Fastly CDN disruption takes top websites offline

A huge number of popular websites have been knocked offline this morning due to a massive outage. Sites like Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Spotify, BBC and others have been impacted due to a CDN fault. 

Fastly, a Content Delivery Network service that manages traffic for some of the most visited sites on the web has suffered an outage this morning. The company has confirmed that it is aware of the issue and is currently investigating.

Content Delivery Networks are a major part of the Internet infrastructure, acting as global networks to improve performance and availability of websites. Unfortunately, if a CDN goes down, it has far reaching implications and can impact hundreds of websites.

As pointed out by TechCrunch, the issue with Fastly CDN right now is not limited to a data centre, but rather a “global CDN disruption”. At the time of publishing, the issue has been identified but a fix is still rolling out.

KitGuru Says: I first noticed this when my Twitter timeline appeared utterly broken. Have any of you had issues accessing certain websites this morning? 

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