EK Cooling Expo 2020 reveals new EK Quantum lineup, EK-AIR and some excellent PC builds

With bodily, in-person occasions all on capture for the time being, now we gather begun seeing a series of digital expos in their situation. Final week, we lined the spacious Thermaltake digital expo and this week, we’re taking a search for over all the pieces that EK Water Blocks announced in its own digital showcase. 

Contemporary EK Cooling Tools:

EK is top doubtless identified for its cooling products, ranging from DIY liquid cooling substances and equipment, to AIO coolers and soon, even air coolers.

First up on the list of novel kit being proven throughout the EK Cooling Expo is the EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D XL D5 PWM. Prolonged names aside, this shall be a D-RGB custom water cooling reservoir, routing and pump resolution, in another case identified as a Distro Plate. This one is designed particularly for the O11D XL chassis from Lian-Li.

The EK Quantum CPU Water Block Magnitude sRTX4 is one other newcomer, aiming to be the extinguish performing water block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. These blocks are optimised for the novel Zen 2-based fully fully chips, with water float shatter up four ways to target each and every chiplet. These blocks even gather a modular create, so that you simply’ll want to perhaps perhaps moreover possess from various materials, colours and lighting alternatives.

An array of kit for DIY liquid cooling loops along with the Quantum Torque Extender Static, Quantum Slip Indicator, Quantum Momentum Monoblock for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform, the Quantum Inertia reservoirs and Quantum Power Kits.

The Torque Extender Static is the first enlargement of the Torque line of fittings and provides extenders in a mode of lengths, designed to match perfectly with EK-Quantum Torque fittings.

The Quantum Slip Indicator comes in three variations- Slip Indicator D-RGB, Scalar Slip Indicator Bottom-Top D-RGB and Scalar Slip Indicator Top-Bottom D-RGB. It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps moreover add any such to your loop and ranking the next visible indication of how properly coolant is flowing thru your loop.

The EK Quantum Momentum Monoblock is a 2d-expertise product, updating issues for the most fresh variations of Ryzen Threadripper. As you’ll want to perhaps perhaps perhaps search files from, the monoblock covers now now not suited the CPU, nonetheless also mix with I/O and frigid extra substances on the motherboard.

The EK Quantum Intertia is a standalone pump designed to be paired with an EK-Quantum Reservoir. It is an aesthetically pleasing choice for of us who would raise a separate pump and reservoir, in desire to a combo unit.

The EK Quantum Power Kits are DIY liquid cooling bundles. In each and every kit you’ll want to perhaps ranking a pump, reservoir, CPU block, tubing and your desire between a 240mm radiator or a 360mm radiator. All substances reach with D-RGB baked in, so in clarify so that you simply can placed on a lightweight demonstrate internal your case, these are neatly good for the job.

There can even be EK Traditional D-RGB bundles containing the full valuable substances for a DIY CPU water loop, despite the indisputable truth that these are substances from the EK Traditional series and now now not the EK Quantum lineup. There are also extra alternatives for slim 240mm and 360mm radiators for these bundles.

Now we ranking to the standout- the EK-AIR. EK is essentially identified for liquid cooling nonetheless this yr will see the free up of a CPU air-cooler as a replace, geared in the direction of those drawn to aftermarket cooling nonetheless now now not in a position to possess the leap to custom liquid cooling, and even an AIO unit. The EK-AIR will ship with single and twin-tower heatsink alternatives, further attention has also been paid to the mounting mechanism, guaranteeing it is understated to location up.

Contemporary EK  Quantum Liquid-Cooled PC Builds:

EK also has a series of boutique custom PC builds, each and every with substances and cooling equipment picked to illustrate the suitable of what high-extinguish PCs wish to supply. Within the gallery above, you’ll gather the EK Quantum Sekira Plexi PC, Quantum Sekira Carbon PC, Quantum EK mITX Monolith, Quantum ASUS ROG XL PC, the EK Quantum 925 Magnitude and the EK Traditional 303EK D-RGB.

There could be also a stealthy, all-gloomy EK Mission PC, fully custom cooled with massive radiators, a complete bunch followers and sensibly routed tubing.

It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps moreover see all of these builds within the EK Cooling Expo 360-level showroom, which you’ll gather HERE.

KitGuru Says: What construct you all name to mind the most fresh cooling instruments and immaculate PC builds on demonstrate from EKWB? 

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