Fractal Design Node 202 PC Case Review

A gaming console’s ideal energy is its invent and cramped gain ingredient. Whereas a console will by no method be as versatile as a gaming PC, they’ll easy elegantly take a seat within the lounge and mix in with home theatre setups. Here’s the attach the Fractal Abolish Node 202 enters the fray, the logo’s smallest PC case accessible on the market, with a slim, HTPC-relish, Mini-ITX invent.

The model now we possess here is paired with the Fractal Integra SFX 450W PSU and is 10.2 liters, with the flexibility to stand vertically or lay horizontally. No matter this smaller gain ingredient, a paunchy-sized GPU will likely be installed. Alternatively, there isn’t any room for a 5.25” pressure with the Node 202.

Let’s seek what this slim, lawful to gain, ITX case from Fractal Abolish has to present.


  • Spoil up chambers for better thermal efficiency
  • Entails grime filters
  • Can fit a paunchy-sized GPU
  • Slim, cramped gain ingredient
  • Entails SFX PSU


  • Minute clearance
  • Get dangle of to de-gain to obliging grime filters
  • No 5.25″ or 3.25″ lend a hand
  • More remarkable than others to gain in


Case Model Mid-Tower
Dimensions (mm) 377 x 82 x 330 (W x H x D)
Presents Metal, Plastic
On hand Colours Sad
Weight 3.5 KG
Entrance I/O panel Strength Button, USB 3.0 x 2, Audio jack x 1, Microphone Jack x 1
Growth Slots 2
Force Bays 2 x 2.5″
Motherboard lend a hand Mini-ITX
Cooling (Entrance/Top/Rear) Room for 2 x 120mm consumption fans in GPU chamber
Most GPU measurement 310x145x47 mm (L x H x D)

Fractal Design Node 202 Cooling Capacity

Main Aspects

  • Minute Make Part
  • Impressive inner structure
  • Mud-Free

All around the Box:

  • Fractal Abolish Node 202
  • Fractal Integra 450W PSU
  • Stand
  • Riser card
  • Adhesive Feet
  • Manual

The Exterior

The Node 202 looks big. Its true invent is simplistic, which is a same old theme from Fractal Abolish, nonetheless the slim seek is a ways hottest to the boxy Nodes we seek in diverse areas within the vary. It’s largely created from three parts, with the tip shell lifting off after putting off the screws from the underside. Here’s cramped nonetheless I’d easy divulge noticeably bigger than consoles.

The entrance sees the most functions, from what’s truly a ventilated field. The most efficient little bit of branding is on the entrance, Fractal Abolish is cease to the tip, or correct form reckoning on how you possess this oriented and it looks rather fantastic. The branding looks to easiest suit this when laying flat nonetheless I rather relish it either method.

The entrance I/O ports take a seat neatly alongside the bottom, remarkable relish a console. The connectivity isn’t the ideal nonetheless two USB 3.0 ports and an audio/mic jack are an OK discipline to originate. The on button sits correct above or to the true kind of the entrance I/O reckoning on how you possess it setup. The energy button looks big, it’s an angular piece of plastic that works wisely with the invent of the case and has a cramped quantity of illumination.


Taking a seek at the Node 202 from the aid, we can seek it’s correct about an run wider than a same old I/O shield. There are two enlargement slots and also that it’s good to even fit a 2.5 slot GPU in here without anxiousness.

Rather than that, there could be nothing to document at the aid, despite the indisputable truth that, here’s the attach the PSU energy extension comes out.

The Top/ Aspect/ Bottom

The tip of the case (when laying horizontal) is one complete piece that securely screws into the heinous plate. The perimeters are correct airflow air drift panels and don’t attain off as you would seek from a favorite PC case. The perimeters are a part of the total high shell, which lifts off.

There is a cramped sq. air drift part to lend a hand the CPU with airflow nonetheless other than that, it is vitally same old.

The bottom is form of a aid panel, excluding it isn’t mounted to the the relaxation of the chassis. The bottom joins the tip quilt in increasing the shell of this PC case nonetheless the third internal part is the attach we seek cable carve-outs, tie aspects and storage. Upright four screws separate the two “panels” and the bottom is the attach we seek some further air drift. There is a cramped vent for the PSU and a GPU sized vent for the graphics card, two 120mm fans, or each.

The Node 202 ships with an incorporated stand. When utilizing the stand that it’s good to even discipline this up vertically and it feels incredibly sturdy. There is no rush and the PC case slides into a extraordinarily cosy fit, which method here’s going to pick out rather a bump sooner than falling over. Alternatively, you possess this lay horizontally, with incorporated rubber feet to forestall slipping on the desk. With the PSU and GPU consumption being on the bottom, it is actually helpful to possess it vertically for cooling functions nonetheless it completely can prepare wisely enough horizontally.

The Inner

Lifting the lid on the Node 202 unearths a artful structure. Eliminating the tip panel is relatively straight forward, you unscrew the four screws at the bottom, flip it over and voila. That being said, it became once just a cramped of fiddly when re-attaching nonetheless it completely’s straightforward enough. 

The lower quilt can even be removed by the use of the clips and has to attain off for oldsters that will perhaps well perhaps be desirous to obliging the magnetic consumption filers for the GPU/PSU. The clips are just a cramped of fiddly all all over again, with you having to unclip it one by one. 

The internal is very straightforward to work with, despite its cramped gain nonetheless Fractal Abolish has executed away with 5.25” and 3.25” tool lend a hand. Inner, there could be a single pressure bay that attaches to the internal frame with a single screw. You would possibly want to to perhaps well perhaps perhaps also mount two SSD drives to the inner nonetheless I’d repeat going for an M.2 SSD pressure for oldsters that would also possess the funds for it. I old an M.2 with a single 2.5” SSD to lend a hand it, giving me just a cramped of remarkable-essential room to stash cables within the pressure bay.

 The internal is split into two areas, giving this chassis room for a same old gaming system and complete-sized video card. Our model shipped with an SFX PSU preinstalled nonetheless the compartment can fit a PSU up to 130mm long. There is a kettle lead that loops across the case to lend a hand external energy at the aid of the chassis without interfering with the structure.

This SFF PC case can easiest accommodate for a Mini-ITX sized motherboard and is derived with the stand-off screws already in discipline. The board correct barely suits, with minimal discipline across the threshold for cable administration. There is a flee of room to withhold watch over your entrance I/O cables in rather a obliging vogue nonetheless you would be without a doubt going to are desirous to interrupt out the cable ties. The CPU cooler clearance is set 56mm, which is enough for some stock coolers nonetheless double-take a look at this sooner than procuring. Intel stock coolers fit no anxiousness nonetheless some AMD coolers are just a cramped fat.

A key feature to the Node 202 is its capability to lend a hand a paunchy-sized GPU; on the opposite hand, with a case this measurement, there are continually going to be about a barriers. This case makes use of a PCIe riser card to join the GPU within the opposite chamber. The cardboard you tear alongside with will likely be up to 310mm long and about 50mm thick when utilizing no consumption fans. Might perhaps well perhaps possess to you essential to install consumption fans (which is immediate), the GPU you tear for can easiest be 35mm thick. It’ll be truly helpful to head for a blower-type skinny profile GPU nonetheless with a 450W PSU pre-installed, you would be perhaps having a seek at a mettlesome mid-vary gain at ideal here.

When constructing within the Node 202, it could well perhaps be just a cramped tricky for inexperienced builders. Even for oldsters that’ve built your wonderful section of PCs over the years, a case of this gain ingredient can easy pose an deny. So yes, an even fit with the inner nonetheless this chassis stays lawful to the gain ingredient and the structure invent is intuitive and builder-indispensable. That being said, the case isn’t very versatile, that it’s good to even gain an even gaming system and cramped else. There is no modularity relish we seek with most Fractal Abolish cases within the intervening time nonetheless the unusual nature of the Node 202 is easy very attention-grabbing.


No matter being rather aged and cramped, the Node 202 easy comes with about a key functions. Esteem most Fractal Abolish cases, the Node 202 has very passable gain fantastic, with excessive-cease provides and true constructing. Here’s rather a flexible machine made for every the lounge and pc desk. The Node 202 can stand it vertically with the use of the stand and lay down horizontally for the home theatre setup.

Minute Make Part – The Node 202 stays lawful to the gain ingredient and is actually a Mini-ITX chassis. This functions a 10.2-liter volume and is very slim, remarkable relish a console. This can even merely easiest lend a hand SFX energy provides and Mini-ITX motherboards nonetheless it completely can easy fit a paunchy-sized GPU(up to 310mm). 

Attributable to the cramped footprint of the Node 202, we seek a mettlesome inner structure with separate chambers. The motherboard and graphics card are separated in what Fractal Abolish call, thermal inner invent.

Mud-Free – The attach ever we seek an consumption vent, we seek a grime filter. With such a cramped foot-print, holding grime out of this PC case is more crucial than with a mid-tower as grime can add warmth. Whereas the grime filters aren’t the very best to gain admission to it’s big to hunt them incorporated.

A wide variety of wonderful functions to truly lend a hand gain the pleasurable out of my components and the pre-installed PSU made things even more uncomplicated. Here’s going to be a welcome boost to the up-to-the-minute lounge nonetheless without a 5.25” pressure bay, it’ll also merely now not substitute all people’s HTPC wants.

Our Verdict

The Fractal Abolish Node 202, in many ways, is a fine Mini-ITX chassis. It provides a obliging structure for SFF builders and can seek the part within the lounge or at the gaming desk. The vertical or horizontal versatility method there could be discipline in nearly any setup for this PC case.

The Node 202 is simply a cramped of an deny to gain in nonetheless the structure is logical and there could be easy just a cramped of wiggle room to withhold watch over your cables efficiently. Esteem most Fractal cases, the Node 202 is built from excessive-cease provides and constructed to closing.

Whereas the node 202 can’t strictly be old as an HTPC, due to the no 5.25” pressure bay, it could in point of fact lift excessive-cease gaming into the lounge, with adequate room for a paunchy-sized GPU. Cooling is proscribed with a case relish this nonetheless it completely can easy take care of an even gaming system and provides that console gain ingredient. A gigantic Mini-ITX case.

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