Cooler Master MM710 Mouse Review

We’ve bought a relatively revised Cooler Grasp MM710 gaming mouse on the desk this day, which guarantees to give high tier specs and ultra-low weight. The MM710 had just a few teething considerations when it used to be first launched, with the near raising the uncommon eyebrow. This appears to be like to were addressed (with out a doubt with our model) as there might be dinky to no flexing in the grip, making it attain not likely to actuate the aspect buttons by accident and the principle buttons no longer delight in any noticeable coast.

As talked about right here’s one mild gaming mouse, weighing in at just appropriate 54 grams with a dinky of cable. This is one amongst basically the most productive mice to attain help from Cooler Grasp since the MasterMouse S, with a identical shape, lighter weight, improved paracord fashion cable, and a high optical sensor (PWM3389). I delight in additionally been attending to grips with the MM711 but that is the same mouse, with the exception of for the illumination and 6 extra grams in weight.

It is a in point of fact versatile ambidextrous shape that favors provocative-handed gamers, thanks to its thumb buttons. The form is amazingly accommodating for a diversity of hand sizes and grips, making the MM710 one amongst basically the most productive mild-weight mice accessible on the market.

Let’s earn caught into this review and look what the Cooler Grasp MM710 has to give.


  • Very Delighted –  Huge shape
  • Huge Efficiency –  Top optical sensor remained legit
  • Scroll Wheel – Huge for each gaming and basic utilization
  • Cable – Gentle-weight, trot-free “ultra weave” cable


  • Favors Gorgeous-Hand – Ambidextrous, but thumb buttons are space up for provocative-handed customers simplest
  • Zero illumination – RGB isn’t critical but there’s no longer a indication to say you your DPI, which in most cases is a dinky of anxious


Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 53g
  • Size: Minute
  • Size: 11.5cm – 4.5 inches
  • Width: 6.2cm – 2.4 inches
  • Height: 3.8cm – 1.5 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous (provocative)

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor:  Optical (PWM 3389)
  • Buttons: OMRON switches (20M)
  • DPI: 200-16,000
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable: Braided (soft weave)
  • Cable Size: 1.8 m

What’s In The Box


The packaging is a dinky of diversified from the preliminary liberate, with the box now being a mixture of dim and crimson. The product is confirmed off on the front, plus the total important capabilities of the mouse are visible. It’s relatively basic packaging with just appropriate alternative feet inner but I look after this, no need for masses of cardboard and plastic.

Inside you’ll salvage:

  • Cooler Grasp MM710 Gaming Mouse
  • Extra space of PTFE feet
  • Minute handbook with the button layout


It is a barebones mouse in its label but don’t let the quilt fool you. under the honeycomb-fashion perforated shell sits high-level components. I moderately look after Cooler Grasp’s simplistic approach to this gaming mouse and the matte dim is one thing that appears to be like understated and fantastic on the mouse pad. Every little thing is dim and unlike the MM711, there’s no longer a illumination right here.


Size & Weight

The MM710 is a small gaming mouse that favors claw and fingertip fashion grips massively. Obviously, in case your palms are small you then’ve bought a likelihood at palm inspiring, but there isn’t grand mouse to leisure on. The mouse is 11.5cm prolonged with a grip width of about 5.6cm and basically the most productive shorter mouse is the Ultralight 2 from Finalmouse. The grip width is very shut to the Logitech G Professional Wired, Glorius Model O-, and Zowie S2. It is a brief extensive mouse and the height is relatively grand the same because the Razer Viper and Endgame XM1. The rush appears to be like and feels more smartly-known from the MM710 when put next with others making this as provocative a palm grip option because the Zowie S2.

This used to be on the small aspect for my medium-sized palms (18x11cm) but I might likely soundless use it moderately effectively after growing outdated to how easy right here’s to slip spherical the mouse pad. If you are into your small, ultra-mild mice, this cheap MasterMouse might likely be smartly price a ogle.

It appears to be like the consensus is that lighter mice are better for aiming in basic. Now, if you are look after me and make a choice greater/ heavier mice then don’t anxiety, it is every to their hang but it absolutely might likely be price lowering that weight on your next mouse clutch. The MM710 is accessible in at just appropriate 53 grams and is the lightest mouse I delight in ever outdated. That being stated, it doesn’t feel too mild so we might likely also no longer delight in hit the brink just appropriate yet with mild mice.

Shape & Texture

The MM710 has an ideal shape to it, no longer simplest does it present a soft ergonomic grip, it appears to be like immense too. The rush appears to be like to be towards the help and affords a provocative pass to leisure your palm on. The the relaxation of the mouse subtly slopes down towards the front the put your fingers meet the marginally concave necessary buttons.

The form reminded me of a shorter and wider Model O-, with just a few stable Logitech shapes which might likely be identical but they lack angles the MM710 has. The perimeters taper in a dinky of with two relatively flat panels on your grip, which is a long way most smartly-liked to the bulged Logitech ones we look with the G Professional Wired.

The MM710 is ambidextrous and performs smartly in either hand. That being stated, the MM710 favors the provocative hand, with two thumb buttons on the left aspect of the mouse. Sadly for left-handers, you cant change the configuration corresponding to you should likely likely also with the G Professional Wi-fi. The form used to be a pleasure to make use of at all cases, it feels soft whereas browsing the get and I continually had a ample grip at some point of gaming, enjoyed it.

The outer shell is made out of ABS plastic and has been perforated to shave critical grams off the burden. The perforated holes resemble the Cooler Grasp emblem, which is a crucial contact. Some are complaining about the holes and I wager holey mice are relatively subjective, with some complaining that they’re terrible. I’d just appropriate look after to narrate this used to be the first time I delight in outdated a perforated mouse and it by no arrangement aggravated my skin, it used to be easy to grip, and in most cases performed smartly.


The MM710 is on hand in two colors and two textures. You would possibly likely likely also protect this up in matte dim or white and is on hand in a glossy coat too. I moderately look after glossy mice for grip, critically when there are no longer any rubberized grippy textures but we are reviewing the matte dim model this day. It is a in point of fact gentle mouse but at no point did I feel I had lost adjust of it, with the perforated holes including some extra grip. Most frequently talking, you are going to need the glossy model if you stay in a hotter native weather. If you are a critically sweaty gamer the glossy is per chance basically the most productive approach to roam but as talked about, the matte affords amazing grip too.

The MM710 is “barebones” so no need for any treasure RGB lighting fixtures. Then again, this outcomes in my simplest gripe with the mouse and that’s the dearth of indication as to what DPI setting you delight in just appropriate changed to. On the MM711, the mouse wheel lights up diversified colors to show conceal you what DPI you are currently on. This is one thing I’d look after, despite the proven truth that it used to be just appropriate a slight led under the mouse or out of the arrangement so I don’t must signal in the tool. The majority of gamers out there might be per chance no longer switching up DPI in competitive scenarios, so this would likely also simplest be anxious the once.

The underside of the mouse contains the perforated holes about two-thirds of the arrangement. There isn’t very any longer any illumination look after in the MM711 so there might be additionally no diffuser in the center, which arrangement you should likely likely also leaf via this model very with out considerations at most angles. We look three dapper PTFE feet on the bottom, one spanning the high and two in every of the bottom corners.


The feet on each the MM710 and MM711 felt scratchy to being with but they just appropriate wanted carrying in a dinky of earlier than being as gentle as you’d search data from from excessive-high-quality feet. Older interactions were stated to assemble no longer delight in any rounded off feet, smartly that has been addressed with these having tapered edges and performing extremely smartly.


Most frequently with a split space off label on buttons, you should likely likely also turn out with a dinky of wiggle at some point of the actuation task. The MM710 impressed even supposing, with dinky wiggle on each necessary buttons and I’d hiss no longer up to the MM711 model now we delight in too. There’s a slight amount of circulation on these necessary buttons but it absolutely’s nowhere attain ample to have an effect on your gameplay or basic utilization.

The Cooler Grasp MM710 capabilities six buttons in complete, with the 2 necessary buttons sitting above OMRON switches provocative for 20 million clicks. The first buttons feel rapidly and responsive, feeling easy to actuate irrespective of the put my finger used to be positioned.

We now delight in a small, out of the arrangement DPI switch that is amazingly exhausting to by accident press. It’s just appropriate the one DPI button so you should likely likely must cycle via your DPI levels if you omit your desired setting. It would were fantastic to ogle some indication on the mouse as to what DPI setting you are on but it absolutely’s no longer a important field.

The mouse has two angled thumb buttons on its left grip. These YT-branded aspect buttons barely pass at all and delight in a extraordinarily provocative actuation to them. These are just among the easier aspect buttons I’ve outdated but I’m no longer obvious about the angled shape as this makes them a dinky of more difficult to press dead on. That being stated, if you trot your thumb up to actuate these you then are doubtlessly going to seem after them.

The mouse wheel on the MM710 is one amongst my favorites, it has a stiff press that stops unintended clicking yet I’m soundless in a put to click with out scrolling. The tactile steps provide immense suggestions and the gentle scrolling is amazingly honest.


The cable completes this and in my gape, elevates it. The original and improved paracord fashion cable is one amongst basically the most productive inventory cables I delight in ever bump into. It’s a delicate-weight ultra-weave cable and you barely gape it at all. I did must unravel it a dinky when unboxing but once straightened it has been amazing. It strikes a chord in my memory of paracord or the original cables we look on the Deathadder/ Basilisk V2’s.

It is a delicate and versatile cable that just appropriate about fits into my bungee. When attractive the cable you gape no trot and it barely even strikes the mouse at all. This cable, when mixed with the bungee, affords me identical outcomes to wireless mice.

The cable is mounted int space and is 1.8m prolonged. This is the all help model so any grime picked up by the cable is barely noticeable when put next with the white model.

Sensor & Efficiency

The Cooler Grasp MM710 comes geared up with a high optical sensor. The PWM 3389 is an identical we look in the Razer Deathadder Elite, Mamba, and The Endgame XM1. Ther is dinky to narrate on the sensor front as we look an increasing number of mice that contains highly legit suggestions. The MM710 remained appropriate at some point of gameplay and flawlessly tracked targets at some point of testing.

The sensor has up to 16,000 DPI and might likely additionally be space as dinky as 200 in the tool. The M710 capabilities  400 IPS and there were no noticeable deviations or considerations when swiping this mouse fastly throughout a pair of surfaces.

Essentially the most productive field I tended to thrill in with the MM710/MM711 used to be down to no longer being outdated to the mild-weight nature of the mouse. Aiming used to be as easy as it is with my roam-to mouse, the Zowie Ec2-A/B. Whatever the sport I used to be having fun with, I failed to manufacture this bolt out or lose traction, with the MM710 offering pixel-staunch accuracy at all cases.

I in total fight when attractive to small, mild mice and this used to be no diversified but the marginally more smartly-known thumb made this a dinky simpler than others. The impossible cable and PTFE feet simplest enhanced this mouse’s overall efficiency, with it nearly feeling wireless at cases. Zero trot, zero jitter, a immense gaming mouse.

Whether or no longer you roam for the MM710 or MM711, you are getting a high tier gaming mouse with a prime quality sensor.


The tool is basic but it absolutely works. Cooler Masters “MasterPlus” tool isn’t strictly wanted but I suggest installing this no longer no longer up to once, despite the proven truth that your DPI is one amongst the steps already on hand. If you are going to must protect the polling rate, LOD, and angle snapping settings the same, you should likely likely must alter your DPI levels or lower the button response time. For some reason, the mouse ships with a button response time space to 12ms. While I couldn’t gape a distinction between 12 and 4ms, you have to this as dinky as that you just should likely likely also have faith in.

The tool is basic look after Fnatics but it absolutely does what it needs to carry out and you should likely likely also continually uninstall it with the MM710 that contains onboard memory.

Our Verdict

Overall, I used to be massively impressed with the ambidextrous Cooler Grasp MM710 gaming mouse, obvious it used to be a dinky of too mild for me but remained a obliging pleasure to make use of. There isn’t very any longer any flashy RGB look after with basically the most modern MM711 model and that’s pleasing by me. It is a highly purposeful mouse and I admire the barebones nature of it.

With the exception of being one amongst the lightest mice I delight in outdated, the MM710 comes with a immense sensor, responsive buttons, and one amongst basically the most productive cables accessible on the market. If you mix the versatile mild-weight cable with the PTFE feet, you earn a mouse that flys spherical the mouse pad with dinky effort being required.

If you are allowing for gaming and are on the hunt for a high tier mouse with that ultra-mild feel, the MM710 is a immense option. Moreover, the MM710 is amazingly cheap and has to be one amongst the most productive gaming mice out there for below $50. If, nonetheless, you look after a dinky of fashion too and the 6-7 gram distinction isn’t a colossal deal, the MM711 with RGB illumination appears to be like implausible and affords you a signal as to the DPI setting you’re on.

Whether or no longer you roam for the MM710 or the MM711, you are getting a highly appropriate and legit gaming mouse, with a high-level cable and alternative feet, focused on an ideal designate. 

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