Facebook halts Oculus Quest 2 sales as recall takes place

Last night, Facebook announced a voluntary recall of Oculus Quest 2 foam facial interfaces due to a small percentage of customers reporting skin irritation. For now, Oculus aims to replace all foam coverings with a new silicone cover, which also means new Quest 2 sales will be temporarily halted.

Over on Amazon and the Oculus Store, Facebook has stopped taking orders for the Quest 2. Instead, there is a notification button so that prospective buyers can be notified when stock returns. For now, it looks like Quest 2 sales will be halted for several weeks at least.

As part of the recall announcement, Oculus revealed that it is working to ensure all future Quest 2 shipments include the silicone facial interface instead of the foam one. This change should take place starting from the 24th of August, at which point sales will presumably continue.

Anyone who already has an Oculus Quest 2 can head to the recall page and claim a free silicone facial interface to replace their current one.

KitGuru Says: The Oculus Quest 2 has been a huge seller, so pausing sales is a pretty big deal. In a few weeks time, it looks like the headset will be able to go on sale once again with this new tweak in place. 

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