

At CES 2021, Gigabyte announced its latest gaming laptops featuring RTX 30 series laptop GPUs. Besides upgrading the existing Aorus and Aero series of gaming laptops, Gigabyte also introduced two new series of mid-range gaming notebooks: the G-series featuring Intel processors, and the A-series featuring AMD Ryzen 5000H processors.

The Gigabyte Aorus laptops are available in three models: the 17.3-inch Aorus 17G, the 15.6-inch 15G, and the 15.6-inch 15P. Featuring up to an RTX 3080 laptop GPU, up to an Intel Core-i7 processor, and a 300Hz FHD IPS display, the Gigabyte Aorus 17G is equipped with a mechanical keyboard with Omron switches. The Aorus 15P comes with a 240Hz FHD IPS panel and a redesigned cooling system offering 37% more airflow than other similarly sized laptops – according to Gigabyte –  capable of cooling up to an RTX 3070 mobile GPU and up to an Intel Core-i7 CPU. The Aorus 15G sits between the 15P and 17G, with a 240Hz FHD IPS panel, up to an RTX 3080 laptop GPU, and up to an Intel Core-i7 processor, offering a battery life of over 8 hours.

The Gigabyte 15G starts at $1499, while the 17G starts at $2099.

Aimed at “professionals who use these machines to channel their creativity”, the Gigabyte Aero series of laptops include the Aero 17 HDR, the Aero 17, the Aero 15 OLED, and the Aero 15. The Aero 17 HDR is quite capable, featuring up to an RTX 3080 laptop GPU, up to an Intel Core-i9, and a 17.3-inch 4K HDR IPS panel. The Aero 17 is toned-down compared to the HDR variant, equipped with a 17.3-inch FHD IPS panel, up to an Intel Core-i7, and up to an RTX 3060 laptop GPU. The 15.6-inch Aero 15 also comes with up to an Intel Core-i7 and an FHD IPS panel, but there’s the option to feature an RTX 3070 laptop GPU. The only model featuring an OLED panel, Xrite Pantone colour-calibrate of course, is the Aero 15 OLED, featuring a 15.6-inch 4K HDR display, up to an Intel Core-i9, and up to an RTX 3080 laptop GPU.

The Gigabyte Aero 17 will be available starting at $1699, the Aero 17 HDR at $2499, the Aero 15 at $1599, and the Aero 15 OLED at $1699.

Gigabyte also introduced the mid-range Gaming A and G-series gaming laptops. Both are very similar, but while the A-series laptops come with AMD Ryzen 5000H processors, the G-series laptops are equipped with Intel Comet Lake-H CPUs. Featuring FHD 144/240Hz displays covering 72% of the NTSC colour gamut and RTX 30 series laptop GPUs, both laptop series will feature 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch models. Moreover, the new Gigabyte Gaming laptops make use of Gigabyte’s Windforce cooling solution, which include “anti-turbulence inclined fans, ultra-quiet PWM fan and pure copper heat pipe”.

The Gigabyte Gaming A5 will start at $999, the A7 at $1399, and the G5 at $1099.

KitGuru says: Which new Gigabyte gaming laptop would fit your needs? Would you like to see Gigabyte add more Ryzen processor options to its laptops?

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