Epic Games acquires Rad Game Tools to bring further improvements to Unreal Engine

Epic Games announced its latest acquisition today. This time around, the gaming giant is picking up Rad Game Tools, which will bring some new improvements to the Unreal Engine. 

At the moment, Epic Games is working on Unreal Engine 5. The Rad Game Tools team will partner with Epic’s “rendering, animation, insights and audio teams”, integrating “key tech and improvements across Unreal Engine and beyond”.

Rad Game Tools will still be free to work with other companies and on other game engines, so the tools will still be accessible industry wide.

By combining forces, Epic says the two companies will “allow even more developers access to tools that make their games load and download faster, and offer their players a better, higher quality video and gaming experience”.

As pointed out by GI.biz, Rad Game Tools was founded in 1988 and its tools have been used in close to 25,000 games to date.

KitGuru Says: We don’t know how much money exchanged hands as part of this acquisition, but it appears to be another win for Epic Games and the Unreal Engine. 

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