Endgame Gear XM1 Review

Lightweight ergonomics and deadly splendid

For avid gamers, even though the subtle mouse is undoubtedly one of maybe the most cost-efficient merchandise that you just would be in a position to maybe well maybe additionally fetch, it’s also undoubtedly one of the necessary greatest. It will literally be the variation between estimable and shedding – especially by system of competitive gaming scenarios.

Endgame equipment is a firm that understands this theory in its entirety. That’s why their sleek gaming mouse, the XM1, ditches the flashy RGB and residence-age aesthetics and concentrates extra on the high-efficiency skills found within. It comes equipped with a PMW 3389 sensor, Omron switches rated at 50million clicks, and a light-weight bag that opponents the likes of Logitech’s G Pro. On paper, it sounds just like the preferrred marriage between bag and specs. But how will it stack up in the warmth of battle?

Successfully, that’s honest undoubtedly one of the necessary questions this article can be answering. We’ll be striking the XM1 via its paces to sight how it compares to equally priced choices. We’ll also be having a explore at among the capabilities this mouse comes with, and deciding whether or no longer it showcases agreeable value for money as effectively.

So, without extra ado, let’s dive straight into it!


  • Lightweight bag
  • Ergonomic in reality feel
  • Grippy shell
  • Delicate ravishing
  • Worthy Sensor


  • Very few buttons
  • Outdated cable skills


Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: Medium
  • Length: 12.14 cm / 4.78 in
  • Width Abet: 6.54 cm / 2.57 in
  • Width Front: 5.91 cm / 2.31 in
  • High: 3.8 cm / 1.49 in
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: 3389 Optical
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • DPI: 50 – 16000, in steps of 50
  • Polling Fee in HZ: 125 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable dimension: 1.8 m / 5.9 ft

What’s in the field


Let’s be ravishing, there’s in reality no longer a colossal deal to be found when having a explore at the field Endgame agree with chosen. The sector is practically entirely dim and is produced from relatively skinny cardboard. Internal that you just would be in a position to maybe acquire some light padding that homes the mouse and a tiny bit card that explains how to substitute the DPI settings of your mouse. Apart from that, there’s in reality nothing extra to speak.

Internal you acquire

  • Endgame Gear XM1 Gaming Mouse
  • DPI card



Size And Weight

The XM1 gaming mouse falls into the medium-sized ambidextrous gaming mouse class – coming to the table boasting a trim-light-weight bag of only 70 grams. That puts it in enlighten opponents with the likes of the Logitech G Pro and the SteelSeries Sense; difficult opponents to speak the least.

While 70 grams could maybe maybe well appear a tiny bit on the sunshine side for some users, standard-day gaming sees esports players selecting far lighter mice, so it’s no staunch shock to sight Endgame steal this route. It no doubt puts the XM1 into the eyeshot of competitive esports players.

To the contact on dimension, even though the XM1 is assumed a pair of medium-sized mouse, the race is composed undoubtedly one of the necessary bottom we’ve considered. It presents worthy extra in width than it does height – one thing about a of us will naturally frown upon. Nonetheless, for me personally, I felt the XM1 had a extremely tremendous ergonomic bag (one thing we are in a position to contact upon almost today). Total, the scale and weight of this mouse appear to agree with been tailored in direction of hardcore competitive avid gamers. A colossal thumbs up from me.


Form And Texture

Take care of we mentioned above, the XM1 is an ambidextrous mouse that involves the table boasting a extremely subtle bag. It has a rather flat shell – with very tiny prominence in the race – and mushy curves right via. The side grips slant in a tiny giving it less width than the birds-sight-scrutinize would counsel – another ingredient I in reality enjoyed barely plenty. The left side grip used to be honest colossal ample to residence my thumb without the buttons turning into a nuisance, whereas the ravishing side grip provided a ton of room, enabling me to search out a chuffed hand region.

Total, the form is rather popular and one which would play host to many adaptations of hand dimension and grip sort combinations. Regardless that the XM1 only has mouse buttons on the one side (the left) it composed presents an ambidextrous shape that feels colossal for both left and ravishing-handed users.

The blokes at Endgame agree with opted for a mushy matt operate that works extremely effectively from a efficiency standpoint. It provided splendid grip while gaming and at no point felt awkward to defend. One venture I enact agree with with the feel, nonetheless, is the tendency it has to retract up extra oil and moisture. You honest agree with to make consume of this mouse for 10 minutes sooner than seeing visible signs of oil from your hand. If that’s no longer a subject even supposing, you’ll no query extremely skills the feel of this mouse.


Now, onto the buttons. Endgame has made this undoubtedly one of their necessary promoting formulation so I used to be indignant to sight what they’d to provide. Fortunately, I used to be no longer upset.

The XM1 comes equipped with 5 buttons that agree with consume of Omron switches rated at 50 million clicks (rather popular at this model point). They in reality feel relatively tactile and provide a in particular low actuation point that is, all as soon as more, splendid for gaming. They’ve practically zero sideways actions (a colossal signal of agree with tremendous) and provide a gracious crisp actuation sound that no doubt appeals to me. The side buttons agree with been effectively placed but, as we mentioned above, are positioned in such a system that could maybe maybe well promote misclicks if your hand is on the extensive side.

Whereas the actuation power required for maybe the most important clickers is neither difficult nor mushy, the side buttons are maybe better described as feeling “spongey”. I’m no longer a enormous fan of this, nonetheless it wasn’t a subject right via gaming sessions. Under every button, you’ll acquire the pre-sorted Omron switches which agree with been paired with Endgame’s patented Analogue swap skills. This presents users with a sub 1ms response time – effectively giving you the edge over your opponents. Theoretically talking, that sub 1ms response time will agree with obvious your bullet is fired sooner than the enemies. Nonetheless, in staunch-world scenarios, it’s in reality difficult to completely praise a mouse consistent with this statistic. Your have reflexes are going to agree with a worthy better affect on your gaming efficiency over 0.3ms of responsiveness. Having mentioned that, it’s composed colossal to sight mouse manufacturers pushing the boundaries at any time when they can. So, kudos to Endgame.

The scroll wheel presents up maybe the most tactile feeling button on this mouse, turning in medium resistance that is seemingly to be utilized in-sport for precisely switching between weapons. Every step without considerations registers alongside with your contact and there is extremely tiny (regularly zero) play between particular person steps. The scroll wheel is seemingly to be idea about on the runt side, but for me, it used to be fully splendid-searching. Activating the scroll wheel button does require light power, so remember need to you’re extinct to mice with worthy less resistance.

Total, the buttons on this mouse had been very agreeable. The most foremost mouse buttons felt respectable and would be ranked rather high when when in contrast against other mice readily obtainable as of late. The side buttons, even though a tiny spongey, had been all as soon as more respectable for maybe the most part.


Cable And Agree with Quality

Sooner than we contact on the sensor and the draw in which this mouse performs in-sport, we’ll like a flash tear over the equally important agree with tremendous and cable. Successfully, maybe no longer equally, but no doubt important when pondering this mouse as your next bewitch.

In the starting effect, the becoming recordsdata. The agree with tremendous of this mouse is extremely agreeable. Even as you steal into consideration the XM1 is barely 70 grams, you’d maybe query to hear an even bit of rattle or be ready to sight visible evidence of unfortunate agree with tremendous. That isn’t the case here, even supposing. When shook violently, that you just would be in a position to maybe well maybe additionally hear a cramped noise from a bit within the shell of this mouse. To me, it sounds prefer it’s coming from the scroll wheel. Nonetheless, it’s extremely subtle and only in reality happens when shook barely difficult. Analysis that to the Basilisk V2 that we examined no longer too lengthy ago, and it’s as aloof as a…effectively, library.

The cable is one thing that does tear away a tiny bit to be desired essentially. It’s on the shorter side of mice cables (1.8m) and is produced from an abrasion-free plastic cloth. Even as you analysis this against among the mice which agree and not utilizing a longer too lengthy ago hit cabinets (Deathadder V2/ Basilisk  V2), it doesn’t barely attain up to scratch. Having mentioned that, it does fit into every bungee we agree with with ease and presents tiny to no resistance while in consume. So, all-in-all, no longer the worst con to agree with.

Sensor And Performance

So, we attain to the a part of the analysis everyone has been searching ahead to, the sensor and efficiency outcomes. Right here is mainly the greatest a part of a gaming mouse, so it’ll be fascinating to sight how it stacks up.

In the starting effect, even supposing, let’s bag that sensor out of the system.

The XM1 comes equipped with the vastly well-liked PWM 3389 sensor that we’ve considered extinct in so many high-tier mice sooner than. It presents fully flawless efficiency and pixel-actual accuracy, as you’d query. At no point right via my time the usage of this mouse did I skills any toddle-outs or attitude snapping, regardless of how aggressive I used to be swiping. I also skilled no acceleration or missed pixels which is, as soon as extra, one thing you’d query from a mouse of this model point.

In-sport, I used to be critically impressed with how this mouse conducted. For me, I’m a heavy mouse kinda guy. I agree with extinct the MX518 for years and now consume the MX518 legendary – both being worthy heavier than the XM1. So, transferring from that mouse to this could maybe maybe seem like barely a soar – and at the starting effect, it used to be. Nonetheless, after I bought extinct to the form and in reality feel of this mouse, I in reality began to skills the usage of it. The light-weight bag ensured that fatigue right via lengthy gaming sessions used to be worthy less frequent. Even aiming in first-particular person shooters gave the affect as agreeable as my proper MX518 – that’s a enormous compliment by the system.

The grip of the XM1 used to be another mammoth particular for this mouse. Regardless of how difficult I made up our minds to swipe, the mouse constantly felt prefer it used to be below my complete defend an eye on. The full buttons had been straightforward to be successful in and consume in-sport (one thing I depend upon heavily in CS:GO), with misclicks happening very no longer recurrently. Oh, and let’s no longer overlook the skates.

The skates (or feet) are PTFE manufactured feet which provide worthy better longevity, better actions, and general, a smoother gaming skills. They’d maybe additionally honest no longer be the quickest I’ve ever extinct, but that’s no doubt no longer a spoiled thing. Seeing as even supposing this mouse is geared up in direction of competitive FPS avid gamers, you don’t necessarily desire ride. It is seemingly you’ll additionally very effectively be extra drawn to accuracy and stability, one thing these feet provide in abundance.

Total, I used to be vastly impressed with this mouse. I didn’t know what to agree with of it at the starting effect – mainly because I disliked many of the “light” mice I had tried previously. Nonetheless, this one has in reality acquired me over.



To like a flash contact on the instrument, Endgame, like other first-time mice manufacturers, does provide a produce of instrument that is seemingly to be extinct to adjust mice settings and region a profile. That being mentioned, it is extremely entry-stage. Seeing as even supposing this mouse doesn’t attain with extra capabilities like onboard memory or RGB, even supposing, there in reality isn’t any need for an account for instrument kit.

It has clearly been designed for accelerate-n-play users, providing a DPI defend an eye on beneath the mouse. So, as far as instrument goes. That it is seemingly you’ll maybe be ready to consume it, but I wouldn’t personally. It’s simply no longer wanted.

Our Verdict

So, onto the verdict. Is that this mouse value your richly deserved cash?

Successfully, let’s study this from a pair of various angles. Even as you’re into flashy mice which agree with chilly RGB and (for my part unnecessary) capabilities like profile toggling, on-board memory, and scroll wheel resistance adjustment (no disrespect Razer), then this mouse maybe isn’t going to be your cup of tea. On the opposite hand, need to you’re into pure gaming efficiency, subtle aesthetics, and light-weight in reality feel, this mouse is seemingly to be exactly what you’re shopping for.

It involves the table boasting undoubtedly one of maybe the simplest sensors that you just would be in a position to maybe well maybe additionally bag, alongside a colossal bag that is both chuffed and intensely light.

The one inquire of left to acknowledge is whether or no longer or no longer it showcases agreeable value for money. Right here is where I’m struggling. It currently retails for around £50/$60, which is starting to frame on the upper quit of the value spectrum. That puts it into enlighten opponents with the likes of Razer’s Deathadder and Logitech’s MX518 – two mice that attain to the table with an array of capabilities and advantages that the XM1 doesn’t. Having mentioned that, it does provide a worthy lighter bag and colossal ergonomics to boot. So it in reality comes all of the system down to interior most decision.

In the waste, I steal into consideration this a wired model of the Logitech G Pro wireless that is both lighter and more cost effective. Even as you’re a fan of the G Pro but can’t barely abdominal the costs, this is seemingly to be an out of this world fallback probability.

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