EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra review: Pure souped-up power

The new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is basically a 3090, but for gamers, we said in our review of Nvidia’s Founders Edition model. The GPU inside is barely cut-down, and while the RTX 3080 Ti gets half the memory of its bigger sibling, 12GB of GDDR6X is capable of handling even the most extreme 4K gaming workloads. It’s just the thinnest of hairs slower than the 3090 in games. “This is the GeForce card that deep-pocketed gamers should buy,” we said.

If you’re looking for a suitable hot rod to house that screaming-fast GPU, look no further than EVGA’s RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra. This massive, feature-laden flagship tames the RTX 3080 Ti in ways that Nvidia’s dual-slot Founders Edition simply can’t. The FE card is almost as fast as the GeForce RTX 3090, yes. But the EVGA FTW3 Ultra is just as fast as an RTX 3090 thanks to its hefty overclock and abundant cooling. At $1,400, you’re paying a $200 premium for the extra ferocity on top of the 3080 Ti’s sky-high base price. Viewed through another lens, the EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra is an extremely high-quality custom graphics card that goes toe-to-toe with baseline RTX 3090 models for $100 less.

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