Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB (White) DDR4-3600MHz 32GB

Corsair not too long ago introduced a new version of the significant-conclude Dominator Platinum RGB modules – this time with a white colour plan for the heatspreaders and touches of gold for the fins. Sporting the exact dozen Capellix RGB LEDs as the black Dominator Platinum RGB modules, we are searching at a 4x8GB kit with 3600C18 specs.

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The key distinction amongst Corsair’s most recent Dominator Platinum RGB memory modules and the types now on the sector is, of course, the color scheme.

These new sticks use a white color scheme for the anodized aluminium heatspreader and Corsair has made exertion to adjust the allowing to exhibit “Dominator Platinum // RGB” somewhat than “Corsair”, as made use of for the black package.

The creamy white coloured heatspreader is exceptionally top quality in every single part – from uniformity of the white colouring to the consistency and angles of the lettering.

Also adjusted for the white modules is the colouring of the heat fins sat atop the heatspreader. These are now coloured gold to beautifully contrast the white heatspreaders. Mild diffuser chunks sit in between teams of the gold fins and are realistically scarcely noticeable, which is a excellent point.

Corsair’s interest to element is commendable and that place is typified with the use of gold colored hex screws to be a part of the primary heatspreader with the die-solid zinc alloy major bar. It is a small contact and a single that may perhaps seem noticeable with hindsight. Nevertheless, it highlights the notice to depth that Corsair (rightfully) attaches to its flagship line of memory modules. Kudos.

It is not all basic sailing, even though. The modules’ biggest good – their design and style – is also a crystal clear downfall to many consumers who will be unable to offer with their 56mm height. Use an AIO inside of a mid-tower chassis? The top most likely will not be an issue. Use a big air cooler or a mini-ITX case with minimal clearance? You are going to be in a planet of soreness when it comes to interference problems.

Anecdotally, I experienced to eliminate a fan from a Corsair 280mm AIO when screening with the Dominator Platinum RGB modules recently. This was inside of a Fractal Meshify S2 chassis which is by no signifies small. The sheer top of the RAM modules intended that the top rated mounted AIO radiator and lover brought on interference and resulted in the enthusiast getting removed.

That is rarely a fair 24/seven remedy.

Focussing on the 12 Capellix RGB LEDs on the modules, these are the exact same as is applied for the black Dominator Platinum RGB sticks that Leo examined very last 12 months. The .2mm3 Capellix LEDs are brighter, additional electric power economical, and extended lasting than traditional LEDs, according to Corsair.

That lessened ability intake place is crucial in preventing thermal throttling, not that we would commonly be concerned about such an issue for RAM modules. The additional essential function of Capellix LEDs is the larger brightness levels that minimises the need for a huge diffuser strip that we see on competing memory modules.

Unsurprisingly, management of the LEDs is dealt with by Corsair’s wonderful iCUE computer software suite.

You get the common affair of RGB lighting control, which includes clever modes this kind of as temperature-pushed colour schemes. Users of an ASUS motherboard, this kind of as the one particular for our test program, will also be pleased by Corsair and ASUS’ partnership for iCUE LED handle as of early this year.

The capacity to sync the Dominator Platinum RGB memory with our ASUS X570 motherboard worked really very well in our testing and is an undeniably thoroughly clean tactic to the frequent RGB color scheme synchronisation.

Aside from the main RGB LED management methods, iCUE features some good features. For a single, you can manually modify the positioning of each individual module as mounted in your system. This makes it possible for for the lights type to be working as supposed.

There is also temperature sensor data fed by means of from each individual module and this can be displayed graphically. This temperature data can then be employed to cause a unique LED colour notification, if preferred. On best of all this intelligent activity is a very simple web site focused to highlighting the running frequency and principal timings of the memory kit.

In my viewpoint, the way in which Corsair integrates the Dominator Platinum RGB memory modules inside the iCUE suite is about as excellent as it will get.

Corsair delivers a assortment of kits for the Dominator Platinum RGB white modules. The certain kit that we are screening with is a 32GB (4x8GB) set with 3600MHz working velocity and 18-19-19-39 timings at 1.35V.

3600MHz is a excellent go-to frequency for quality memory modules in today’s sector, specially with the gains of functioning this clock amount with AMD Zen two processors. With that reported, 18-19-19-39 is not a especially tight set of timings for these a quality package. We will have to see how this influences effectiveness.

Also of curiosity is how the Micron E-die memory chips utilized on our sampled modules examine from Samsung B-die competition, and how they overclock. Let us acquire a closer appear.


  • Product Selection: CMT32GX4M4C3600C18W
  • Capacity: 32GB (4x 8GB)
  • Rated Frequency: DDR4-3600MHz
  • Rated Timings: 18-19-19-39
  • Voltage: one.35V
  • Format: Non-ECC Unbuffered 288-pin DIMM
  • RGB Lighting: 12 Capellix addressable RGB LEDs, 12 unique regulate zones.

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