Fractal Design Define 7 Compact PC Case Review

We admire a Fractal Develop case here at WePC, and recently we’re going to be taking a ogle at their most modern edition to the extremely popular Interpret 7 series – The Fractal Develop Interpret 7 Compact. As you may per chance likely well doubtlessly whisper from the name, it is a smaller model of the mid-tower we reviewed no longer see you later ago. Now you may per chance likely well be doubtlessly questioning why anxiousness if we already had a mid-tower possibility, well, the reality of the topic is, the Interpret 7 turned into once clean a runt bit monumental for some.

This is imprint-spanking unusual and is derived from an extended line of very helpful Interpret cases. Whereas the Interpret 7 new is clean my private favourite, there may per chance be something for all people in this fluctuate (nearly). The Interpret 7 XL caters for these taking a ogle to produce monster builds, the distinctive has sufficient versatility for a broken-down place or an clarify water-cooled setup and this follows suit, most attention-grabbing the dimensions has been compacted, critical just like the older Meishfy C.

It in truth wouldn’t surprise me if Fractal Develop has a Interpret 7 Nano within the making nonetheless sufficient chit-chat, let’s take a closer ogle at this PC case.

Video Evaluation



  • Top price, prime of the diversity case
  • Colossal, delivery structure
  • Huge acoustic efficiency
  • Instrument-free panels and cable administration
  • Prime high quality dust filters
  • Very easy to cable manage
  • Comes with extra prime panel for cooling configuration possibility


  • Pricey
  • Loses 5.25″ bay
  • Loses fan hub
  • Loses dual structure inner
  • Paying for a first-rate panel you may per chance likely well no longer use




Case Fashion Mid-Tower
Dimensions (mm) 427 x 210 x 474 (L x W x H)
Materials Metal, Aluminium, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Available Colors Shaded, White, Gray
Weight 8.76 KG
Front I/O panel Vitality Button, Reset Button, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, USB Fashion-C x 1, Audio jack x 1, Microphone Jack x 1
Expansion Slots 7
Drive Bays 2 x 3.5″″ 2 x 2.5″
Motherboard strengthen Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
Cooling (Front/Prime/Rear) 3 x 120 or 2 x 140 mm (1 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included) / 2 x 120/140 mm / 1 x 120 (1 x Dynamic X2 GP-12 included)
Most GPU length 360 mm (305mm with a 280/360mm rad at the front)

Major Sides

  • ModuVent panels
  • Tempered Glass
  • Mute Operation
  • Instrument-less
  • USB Fashion-C

Within the Box:

  • Fractal Develop Interpret 7 Compact PC Case
  • Accessory Box

The Out of doorways



You may per chance likely well at once see here is a smaller model of the distinctive Interpret 7 and, if I’m factual, it doesn’t originate the same visible impact nonetheless you may per chance likely well clearly see the high quality in one look. This PC case system that very same simplistic attain many like Fractal Develop cases for. There is nothing flashy, ravishing dapper angles, and a premium carry out.

On the front, we see the door has been scrapped despite the indisputable reality that the blueprint clean appears like this swings delivery. The door has been dropped for evident reasons, it isn’t wanted. To lower dwelling Fractal has lost the 5.25” power bay, rendering the door ineffective, and it’s a dapper transfer seeing as many no longer use CD/DVDs.

Whereas there may per chance be not one of these thing as a door, the front is clean a ambitious panel, leaving the cooling efficiency at the same level as its bigger brother, average. The Interpret series has in any respect times been built for stealth despite the indisputable reality that, so the industrial padded front panel will attain a correct job for acoustics and an clarify fan setup may per chance likely well perhaps no longer be required for your disclose place. On the larger Interpret 7, there may per chance be a filter within the aid of the door, making the dapper up of dust buildup a doddle. This case system a identical map on the ventilated aspects either facet of the front panel. These filters will likely be removed and cleaned after you own gotten taken off the front panel first.


Staunch within the aid of the front panel, we see a pre-keep apart in Dynamic X2 GP-14 14mm fan. These fans attain with most Fractal Develop cases and accomplish a ample job for airflow, meaning you may per chance likely well add to this if you may per chance likely well be alive to to nonetheless there may per chance be not one of these thing as a want to change this fan. There is dwelling for two 140mm fans at the front or alternatively three 120mm as a change. This would likely well perhaps also be compact nonetheless there may per chance be clean room for a radiator up to 360mm long. That being talked about, if you roam for a 280 or 140mm rad, originate sure to observe the max-width of 145mm from the case specs to keep your self from any disappointments.

On the very bottom, we see the abnormal lower dust filter that attracts out from the front. The filter is elephantine length from the front to the aid and is one in every of doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing unsung heroes of most Fractal cases. This makes cleaning so easy when in contrast with a host of the competitors merely as a result of it pulls out from the front. Find uncover case manufacturers that’s the device you serve your patrons.




A clear lower imprint of high quality can regularly be without problems seen at the aid of any case. The aid of the Interpret 7 Compact is ravishing just like the others within the series, powerful. There is zero flex anyplace on the aid with the sheet steel feeling thick and premium.

The ModuVent strengthen we seen with the distinctive is here too, with Fractal’s most modern device of removing facet panels. The clips you see, merely streak, and dad, your facet panel is off. This would likely well sound just like the panels will ravishing plunge off nonetheless the blueprint is real looking sufficient to handle that and they’re on tight so no want to trouble if you happen to may per chance likely well perhaps also be removing the tempered glass facet. The tempered glass panel system a unlit tint at the tip and bottom to additional strengthen the aesthetics of your completed place. This unusual device of taking off panels is a welcomed switch for me as I in truth own in any respect times hated thumb screws, even Fractals monumental thumbscrews I learned a runt bit nerve-racking and would regularly ravishing leave them off fully.

Whereas the distinctive Interpret 7 system a 7 2 growth slots, this model has been diminished to ravishing seven, so no vertical GPU mounting with this case I’m disquieted. On the rear is the put we see the closing included fan, a 120mm Dynamic fan ravishing just like the one at the front and again, it does a stellar job of pumping heat out of the case so no want to change except you’ll need the dwelling for a 120mm AIO. In direction of the bottom we see the same PSU bracket included with most Fractal Develop cases, usually making it easier to set up your PSU and one more welcomed perform.

The Prime


The prime is the put we see the greatest enhancements from the older R6, with the unusual interchangeable panel blueprint and enhanced ogle. The ModuVent may per chance likely well technically be a further panel you may per chance likely well be paying for nonetheless by no device utilizing, nonetheless for a variety of, this extra little bit of versatility is a gorgeous contact. The ModuVent has in any respect times been a helpful belief alternatively it appears to be like to be as despite the indisputable reality that the designers own had one more ogle and improved it tenfold. 

The prime now pops off with runt force required, making it even easier to change out your prime panel for a determined configuration. The prime panel that comes hooked up system the same sound dampening materials we see on the diverse facet panels, so swapping this out will lower the acoustic efficiency. That is the beauty despite the indisputable reality that, altering the configuration of your case to most productive suit your acoustic or cooling desires is a breath of unusual air for prime class cases.

The prime is the put we see the front I/O, which consist of:

  • Vitality Button
  • Reset Button
  • Audio Jack
  • Microphone Jack
  • 1 x USB Fashion-C
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x USB 3.0

The prime panel is totally uninterrupted apart from these I/O ports and appears to be like to be as dapper because the NZXT line of cases. Whenever you switch the tip panel for the air float panel, it permits this case to bolster more fans or one more radiator at the tip. It is right for these taking a ogle to add an AIO nonetheless the acoustic efficiency will, again, suffer. There is room for up to two 140mm fans or, needless to claim, a 280mm radiator. It is worth noting that if you may per chance likely well be going to set up something at the tip, originate sure it’s 40mm and below.

The Inside


As talked about, to receive inner you merely pop off these delectable facet panels. It has by no device been easier (with the Lian Li O11 being an exception) to receive exact into a PC case. Whereas I clean resolve the hinged door as we see on the Phanteks Enthoo 719, these facet panels in truth originate PC building far more efficient plus any later upgrades or cleaning lessons that can observe.

As you may per chance likely well instruct the inner is smaller nonetheless there may per chance be not one of these thing as a wasted dwelling, in truth, the default structure feels delivery. The logical structure can accommodate for motherboards from ITX up to ATX, with E-ATX being left to the larger fashions. Losing E-ATX in a mid-tower makes a host of sense because it turned into once in any respect times going to feel runt even within the distinctive Interpret 7. To take a look at this case well I keep apart in an ATX board and it suits in with ease, giving me plenty of room to preserve watch over my cables in an efficient device via the grommets.


The rubber grommets talked about above are of the very most attention-grabbing high quality. Not most attention-grabbing attain these enable you to roam the thick 24-pin cable via with ease nonetheless they don’t attain off as you attain so! I will perceive why some internet grommets disturbing nonetheless the ones, in this case, are powerful and barely transfer.

The bottom is lined by the PSU camouflage from front to aid. The camouflage system cutout air float sporting Factal’s unusual blueprint as a result of the basement being in a dwelling to accommodate a fan or 120mm radiator. Whether or no longer this makes critical difference within the thermals I’m in doubt nonetheless I’m partial to this blueprint over the powerful different. As fragment of Fractal Develop’s modular efforts, we see the removable plastic system to the PSU camouflage. These without problems clip off if you desired to set up a pump/reservoir or, needless to claim, a monumental radiator on the front of the case.


You cant switch this out to be a more storage based map equivalent to you may per chance likely well with the larger versions, in truth, there may per chance be restricted dwelling for storage altogether. I turned into once utilizing an M.2 power in my place nonetheless I’d order there are ample alternatives for most gamers in this case. You receive two SSD caddies out the aid and a additional two HDD cages within the basement of the case. There is dwelling to mount SSDs on prime of the PSU camouflage nonetheless the brackets are sold individually and this tends to originate builds ogle a runt bit messy. Whenever you indicate on water cooling your place and desire the dwelling the put the 2 HDD cages sit, you may per chance likely well clearly take away them or set up them inner at the tip of the case. For me, it could likely well ogle a piece distinctive having the HDD cages in that dwelling alternatively it’s in any respect times correct to own alternatives.

The Aid Panel


The integrated cable guides are in a helpful better dwelling as a result of the reality this doesn’t own all that dwelling for storage drives. These are removable nonetheless they sit in accordance with the put the cables would naturally descend and you may per chance likely well reposition them to the exact fashion of the rubber grommets (like me) if you may per chance likely well be going a runt bit overboard alongside with your cable administration. These cable guides remind me of the NXZT H510’s, most attention-grabbing these accommodate for the thicker 24-pin.


Cable administration turned into once incredibly easy and that turned into once largely down to the head of the diversity, malleable cables. These cables roam precisely the put you desire them and ogle dapper without too critical fuss. There is around 28mm (likely a runt bit less) of dwelling to work with at the far left of the aid panel nonetheless I learned there turned into once sufficient room on the exact fashion of the grommets too (17mm) if managed well.


Fractal Desing cases are by no device disquieted of system and ravishing as a result of here is “Compact” doesn’t mean it falls short of this either. This case comes offering a plethora of fantastic to own system, let’s take a closer ogle.

Sound efficiency – The Interpret series has in any respect times been built with stealthy gaming in mind. The old R5 opened our eyes to dapper, premium, acoustically proficient cases, and the toll road has persevered this building.  The case system high-density padding within the front, prime, and aid panel to dampen the sound of the map inner. We have the tempered glass model here, so the sound efficiency isn’t as correct because the undeniable paneled one alternatively it clean outshines a host of cases in this dwelling.

Modularity – Whereas this Compact model may per chance likely well perhaps no longer be as modular because the diverse fashions, it clean comes with the swappable ModuVent prime panel. The unusual and improved ModuVent map is a welcomed addition to the case, making it easier than ever earlier than to whip that prime panel off for the included different.

This modularity allows you to, the patron, originate a different from sound efficiency or extra cooling. Whenever you swap out the default panel you may per chance likely well take income of extra dwelling for a radiator or fans. Obviously, if you switch the configuration you are going to lose some acoustic efficiency because the diverse prime panel system air float cutouts and no sound dampening materials.

With the case being loads smaller there may per chance be not one of these thing as a possibility for a storage-based inner, leaving you with ravishing the default “delivery structure”.

Instrument-less – The prime-latching panels provide easy receive admission to into your case without the necessity of screwdriver or keeping observe of the put you positioned that thumbscrew. The panels also prevent any unintentional drops with a real looking blueprint. The aid also system removable cable clips and velcro ties, to provide you your entire cable administration you’ll need without needing to use cable ties or tie bases to receive a dapper taking a ogle setup.

Our Verdict


The Interpret 7 series of cases is one in every of doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing I’ve seen in contemporary instances. Fractal Develop continues to add functionality and system that originate sense without taking something far off from patrons. The Compact addition to the series makes a host of sense, with many seeing the distinctive Interpret 7 as being a piece on the monumental facet.

This compact model brings your entire dapper-lower fashion and premium essence of the distinctive and packs it exact into a more manageable mid-tower, giving your average builder a more helpful PC case. 

I clean resolve the distinctive Interpret 7, alternatively, while the Interpret 7 Compact will likely be smaller it clean comes with plenty of system.  A in truth monumental case and I sit up for the Interpret 7 nano (if it ever exists).

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