How to use Nvidia’s performance tuning tool for one-click GeForce overclocking

With graphics cards being extremely hot commodities lately, squeezing out more performance out of your existing GPU is more important than ever. Good news! Nvidia recently added an automatic performance tuning feature to its GeForce Experience software that can boost the speed of your GeForce RTX 20-series or 30-series graphics card (if you’re lucky enough to own one) with one click. This free tool lets you maximize the already-great performance of modern GeForce GPUs.

Manual overclocking has always been a niche for enthusiasts, and understandably not everyone wants to tinker with their expensive (even more so now!) graphics card in fear of potential ruin. Worry not with Nvidia’s solution—though if you’re an SLI multi-GPU afficionado, look elsewhere, as this solution only supports a single graphics card currently.

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