Fractal Design Define 7 PC Case Review

Fractal Plot’s Account for sequence has been most certainly the most more performed, excessive-quality line of cases I’ve come across for a pair of years now. These are constructed with care and in many cases, feature unrivaled functionality, with Fractal Plot repeatedly seeming to bring more to the desk with every revision. As we advise we are searching on the Fractal Plot Account for 7, which follows that construction and is right here to interchange the very popular R6. Our model is the “Mild Tempered Glass”, with definite and darkish tints also being on hand alongside the classic mannequin that aspects no glass in any recognize.

This PC case used to be launched early 2020 and brings a singular look loyal into a chain phenomenal cherished by followers. Fractal also launched the Account for 7 XL which replaces the XL R2, however we are friendly going to be holding the mid-tower possibility, for now no longer decrease than.

With the R5 and R6 fashions being such excessive successes, let’s uncover about what the Account for 7 affords up.


  • Top charge, excessive-quality case
  • Sizable, with E-ATX relief
  • Enormous acoustic efficiency
  • Machine-free panels
  • Sufficient quality dirt filters
  • Retains 5.25″ bay
  • Fresh ultra-slim fan hub
  • Dual- structure interior
  • Upright cable administration


  • Dear
  • Cable camouflage appears rather pointless
  • Paying for a top panel that you simply would be able to additionally fair no longer spend


Case Sort Mid-Tower
Dimensions (mm) 558 x 363 x 641 (L x W x H)
Materials Metal, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Accessible Colours Unlit, White, Grey
Weight 13.49 KG
Front I/O panel Energy Button, Reset Button, RGB Button, USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, USB Sort-C, Audio jack x 1, Microphone Jack x 1
Expansion Slots 7 2
Force Bays 14 x 3.5″″ 4 x 2.5″ positions (6 x 3.5″″ 2 dedicated 2.5″ included).
Motherboard relief Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, E-ATX
Cooling (Front/Top/Rear) 3 x 120/140 mm (2 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included) / 3 x 120/140 mm / 1 x 120/140 mm (1 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included)
Maximum GPU length Storage structure: 315 mm – Originate structure: 491 mm (467 mm w/ entrance fan)

Fractal Design Define 7 Cooling Capacity

Predominant Aspects

  • Modular
  • Tempered Glass
  • Silent Operation
  • Nexus 2 Fan Hub
  • USB Sort-C

For the duration of the Field:

  • Fractal Plot Account for 7 PC Case
  • Accent Field

The Originate air

First impressions of the case are very the same to the R6, right here’s simplistic in its aesthetics, even with the tempered glass panel. Right here is built for stealth however the uninterrupted glass panel is primary quality and might per chance perhaps well additionally fair soundless add some vogue capabilities to any device.

At the entrance we uncover a pair of hinged door once yet again, entire with that brushed aluminum look. The door feels phenomenal thicker this time around with a singular and improved hinge system and rapid magnet to lend a hand. With the exception of feeling a ways more sturdy, the door soundless simplest opens about 90 levels and worship the R6 that you simply would be able to reverse the device in which it opens.

The door in an instant impacts cooling, irrespective of the facet ventilation against the entrance. In case your essential plot back is cooling then that you simply would be able to want to relief the door originate, snatch it off, or dart for a obvious case. Right here is built for silence so the door receives the sound dampening treatment, offering mountainous acoustic efficiency.

Opening the door finds the corpulent-length fan filter that might per chance perhaps well additionally also be eradicated for easy cleansing. The vent is rupture up, with the 5.25” force bay having its hang filter. These filters aren’t the perfect to snatch away and require a being concerned quantity of force however don’t scare, friendly perceiver and this can come off undamaged.

Within the help of the filter, that you simply would be able to earn two Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm followers preinstalled. Right here is moderately general in Fractal Plot cases, simplest this time around, we uncover about apartment for a third 140mm fan if that’s the configuration you wished. You are going to be ready to soundless dart for three 120mm followers on the entrance and there is sufficient apartment for a radiator up to 360mm. Needless to claim, inserting in an optical force will glean rid of the possibility of three 140mm followers, leaving you with apartment for friendly two.

At the very bottom is where the decrease dirt filter pulls out. The corpulent-length dirt filter coming out the entrance is nothing unique from Fractal and it comes out with out needing to originate the door first too. This will doubtless customarily be an lost sight of feature however the truth right here’s eradicated simply from the entrance is uncommon to come help by for some unknown motive!


The entire ModuVent and general spend of this case has been upgraded in terrific vogue. The help is where we uncover about this unique device of opening your facet panels, with two clips on the highest of all aspects that you simply breeze to pop the panels off. The panels are on tight so there isn’t very always a enviornment with this unique device of doing things and it’s phenomenal most smartly-most usual to the thumbscrews.

At the rear of the PC case, we uncover in regards to the third and closing Dynamic 140mm fan pre-put in, completing the airflow setup which I non-public is moderately honest out of the field, albeit no longer as honest as a mesh entrance panel case. There are seven horizontal growth slots on the help, alongside two vertical slots for vertical GPU mounting if that’s your thing. The PSU attaches to a bracket which is repeatedly mountainous for cases with a PSU camouflage however as adverse to the panel mechanism, all the pieces’s the identical as the R6.

The Top

The tip is where we uncover about most certainly the most critical greatest adjustments since the Fractal Plot R6, with Fractal’s unique interchangeable panel device featuring. The ModuVent used to be repeatedly a apt concept, and straightforward to relief an eye on, however it’s definite searching on the Account for 7 that the guys at Fractal have had a honest look. The tip now pops off with small force being applied to the entrance-most corners. The tip is moderately straightforward to snatch away/ replace and might per chance perhaps well additionally be switched out for the ventilation top panel. The tip panel this ships with involves the sound dampening affords we uncover about on all other panels (as adverse to the TG) and is featureless other than acoustic efficiency. 

The entrance I/O panel is the identical as the R6, with two USB Sort-A 2.0 and 3.0. Once more, we uncover a pair of single USB Sort-C port and separate headphone and mic jacks.

The tip vent is now entirely uninterrupted and appears phase of the entrance I/O which used to be repeatedly a visible enviornment with old Fractal cases.

Switching out for the ventilation top panel is for these searching to put in extra cooling relief into this PC case and Fractal Plot has that coated with a corpulent-length dirt filter in there too. The bracket for mounting your radiators or followers also aspects a cutout comprise port for budding water-coolers. This protects you filling the res from dodgy angles throughout the case and is yet one other classy touch from Fractal Plot.

The Interior

While I soundless non-public the hinged door on the Phanteks Enthoo 719, Fractal Designs’ construction of facet panels is soundless highly impressive. This pops off thanks to the clip on the help, as talked about previously, and aspects these small clips that pop inner and out with rather of force. The panel will simplest tumble to the floor in the event you fall it, as there are some secondary clips along the underside.

The default structure for the interior is an originate one however this might per chance increasingly additionally also be tailored to relief a more storage focused structure. But one other share of modularity from Fractal Plot that is in actuality smart. For my device, I didn’t require any HDD /SSD brackets so I caught with originate. Right here’s a actually tall interior with an incredibly logical structure. The case can snatch a motherboard up to 285mm however E-ATX might per chance perhaps well additionally fair no longer be optimum in the Account for 7. I went for an ATX board that fits in with out a neighborhood and soundless affords me lots of room to cable arrange the spend of these grommets.

If the spend of the highest bracket throughout the case that you simply would be able to match a radiator up to 420mm lengthy. Using the highest will imply you’ll need the ventilated top panel and might per chance perhaps well additionally fair soundless forgo the acoustic efficiency rather however it’s tremendous to have alternatives.

The inclusion of rubber grommets is nothing unique from Fractal, or cases that worth as phenomenal as this, however it’s a feature I worship. The Fractal Plot grommets are inclined to pass decrease than other producers and didn’t come out once whereas inserting in my PSU cables.

The bottom is entirely shrouded by the corpulent-length plastic PSU camouflage. The PSU camouflage aspects some ventilation due to the basement being ready to accommodate a radiator up to 280mm. The entrance-most finish of the PSU camouflage has small plastic pieces that can come out when wanted. They might per chance perhaps perhaps additionally also be eradicated in the event that you simply would be able to additionally very smartly be mounting a colossal radiator on the entrance panel or in the event you suggest on inserting in a reservoir.

Switching this up to a more storage based structure procedure that you simply would be able to glean an outstanding quantity of drives into this case. You glean six SSD/HDD brackets and two SSD simplest brackets alongside the included “multi” bracket. In entire, that you simply would be able to mount up to 14 HDDs alongside four dedicated SSD mounts.

The rather nifty multibracket can convert any unused fan region into an HDD, SSD, or pump mount. This option will rarely be frail by the loads however it’s mountainous to search out Fractal Plot add unique things with out taking something necessary away.

The Relief Panel

The help panel of the Account for 7 brings about some attention-grabbing adjustments, to claim the least. The essential thing you’ll watch is the repositioning of the Nexus 2 fan hub. Relatively than the square one we are all frail to, we now glean a slim horizontal fan hub. Right here’s a mountainous change, the fan hub now no longer will get in the device in which worship it did when cable managing the older R6.

One other addition is the “Integrated cable guides”, which I wouldn’t customarily bother with however gave them a dart nonetheless. Well-known worship on the NZXT H510, they were straightforward to spend, with the heart accommodating for the thicker 24-pin cable simply sufficient and the velcro straps doing a ample job.

Nothing out of the present with the cables, all as top quality as that you simply would be able to expect, with the entrance I/O being braided. There is a secondary “camouflage” on the help to relief with cable administration however isn’t it all rather pointless except you suggest on having the help panel off? Effectively,  per chance however, it’s easy to snatch away and doesn’t glean in the device in which worship they did with the Cooler Grasp H500M. 

Cable managing a device in this case used to be incredibly easy and user right, with 30mm of apartment being bigger than sufficient. Whether or no longer you spend the cable guides or no longer, the malleable cables create trim cable administration pretty straightforward.


Fractal Plot cases with out a tight quantity of aspects are anxious to come help by. The Account for 7 follows on from the R6, with the essential focal point soundless being against acoustic efficiency however soundless offering a plethora of tremendous small extras.

Sound Performance – Acoustically this performs equally to the older R6, with both cases being optimized for silent operation. The excessive-density padding on the panels works smartly at holding these decibels low. 

Modularity – The unique and improved ModuVent system (interchangeable top panels) is a pleasant addition. While many users will pay for a panel that they might per chance perhaps additionally fair never spend, it’s mountainous for these searching so that you simply can add extra cooling relief. You are going to be ready to snatch revenue of Fractal Plot’s “dual-structure” feature and alter the “originate” structure to a more storage-right one. The case, in general, appears to create your life more uncomplicated at every flip, with easy to come out cable administration clips, slots for water-cooling, and facet panels.

Nexus 2 Fan Hub – The unique preinstalled fan hub is now ultra-slim whereas soundless ready to join three PWM followers and six 3-pin followers. Fan hubs create techniques with more than one followers loads more uncomplicated to cable arrange and this slim device now no longer will get in the device in which on the help.

These extra aspects create Fractal Plot cases most certainly the most upper alternatives for a stress-free device. The Account for 7 has been constructed with care and brings the usual-or-backyard excessive device quality to the desk, with what is in actuality a flawless PC case.

Our Verdict

The Account for 7 is the most contemporary triumph in the sequence and is marvelous of taking the torch from the very popular Fractal Plot R6. This will doubtless be the same to its predecessor however every of the enhancements might per chance perhaps well additionally also be regarded as quality-of-life adjustments, making this most certainly the most very most realistic top class cases in the marketplace.

While right here’s pretty costly, it ships with a plethora of top class aspects. Right here’s a flexible case, with the modular nature of the twin structure and interchangeable top panels making this mountainous for practically any device.

This performs equally acoustically to the R6 and is an very friendly more than just a few for a quieter PC device however beware of airflow as right here’s restricted due to the thick hinged door. Both device, forgetting for a minute that right here’s most certainly the most smartly-constructed cases I in actual fact have frail, it’s a PC case that can please any fanatic searching to enact silent operation standard.

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