Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 review: Tiny camera with good image quality

If you like your dash cams small and unobtrusive, easy to use, with good day and night captures, then Garmin’s tiny, $130 Dash Cam Mini 2 is what you want. It’s so miniscule, it was completely hidden behind my MX-5 Miata’s dwarfish rearview mirror. That’s small.

This review is part of our ongoing roundup of the best dash cams. Go there for information on competing products and how we tested them.

Design and features

When we say small, we mean the Dash Cam Mini 2 measures a mere 1.23 inches wide by 2.1 inches tall by 1.5 inches deep, including the lens body, and it weighs in at around an ounce. Garmin calls it car-key-sized, but it’s walnut-sized in my book. Seriously, without mini-USB cable attached, it’s easy to lose track of this tiny bit of tech in your backpack. I did—twice. Then I started leaving the cable attached.

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