How to protect your COVID vaccination card digitally: Dos and don’ts

On April 19, everyone in the United States aged 16 and older becomes eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. After you get jabbed, you’ll receive a comically old-school 3-inch by 4-inch paper card as proof of your immunization status. You can protect that piece of cardstock by sticking it into an inexpensive badge holder(Amazon sells a pack of 10 with a resealable zipper for $10), but that doesn’t ward off the possibility of misplacing or outright losing it.

You should have a digital copy as backup. And make it a good one: It should be clear, sharp, and easy to read. You may need it as proof of vaccination or as a way to recall appointment details when trying to replace a lost card. And because your vaccination card displays sensitive personal information that can be used for identity theft, a digital version should also be kept secure.

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