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For the last three weeks, I truly hang had the pleasure of utilizing an all-unusual prototype mini-ITX gaming PC – the Comino OTTO Master PC. Comino was kind enough to ship us one in all their first engineering samples, so there was the original machining mark, nonetheless wow, what a fair correct-making an are attempting making an are attempting gaming rig.

Comino specializes in server-grade liquid cooling system, to boot to dense pre-built liquid-cooled programs. This European basically based mostly mostly company has extra than 15 years of mixed expertise and is impulsively rising, with growth into the gaming market.

The liquid-cooled server rate started “OTTO” as they spotted a hole within the smaller kind-ingredient gaming PC market. They felt this pickle was mild untouched due to its boundaries nonetheless saw this as a impart and easily wished to explore.

How We Examined

After we receive a prebuilt computer to envision, we come it the identical every time. This engineering sample was obedient despatched from Comino, nonetheless that would now not mean it may per chance in all probability presumably per chance well procure any special therapy while being build by its paces.

We always originate up by benchmarking loads of video games, taking the frequent FPS ratings across loads of varied resolutions and settings. To present us a clearer indication of what the gaming PC is neatly-behaved of, we explore the design it copes with CPU intensive tasks too, which contains tasks equivalent to rendering and streaming. With this methodology being absolutely water-cooled, we can additionally be pushing its system to their theoretical limits by overclocking this methodology to its listed capabilities.

Beneath, we explore this prebuilt’s corpulent specification and exactly what the “OTTO MASTER” has to produce:



Hardware Software Model Description
Case OTTO Snow
Vitality Provide Comino 750W SFX Platinum AC INPUT RATING 100-240V
CPU Intel Core i9-9900K
Motherboard Mini-ITX ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming
Cooler Stout-duvet Comino WCB
Memory 16GB [8GB x 2] DDR4-3600MHz
Well-known Stable Notify Pressure 1TB SSD NVMe M.2
Secondary Storage Software 2TB 2.5″ HDD
Graphics ASUS Strix RTX 2080 Ti with Stout-duvet Comino WCB
Running Machine Microsoft Dwelling windows 10

Put Overview


In most cases, when we are talking a few company-built PC, we specialize in of your generic prebuilt programs that flood the market. Now, there are truly only some programs of a an identical kind ingredient to the Comino OTTO accessible, and that’s before we even procure on to the topic of water cooling.

The invent of this mini create is uncommon, with a personalized-built chassis that seems somewhat futuristic and now not 1,000,000 miles faraway from the older desktop Macs, thanks to its perforated facet panels. The customised-made reservoir covers your complete entrance of the PC, lower to envision the concave shape of the chassis. The res is translucent so that that you can explore the coolant inner, and the total ingredient is backlit from the incorporated RGB strips. 

Now we hang the Comino OTTO Master, which is their excessive-cease offering and capabilities the Intel Core i9-9900K and the RTX 2080 Ti. It is protected to inform that without even overclocking any of the system, we saw improbable outcomes across all of our sorting out and each sport title.


The invent is one in all the acceptable I truly hang viewed – atmosphere obedient, simplistic, and heavenly. The total ingredient seems personalized, and it’s a instrument that wouldn’t see out of pickle subsequent to your TV within the lounge or on top of your desk at house.


The most predominant talking point by manner of invent is the engineering within the again of fitting all this energy into this kind of minute chassis. As well they may be able to hang made this even smaller nonetheless didn’t are making an are attempting to compromise on the effectiveness of the cooling. Despite correct being minute, this machine can stand vertically or horizontally, mighty treasure a console. The OTTO comes with a heart-broken to use it vertically and accommodate for the I/O ports, while there may per chance be an additional piece of the translucent plastic beneath to enhance it when horizontal.

They had a few ideas within the working, nonetheless it was this one with the zigzag res on the entrance that of us enjoyed presumably the most, and I in fact wish to inform, I’m very jubilant they went this kind. The most predominant purpose is this wonderfully lower convex reservoir, which is quite fully gentle, rather than the engraved company rate within the middle.


I’m always a fan of magnet assisted facet panels on any PC case; on the opposite hand, the facet panels on the OTTO PC hang zero hinges. Every panels are held on with neodymium magnets, and the panels correct simply diagram off and snap again on without the necessity for tools. Furthermore, the 2mm thick aluminum panels are perforated, providing you with a see inner and allowing the incorporated RGB strips a chance to shine out, making the create very aesthetically beautiful.


Now it’s time to talk relating to the significant capabilities to the Comino OTTO PC. Indisputably, the capabilities and invent tie in along with this being a mini prebuilt, so let’s talk extra about what is inner.


Because the cost will suppose you, the OTTO is one in all the few customizable liquid-cooled gaming PCs of this design ingredient that will presumably per chance fit a corpulent-sized GPU. The GPU and CPU are water-cooled, nonetheless the machine capabilities corpulent duvet water blocks. Moreover the significant system, the VRMs, southbridge, and m.2 storage are all covered.


The GPU is truly screwed into the backplate, and Comino makes say of a personalized-designed PCIe x16 riser to establish house. The riser capabilities Molex gold plated sockets and flexible Twinax cables to relocate the GPU and not utilizing a signal loss. These are the identical risers the company makes say of with their servers, and the difficulty is truly readily out there on the rep space (in bulk).

A key ingredient to the truth they may per chance presumably per chance presumably blueprint something so minute that produces so mighty warmth is deformational reducing. This patented expertise is susceptible inner the copper plate invent and usually transfers extra warmth. The OTTO can use away as much as a mixed 720W of warmth from the CPU, MOBO, and GPU.


The deformation assignment enables Comino to amplify the ground pickle on the copper plate as much as 12x. The assignment is extra atmosphere obedient than skiving and is as much as 10x extra life like at warmth switch when put next to a gradual ground. We overclocked the machine to effect this to the take a look at and must mild lunge over the outcomes, later on, to explore how the smaller kind ingredient create coped.

Customization And Upgradability

In brief, there can be prebuilt variations of the OTTO that are customizable, and as the mini-ITX PC is basically assembled from person system, run, this is in a position to presumably per chance be upgradeable too.

The truth this product would be purchased as a DIY kit or a Builders Version means the PC building neighborhood can spec their very procure OTTO PC and possess it happen. Furthermore, the OTTO can be acceptable with third-event water-cooling and must mild enhance mighty extra hardware strategies.

Hands-On Outcomes

Most of you’d presumably be presumably attentive to the raw energy within the again of those system, even out of the box. This shipped and arrived overclocked for us and right here at WePC we always take a look at products exactly how the patron would receive them.

Even although that you can take this on pre-tell, Comino is mild procuring for feedback to extra tweak the vary and possess certain that it comes out as a mark-superb gaming PC, and not utilizing a compromise in efficiency.

We are going to be sorting out the Comino OTTO across your commonplace areas including gaming, some CPU intensive tasks, and some multitasking equivalent to streaming.

Let’s explore how the OTTO Master stacked up.


One among the greatest aspects of a prebuilt computer for us at WePC is the design it handles gaming. Now, the Comino OTTO Master PC is filled with the acceptable gaming system that you can take, so clearly, it did somewhat effectively sooner or later of sorting out.

The Comino arrived with the CPU operating at 4.7GHz on all cores of the i9-9900K. The GPU additionally came operating above its heart-broken clock at a tempo of 1830MHz, and the RAM was already XMP’d to its corpulent doubtless of 3600MHz. None of this was heavenly and it was a pleasure to explore a machine operating at such speeds upon arrival, on the opposite hand, this comes with some elevated temperatures from the procure-lunge.

Let’s hang a rundown of the video games we benchmarked the machine on:

We wished to consist of loads of CPU and GPU intensive video games to explore the design it faired total. Now, a machine treasure this with an Intel Core i9-9900K and RTX 2080 Ti is below no conditions going to fight, so we threw in resolutions the total manner as much as 4K and turned ray-tracing on when shall we.

Let’s talk about Red Insensible Redemption 2 first as it was ideal sport that supplied the OTTO Master any form of impart. A pair of avid gamers accessible hang referred to RDR2 as the unusual Crysis and from our sorting out, that you can form of explore why.

The game performed at an inexpensive common FPS in excessive settings till you attain 4K. At 4K in excessive, we saw the FPS fall beneath the specified 60 frames, on the opposite hand, with a few minor tweaks we truly feel avid gamers may per chance presumably per chance presumably mild carry out something that looked beefy at the same time as taking benefit or your G-sync/ Freesync video display.

Perhaps I truly were a puny bit naive as to how tense RDR2 truly is. Whereas you had a PC with these system and overclocked them, you mild can now not procure mighty extra than 40FPS with this sport maxed out in 4K decision!

Inviting on, we saw Call of Accountability: Contemporary Battle and Metro Exodus blueprint somewhat an identical across all resolutions and settings. With CoD:MW, RTX gaming was very that that you can specialize in of and ideal dipped beneath 60 FPS as soon as operating in 4K. Our sorting out confirmed a median of 55 FPS in 4K, which one more time, we truly feel would be enhanced with a few tweaks right here and there nonetheless whenever you happen to may per chance presumably per chance presumably presumably be playing this competitively you’d presumably be in all probability going to again excessive settings at 1440p as your restrict.

The Comino OTTO additionally hit the magic 144 FPS on common with ray-tracing on, while operating at a call of 1080p. Seeing as most aggressive avid gamers it will likely be utilizing a 1080p video display, this was somewhat a promising consequence.

Distinguished treasure CoD, Metro Exodus ran easily across the three resolutions. Unfortunately, when sorting out in “vulgar” settings with ray-tracing on, the sport was unplayable in tell that you can suppose by the outcomes, we diminished the settings to “ultra” when sorting out RTX.

So 4K RTX gaming is extremely mighty a chance and likewise you presumably don’t look like going to peek too mighty of a distinction between the highest two settings. Regardless, with settings maxed out, you mild are unable to hit that 60 FPS.

Total War: Warhammer II is a truly intensive sport all spherical, there are many on-display conceal property that will presumably per chance location off, even the better gaming rigs accessible, some bother. Thankfully we had the acceptable combo of system to kind out this kind of sport, which smashed by this title virtually fully.

The percentages are you’d are making an are attempting to expertise this sport in as mighty ingredient as that that you can specialize in of, and likewise that you can. The valid point we saw this originate as much as fight was on the highest cease of 4K, with maxed-out settings. We had the entirety on ultra and hit a median FPS of 57, one more time that means that you can presumably squeeze one more 3 FPS from somewhere to hit that 60 frames.

Finally, we tested the OTTO with a pair of esports titles, ensuing in some impressive FPS ratings for both CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. CS:GO is one in all presumably the most accessible video games accessible, and can in most cases urge on integrated graphics. So a 2080 Ti is clearly overkill nonetheless what is price noting is that after playing CS in 4K on the perfect settings, the machine finished a median of 244 FPS.

This means you’d again your aggressive edge and play in 4K at 240Hz if this kind of video display ever exists.

R6:S was mighty less viable to play in elevated resolutions when put next to CS:GO. You would fight to rep many playing these titles in 4K nonetheless with settings maxed, you take a study a median of 90 FPS. Magnificent recordsdata for esports avid gamers although, as that you can hit 144 frames in maxed out settings with a 1440p video display and beneath, with the 0.1% being mighty shut at 130 frames.

This machine may per chance presumably per chance presumably no doubt address the more fresh line of 360Hz refresh price shows coming out for that silky gentle G-sync gameplay.

Multitasking And Media Modifying

We build the Comino OTTO PC by loads of multi-tasking eventualities to explore how effectively the hyperthreaded processor stacked up. That is more likely to be a gaming PC with impressive single-core efficiency and the acceptable person graphics card within the marketplace, nonetheless what else does it favor to produce?

To procure the next total image we benchmarked utilizing:

  • Handbrake
  • Blender
  • Cinebench
  • POV-Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • V-RAY
  • Corona 1.3

In this line of Intel CPU’s the i9-9900K is the acceptable multi-threaded assignment on offer and while its single-core efficiency is mild king, the multi-threads are within the again of AMD’s latest Ryzen line of CPUs.

Handbrake x265 10-bit CRF20 Medium 399
Handbrake x264 CRF18 SLOW 281
Blender BMW CPU 187
Cinebench Multi Core 4417
Cinebench Single Core 516
POV-Ray Benchmark 3963.29
Photoshop Puget Systems 902.6
Premiere Pro Puget Systems 624.5
V-RAY CPU 13354
Corona 1.3 BTR Scene 104s

Interestingly the outcomes weren’t 1,000,000 miles faraway from the 6-core/ 12-thread AMD Ryzen 5 3600, which we tested in our iBUYPOWER prebuilt review. Regardless, any avid gamers making an are attempting to use out some heavy-duty tasks equivalent to rendering may per chance presumably per chance presumably nonetheless you presumably are making an are attempting to correct follow gaming with this rig.

That is a beefy gaming PC and with the specs it possesses, there may per chance be loads of streaming doubtless right here. The efficiency will fluctuate reckoning on what gaming title you circulate to your Twitch channel nonetheless with a few of the acceptable system within the marketplace, or now not it is rarely going to fight.

Seeing as the OTTO PC comes fully water-cooled, we opinion we must mild presumably push the machine extra. Now, the CPU is neatly-behaved of operating at 5.0GHz with a correct cooling solution (which we now hang) and the graphics card is additionally neatly-behaved of being taken extra. Sooner than issues grew to change into unstable/ too sizzling, we ran our ROG Strix 2080 Ti an additional 150MHz on the clock and took the VRAM up one more 500MHz.

Beneath we now hang a few comparisons with the machine OC’d.

As that you can explore it yielded some efficiency boosts, barely mighty an additional 10 FPS in across the total titles we tested. Shall we hang taken issues extra nonetheless when hitting 80 degrees, we felt right here is the effect we’d lunge away it if it was ours. Whereas you happen to suspect about that right here is correct a 13-liter enclosure with tiny quantities of cooling liquid, the outcomes are truly somewhat impressive.

Custom Vs. Prebuilt

Here at WePC, we are all about getting extra of you accessible to create your procure computer programs. On the opposite hand, for as soon as, I specialize in we now hang a prebuilt gaming PC contender. Now, right here is costly, so it is a ways already catering for the smaller cease of the market in PC gaming nonetheless must you believe you studied about what has long past into this and how mighty it prices, or now not it is a no brainer.

There is always a markup with prebuilt programs, no matter the effect you take them from. The most predominant variations with the OTTO PC listed below are its smaller kind ingredient, personalized invent, and the truth it is a ways water-cooled. Now not many personalized PC builders accessible diagram shut to the price of this must you utilize that into consideration, with the significant opponents, the Corsair One, being manner off.

What sets the Comino rate even extra aside from the pack is that they’ll sell you the barebones of this create so that that you can blueprint your procure puny dream machine on a budget that better suits your wants! Extraordinary.

The effect Can You Buy An OTTO PC?

The many OTTO PC strategies are now readily out there to pre-tell over on the Comino retailer. One ingredient that struck me after seeing what has long past into this, is the price in this specific prebuilt computer. If we use Corsair One’s top class gaming offering, the i160, there may per chance be absolute self belief in my suggestions that the Comino OTTO is the better mark. Indisputably, there may per chance be a markup nonetheless must you believe you studied relating to the customization that has long past into this mini beaut, It correct makes me are making an are attempting to throw my subsequent paycheck Cominos manner.

The Intel-basically based mostly mostly OTTO MASTER that we now hang right here is location to retail at $3,599 MSRP and the AMD-basically based mostly mostly SUPER at $2,099. The “DIY” option that ships with the minimal (chassis, res, riser, rad, RGB strips, and optionally out there pump) has an MSRP of $449 and finally the “Builders Version” the effect you procure the entirety rather than the significant system, is out there in at $1,049 MSRP.

Final Observe


The OTTO grasp at sluggish was barely level-headed, nonetheless when this was being pushed to the restrict, you will should hang the followers to be pumping that warmth out, so naturally, it was somewhat loud. That was the acceptable detrimental I may per chance presumably per chance presumably specialize in of while utilizing this gaming PC, it’s improbable!

The create quality is abundant, and the puny invent picks lunge a long manner. I treasure the manner they worked the energy button and USB-C into the cost on the facet panel, as an illustration, and the total machine correct feels effectively opinion out.

Particular person hardware squeezed into a minute 13L chassis that seems as correct as right here is moving to diagram by, and must you believe you studied relating to the price, this should be one in all the acceptable Mini-ITX prebuilts I’ve ever viewed.

Comino, can I again it?

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