Fractal Design Define 7 XL PC Case Review

The Fractal Fashion Make clear series of PC situations can even very effectively be about a of the most productive to grace the market first-payment now –  providing unequalled produce glorious, unending compatibility, and upright ease of constructing. So, when Fractal Fashion made up our minds to send us their newest flagship Make clear 7 XL case, it’s gracious to dispute we were greater than inflamed to opinion what this successor to the XL R2 needed to give!

The version we received came with the “light tempered glass” side panel which is a marvelous alternate over the customary tinted glass you mainly stare on the present time. Having said that, if you’re a fan of the aforementioned tinted glass, don’t apprehension, Fractal Fashion affords a tinted version alongside a sound dampened version as effectively. 

The Fractal Fashion Make clear 7 XL used to be launched alongside a mid-tower alternative (the Make clear 7) and is already creating quite the buzz amongst PC enthusiasts. The 7 XL supports SSI-EEB motherboards, multi-GPU configurations, and a tonne of storage devices as effectively – at the side of 2 x 5.25″ optical drives. It also comes with a immense accessory box that affords extra mounting trays, interchangeable panels for extra ventilation and airflow, and an fascinating convertible half that lets you make expend of unused fan positions for various other that chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps also focus on of picks. 

The following article shall be taking a more in-depth opinion at this sizable case from Fractal Fashion to opinion the contrivance it stacks up in produce glorious, gains, ease of constructing, and overall payment for money. 

So, let’s ruin no extra time, and dive straight into it.


  • Supreme produce glorious
  • Supports the gracious of motherboard build components
  • Very honest right noise dampening ModuVent panels
  • Tool-free panels
  • Robust and straight forward to dapper mud filters
  • 2 x 5.25″ optical drive support
  • Impossible cable administration support
  • 18 HDD/SSD mounts
  • Interchangeable grommets


  • Excessive-discontinue of the payment spectrum
  • Airflow is compromised by the entrance panel
  • Interior temps could perhaps be high


Case Fashion Rotund Tower
Dimensions (mm) 604 x 240 x 566 (L x W x H)
Materials Metallic, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Readily in the market Colors Dim, dusky tinted, light tinted
Weight 16.53 kg
Entrance I/O panel 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Fashion-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio I/O, Energy button, Reset button
Growth Slots 9 3
Pressure Bays 18 x 3.5″″ 7 x 2.5″ positions
2 x 5.25″ optical drive bays
Motherboard support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, E-ATX, SSI-EEB
Cooling (Entrance/Top/Rear) Entrance – 4 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm (2 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 integrated)
Top – 4 x 120mm or 3 x 140mm
Rear – 1 x 120/140 mm, (1 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 integrated)
Bottom – 2 x 120/140 mm
Maximum GPU size Storage structure: 359 mm – Begin structure: 549 mm (524 mm w/ entrance fan)

Fractal Design Define 7 Cooling Capacity

Predominant Parts

  • Absolutely Modular
  • Tempered Glass
  • Accrued Operation that could perhaps be altered for airflow
  • Nexus 2 Fan Hub
  • USB Fashion-C

All the contrivance by the Field:

  • Fractal Fashion Make clear 7 XL PC Case
  • Accessory Field
  • Starter Handbook

The Outside

My first affect upon unboxing the Fractal Fashion Make clear 7 XL used to be factual how gigantic it used to be – I mean, this thing is first-payment up there with the likes of Thermaltake’s Scrutinize 71 by manner of sheer bulk. It fully dwarfs the smaller Make clear 7, making it a mountainous beef up for those who adore the form of the smaller iteration but need extra capability for storage, water cooling, and part support.

On the flip side, and adore most Fractal form situations, this one affords a barely frequent, uncharacteristic form that would also very effectively be conceived as stupid from the outside – reckoning on the vogue you opinion at case designs.  Alternatively, after we delve inner, issues transform tons of additional fascinating. 


On the entrance, we uncover a trendy pretend brushed aluminum entrance panel which, fortunately, has now been equipped with a hinged door – we’ll focus on why here is required later. The entrance doesn’t offer a mountainous deal by manner of form gains, however, it does comprise a puny slash on the discontinue of the case which properties a puny LED light – I know, loopy. The entrance panel feels sturdy and effectively-made, now making expend of metal door hinges in disagreement to the plastic we came across on the light XL R2. Having said that, I will be succesful of tranquil envisage eventualities whereby this can even very effectively be an condo of failure down the avenue. 

Boring the door, users comprise gain admission to to the mud filter and fans for cleaning and change capabilities. The mud filter is damage up into two sections, that methodology if you originate understanding on the utilization of the on hand 2 x 5.25″ optical drive bays, you continue to comprise a mountainous mud filter sat beneath. The filters are quite complex to pick and require a respectable quantity of drive to pry faraway from the case – not ideal if you capture into tale how puny the grip on the mud filters is. 

It’s charge pointing out at this stage that the door impacts airflow and internal temperatures dramatically. Ought to you understanding on attempting for this to your next produce then factual be aware, if it’s best to desire to expend this case for a restful produce then it is going to also very effectively be charge investing in water cooling to preserve internals at legitimate ranges. Opening the door will stare a respectable fall in internal CPU temps, however, then you definately desire to capture into tale the noise implications of your produce. We’ll scuttle over this in extra detail shortly. 

While we’re discussing airflow, beneath the mud filter, Fractal Fashion comprise pre-attach in two of their Dynamic X2 GP14-140mm fans first-payment-out-the-box – with sufficient room for a third 140mm fan if it’s best to desire to bolster your cooling setup. Alternatively, chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps also change the 140mm fans with four x 120mm fans or a radiator as a lot as 480mm. 

Below the entrance panel, chances are you’ll fetch the mud filter that sits below the PSU cloak. Fortunately, Fractal has designed the mud filter to pull out from the entrance that methodology users received’t desire to flip their PC spherical at any time when they understanding on cleaning it – capture expose PC manufacturers…

The mud filter is easy to pick and dapper; however, it used to be complex to gain relief in space. It felt as if the mud filter had been barely zigzag at some point soon and wouldn’t sit in its bay properly (as soon as eliminated). After some tampering, it used to be obvious the nook had been zigzag, so a short modification soon solved that be troubled. 


Transferring to the rear of the case, users are greeted with a ton of expansion slots and gains. Starting on the discontinue, chances are you’ll fetch the newly improved opening mechanism for each and each side panels. Fractal has equipped the Make clear 7 XL with two sliders that attend attend in popping the side panel out of its housing on the discontinue. To totally make a choice the side panel, simply tilt the panel relief barely and rep it out of the recess it sits in. 

Below we uncover the I/O defend cutout, alongside a pre-attach in 140mm fan – the particular identical we uncover in the entrance. You must swap this fan out for a 120mm fan if you desire and comprise gain admission to to alter the discontinue of the fan by about 30mm.

Below this, we uncover the 9 3 expansion slots. Every of the 9 horizontal expansion slots are gracious with re-usable covers which is in a local to be changed while swapping out hardware. Customers shall be in a local to vertically mount a GPU in this case with as a lot as three slots on hand for even the gracious of graphics cards. A locking mechanism is former here which feels effectively-made and durable. 

The PSU housing is came across under this. It has been designed with a straightforward-set up bracket that lets in you to like a flash set up or make a choice the PSU with out having to make expend of a screwdriver. By no methodology been a gigantic fan of this in my opinion – as soon as your PSU is in there, it most continuously stays attach for a real while anyway. It doesn’t capture anything else faraway from the case though, so why not. 

The Top

The pinnacle is barely uncharacteristic by manner of form, but there are more than just a few gains to play with – specifically if you swap out the ModuVent sound dampening prime panel for the ventilated one. The pinnacle panel can with out problems be eliminated by popping the perimeters out shut to the I/O ports – after which that chances are you’ll even simply rep the roof off. Below you’ve gain admission to to the mud filter and the mounting condo to set up extra fans or a radiator – relying to your most in vogue setup.

The mud filter affords a novel form that clips into space towards the help of the 7 XL that clips into space with ease. It’s extremely easy to pick and has been designed to obvious any screws that are former when mounting cooling configurations – something we’ve struggled with in the previous the utilization of situations of same ilk. 

The fan mounting condo has been offset so as that nearly about any radiator/fan setup will obvious your CPU cooler, RAM, and motherboard VRMs. The 7 XL affords up support for 4 x 120mm fans, 3 x 140mm fans, or 1 x 480mm radiator in the roof of the case. Boring this, chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps also stare assorted cutouts for extra water-cooling loops and cable administration suggestions. 

Swapping the roof panel for the ventilated alternative that you just receive in the accessory box will attend lengthen airflow dramatically. It doesn’t offer nearly about as powerful noise dampening, but it with out a doubt does decrease temps quite a chunk. It also affords barely bit extra by manner of aesthetics thanks to the mish-mash air vent vogue Fractal has long previous for. 

Against the entrance, the I/O ports could perhaps be came across on the roof of the case. The Make clear 7 XL comes equipped with energy and reset buttons, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Fashion-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, and audio inputs as effectively. That’s a ton of inputs for nearly every scenario. Oh, it’s also charge pointing out that the energy button feels extremely tactile too. 

The Interior

To gain admission to the internal of this case, simply make a choice the side panel by the utilization of the popping mechanism came across towards the help of the case. While I opt the hinged doors you witness on each and each Thermaltake’s Scrutinize 71 and the Phanteks Enthoo 719, Fractal’s side panel form is tranquil first-payment up there with the very most productive. You don’t scurry the threat of breaking the glass because the side panel sits in barely recess on the backside, as talked about above. 

Eliminating the side panel unveils the monster interior that appears extremely dapper, providing a ton of storage and cable administration suggestions to boot. Against the entrance you stare the pre-attach in fans which comprise been positioned in the center of the case for optimum airflow. As talked about above, you originate comprise the selection to equip the case with a third 140mm fan or swap them out for a radiator as a lot as 480mm, relying to your decision. For the capabilities of this analysis, however, we’ve left them in stock configuration. 

Taking a detect on the roof of the case chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps also clearly stare the general mounting possibilities this case supports. Ought to you originate understanding on bolstering the cooling configuration of this produce, you’ve to swap out the roof panel to originate so (except you understanding on constructing a custom loop). Replacing the roof panel is extremely easy and requires minute to no effort. As soon as eliminated, chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps also with out problems gain admission to the mounting condo from above and under – thanks to the scale of the internal. Now not like smaller situations, the chubby tower 7 XL is in-constructed snarl that even the most elaborate radiator fan configurations aren’t going to intervene with internal ingredients. As talked about above, users comprise the selection to suit 4 x 120mm fans, 3 x 140mm, or a radiator as a lot as 480mm in the roof – so a lot of versatility here. 

Transferring to the backside of the case you’ll stare the chubby-size PSU cloak which runs from entrance to relief. The cloak comes with airflow vents which – if I’m being honest right – don’t in fact add anything else by manner of airflow. Alternatively, they double as fan mounting holes – with support for 2 x 120mm/140mm fans respectively. Two grommeted cable cutouts are came across beside the vent, alongside two detachable plates shut to the entrance which is in a local to be eliminated if you scuttle for a mountainous radiator or water chilly setup in the entrance. You even comprise the option of mounting more than just a few SSD/HDDs on the PSU cloak as effectively. 

Transferring to the motherboard tray, users shall be greeted with a immense condo to set up motherboards as a lot as SSI-EEB build component. That being said, if you admire the utilization of this produce for something barely extra discrete (internally on the least) the Make clear 7 XL does support Mini-ITX build component as effectively – along with all the pieces in-between. Ought to you originate understanding on the utilization of a greater build component motherboard, you’ll enjoy to recollect that Fractal has equipped the Make clear 7 XL with extra cutouts for this teach reason. The motherboard tray has a mountainous cutout in the help of the motherboard to make certain that having access to mountainous CPU coolers will not be a be troubled, alongside an extra 9 grommeted cable cutouts for easy cable administration. On the first-payment, in stock configuration, the Make clear 7 XL has a sheet of plastic overlaying the help of the engaging drive mounting bays. Alternatively, if you make a choice this plate – which is in a local to be done by laying aside the entrance fans then popping it off – you give your self gain admission to to an entire bunch of fascinating extras that consist of water cooling mounts and extra storage support.

In terms of compatibility, the Make clear 7 XL has you covered for barely powerful every hardware providing on hand first-payment now. You comprise got gotten room for immense SSI-EEB motherboards, a GPU as a lot as 549mm in size (in open structure), 185mm of clearance for the cooler, and a shed load of fans – 11 in complete. Factual be aware, the cooling of this case with the door closed and the sound dampening roof panel in space is admittedly quite unlit. Ought to you are planning to make expend of fanatic-grade ingredients, you’ve to alter the configuration of the case – so factual preserve that in thoughts. 

The Encourage Panel

Boring the help panel is where more than just a few the type gains come into play. Compile the panel in the identical manner because the entrance panel, the utilization of the pop mechanism came across the help of the case. As soon as eliminated, you’ve gain admission to to a plethora of storage suggestions and cable administration routes. The PSU cloak can accommodate a PSU with a max size of 250mm with the 2 engaging drive cages attach in. 

The PSU and engaging drive cages on the backside are covered by a cloak which doubles as a lot as stop the cables from coming into contact with the help panel. Seeing as though the help panel doesn’t comprise a upright locking mechanism, this feels adore a effectively thought out form feature. The cloak can with out problems be eliminated to gain admission to the cages and PSU by simply pulling it towards you. 

Assorted engaging drive mounts could perhaps be came across in the help of the motherboard and on the left-hand side of the help panel, along with cable administration tie holds and Fractals signature straps in the center. 

Against the discontinue of the case, above the motherboard, Fractal comprise attach in a titanic-skinny fan controller that supports as a lot as 9 fans – 6 x 3 pin and 3 x 4 pin. Having the hub shut to the discontinue of the case towards the help can even tranquil alleviate some cable administration points, specifically if you capture into tale the radiator and fans are most continuously positioned on the discontinue anyway. 


So, we’ve had a short opinion on the outside and interior of this case, now it’s time to clarify about a of the stand-out gains the Make clear 7 XL comes equipped with. Like we talked about earlier, Fractal Fashion are the masters by manner of making precious gains, so deciding on about a of the most productive desires to be no be troubled by any means.

Sound Efficiency – One of the vital enormous pluses that you just gain with the Make clear 7 XL is the noise dampening performance. It comes equipped with Fractal’s signature noise dampening aspects panels – equipped with Moduvent skills – that methodology noisy internal ingredients shall be nullified – even when pushed in heavy workloads. 

Modularity – Fractal’s newest Moduvent skills has been equipped in the Make clear 7 XL to its fullest, making nearly every panel interchangeable – requiring no effort to originate so. Now not like other situations of this size, which require screwdrivers and Allen keys to gain admission to engaging-to-reach locations, the Fractal brings an nearly instrument-less form to the desk. Ought to you’re taking a detect for ease of constructing, opinion no extra, this thing does all of it. 

Nexus 2 Fan Hub – Fractal comprise tried to form cooling this case a precedence by equipping it with a high-glorious Nexus fan controller which supports as a lot as three PWM fans and six 3-pin connectors. This makes cable managing your produce a mountainous deal more uncomplicated and can even give you sufficient support to equip your PC to the max. 

Fabricate Assignment – One of the vital benefits that come hand-in-hand with a case of this size is factual how easy they are to produce in – and the support they offer for greater ingredients. The Make clear 7 XL factual feels adore all the pieces has been thought to be all the contrivance by the type route of. It affords a ton of cable administration suggestions, NAS ranges of storage support, clearance for various radiator and water-cooling configurations, and straight forward to change panels. It in fact does articulate top class in nearly every condo – a mountainous chubby tower chassis. 

Our Verdict

So, we come to the tip of the Fractal Fashion Make clear 7 XL case analysis. Here’s where we sum up our final thoughts and affords our verdict on whether we feel it’s charge the money and your consideration. 

The Make clear 7 Xl is one among the most recent arrivals from Fractal Fashion – alongside the Make clear 7 – and it brings with it a bunch of novel technologies and form gains to form your life (as a PC builder) the general more uncomplicated. It in fact has been effectively-designed the utilization of high-glorious affords and to a stellar form. This case could perhaps be ideal for a server produce or mountainous Threadripper produce, while tranquil having sufficient room to kit it out with the general cooling chances are you’ll perhaps perhaps desire for. 

On the downside, this case would not offer mountainous cooling out the box. The entrance panel doesn’t present nearly about sufficient airflow to preserve the internals chilly, neither does the roof panel. Alternatively, users originate comprise the option of operating the PC with the secondary panel in space and the entrance door open. This can decrease temps by over 10 levels which is form of dramatic. Having said that, some folk can even not be overly enthusiastic on the utilization of this case with the door open as it build of ruins the amassed first-payment it comes with. 

Cooling apart though, you if truth be told can’t knock this case. I comprise that (at its contemporary assign point) it showcases real payment for money, specifically if you prioritize produce glorious and gains over aesthetics and RGB. 

So, with that in thoughts, my final thoughts are as follows. Ought to you’re taking a detect for an especially effectively-constructed PC case that has a tonne of room for mountainous fanatic-stage ingredients, elaborate water-cooling configurations, and has extremely real acoustic performance, then opinion no extra. The Fractal Fashion Make clear 7 XL will please even the most annoying PC fanatic in the market. 

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