HyperX Alloy Core Keyboard Review

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB gaming keyboard is a mixed glean of pros and cons. Whereas it showcases decent sign and a few frigid components, it isn’t the final discover for gaming and positively lacks in the RGB department. 

HyperX started off as a division inner Kingston Technology, undoubtedly some of the sphere’s main memory manufacturers, establishing RAM modules tailor-made in direction of gaming PCs. Then every other time, since its advent relief in 2002, HyperX has developed into more of a peripheral tailor-made ticket – offering a total plethora of high-cease headsets, keyboards, mousepads, and mice.

At this time time, nonetheless, we’ll be having a scrutinize at undoubtedly one of their budget keyboard choices – the HyperX Alloy Core RGB keyboard.

The peripheral market is in the suggest time jam-stuffed with high-cease keyboards priced between $100-$200. So when HyperX created this budget alternative, we had been enraged to scrutinize what it can furthermore bring to the lower cease of the keyboard spectrum – an illustration level that desperately wished more diversity.

We’ll be inserting the HpyerX Allow core RGB by device of its paces to scrutinize the device it stacks up in make advantageous, components, and gaming. We’ll even be taking a examine the device it compares to a couple of the market leaders, at the side of Corsair’s Good sufficient55 and Redragon’s Good sufficient552.

So, with that in ideas, let’s raze no additional time and earn straight into it!


  • Effective Invent – Total, a noble looking create when occupied with the rate
  • Dedicated media keys  – Likely the final discover plus. This keyboard supplies media keys in the cease-comely, they kill feel a little of spongey though
  • Showcases comely sign for money – Even if it isn’t the final discover keyboard on the earth, it’s in no device the worst, offering decent sign for money
  • Anti-ghost and Key Rollover – Two precious components that abet eradicate unregistered keypresses – gargantuan for gaming


  • Scheme Advantageous – Plump plastic create that isn’t essentially the most sturdy
  • RGB within reason stylish – Miniature choices to customise and no constructed-in application


Keyboard Dimension & Weight

  • Weight: 1121g
  • Dimension: Plump Dimension
  • Length: 443.2mm/ 17.44 inches
  • Width: 175.31mm/ 6.9inches
  • High: 35.68mm/ 1.4 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: Membrane Rubber Domes
  • OS Give a eradicate to: Windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: Yes
  • RGB: Plump RGB
  • Passthrough: No
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Cable: Braided

What’s In The Field


HyperX has kept the box as easy as imaginable, offering a red/white coloration theme and a few generic branding for essentially the most fragment. The aid showcases some of the important thing specs that advance with this keyboard, along with some of the components it has to present. Interior, the keyboard is secured by a pretty skinny fragment of cardboard, and we uncover the following items inner.

Interior we earn:

  • HyperX Allow Core RGB Keyboard
  • HyperX E book
  • Welcome Notes



The HyperX Allow Core RGB is a paunchy-sized keyboard that boasts a pretty make clear create when compared in opposition to some of the other choices inner this sign level. It supplies a predominantly sunless coloration theme that is accented by brilliant RGB all the device by device of all keys and a little strip above the F-buttons. The HyperX ticket is branded at the cease of the keyboard in a chrome style attain – contrasting successfully with the sunless background. The cease left of the keyboard supplies RGB customization buttons, whereas the comely hosts your devoted media keys – one thing we’ll touch upon in more ingredient rapidly.

The Alloy Core is made nearly entirely from plastic, but that’s lovely primary what we are succesful of quiz of from this sign level, all the device by device of the board. The plastic at the aid of the keys has been done with a light matte roughness, whereas the bottom of the keyboard supplies some grip thanks to properly designed row-style grooves. Any other smaller HyperX ticket will even be chanced on at the execrable of the keyboard which looks moderately frigid as properly.


So some distance as shape is anxious, the Alloy Core has been squared off at the cease and angled at the bottom, giving it a cramped edge which I moderately revel in. It will perchance furthermore nonetheless be acknowledged, this keyboard is beautiful big when evaluating to, properly, most other keyboards. It’s undoubtedly larger than the Razer Blackwidow we just correct reviewed, and primary more and heaps taller as properly.

The underside of this keyboard within reason generic and doesn’t the truth is offer one thing else when it comes to create components. There are no longer any cable administration routes or USB/Audio passthrough choices either. There are four rubber feet that abet stabilize this keyboard, and to boot they work moderately properly on most surfaces. They are able to even be popped out to eradicate the rear of the keyboard, but entirely advance with one top setting. The cable is 1.8m long and is made up of a braided cloth that feels each and each sturdy and non-abrasive.

Total, as some distance as budget keyboards bound, this needs to be undoubtedly some of the final discover looking there. The RGB undoubtedly elevates the study about of this keyboard, making it study about more costly than it the truth is is.

On the scheme back, the plastic doesn’t feel essentially the most sturdy. It had moderately a entire lot of bend when doing our advantageous checks, one thing we didn’t study about as primary in other plastic boards. Furthermore, I’ve entirely been using this keyboard for around three days, and I will already study a pair of wholesome amount of grime make-up in the bottom grooves. Having acknowledged that, it is miles easily wiped shipshape, but nonetheless a level price noting.



Care for any hardware offering, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB keyboard comes with a bunch of components and benefits designed to toughen the general user-experience of this board. Then every other time, occupied with its sign level, it’ll be intelligent to scrutinize what components it brings to the desk. At this sign, the components can the truth is compose or fracture a keyboard.

So, with that in ideas, let’s earn into it!


Let’s delivery out by taking a more in-depth study about at the switches that advance with the HyperX Alloy Core RGB keyboard. Sadly, this keyboard doesn’t offer mechanical switches. As a substitute, HyperX has geared up the Alloy Core with membrane Dome switches which might perchance perchance be primary much less responsive and spongier for essentially the most fragment.

Now, there are keyboards out that (in this sign range – Redragon Good sufficient552) kill offer mechanical switches. Then every other time, as a rule, you’ll collect that the manufacturer has to drastically lower overall make advantageous/ onboard components to be in a build apart to consist of those switches. So, you’ve undoubtedly one of two choices. Both you earn mechanical switches, and no longer primary else, or you earn the spongier membrane rubber dome switches, along with some on-board components.

In this case, HyperX has gone for membrane. Which, yeah, don’t feel qualified when gaming – especially ought to you’ve just correct made the switch from a mechanical keyboard. They feel pretty behind when it comes to response and don’t the truth is offer any tactile feel. On the plus aspect, these keys are extremely gentle. For many who’re seeking out a keyboard to utilize for pickle of job work, but additionally love to game on the aspect, the membrane dome switch might perchance well furthermore very properly be precisely what you’re seeking out.

RGB Lighting

Care for plenty of of this day’s popular gaming keyboards, the Alloy Core comes with its devour ticket of RGB lightning. Very tremendous. That being acknowledged, it within reason lacking when it comes to customization when compared to the competition. Unlike other keyboards in this sign range (Razer Cynosa & Corsair Good sufficient55) which possess devoted application programs for onboard profiles and RGB customization, the Alloy Core entirely supplies a range of onboard presets that will even be toggled using the RGB buttons in the cease left.

The HyperX Alloy core entirely has 5 RGB lighting fixtures zones and 6 preset choices to eradicate from – so lovely lacking if fact be suggested. Having acknowledged that, it does offer comely quantities of brightness and a gaming lovely. In the end, ought to you’ve never outdated RGB before, you’ll doubtless be chuffed with what this provides. Then every other time, there are considerably larger imaginable choices on the market.


Media Keys

Media keys are hugely functional and popular amongst buyers in this day’s peripheral market. Then every other time, no longer every keyboard comes geared up with at hand devoted media keys. Fortunately, here’s one 0f the mammoth benefits you earn when buying the Alloy Core keyboard.

Came all the device by device of on the comely-hand aspect of the keyboard, customers can possess access to volume controls, skip, play/stop, outdated, and cease media keys. After I first plugged the keyboard in, I the truth is noticed that the media keys weren’t registering. Then every other time, after a transient restart, they worked just correct just correct-looking. I did sign that the media keys themselves felt very spongey and no longer thoroughly made, which became once a little of anxious. Total though, I felt they positively added one thing to this keyboard and weren’t the worst I’ve ever skilled.

Anti-Ghosting & Key Rollover

From a gaming level of analysis about, the final discover feature this keyboard supplies needs to be the anti-ghosting and key rollover components. Keyboard ghosting is when a keypress is no longer registered when several keys are pressed at the similar time. Key rollover is a feature that ensures every keypress is registered no topic how many keys are pressed. This is gargantuan ought to you play games that require make clear key binds or several keys to be pressed simultaneously. It’s also gargantuan for “button bashing” games, as I love to call them.

Key rollover does advance in a range of diverse kinds, nonetheless. Most range from two keypresses to an entire board. The Alloy Core supplies 6 key rollover, more than sufficient for most gaming eventualities.

Spill-Resistant Invent

Care for plenty of membrane keyboards, the HyperX Alloy supplies a spill-resistant layer that has the capacity to soak as much as 120ml of liquid. Now, I’m no longer 100% obvious what liquid became once outdated, or whether the test became once even conducted, but that’s what HyperX roar.

I became once lovely intrigued by this, so, naturally, I made up my ideas to bathe the keyboard in 120ml of water. After doing so, I dried it out, and to my shock, everything worked just correct-looking. Dazzling play. I’m no longer obvious I’d possess had the similar results if it became once a sizzling coffee or Mountain Dew, but I squawk entirely time will whine on that one. It’s a noble feature to possess regardless.


Palms-On Outcomes

So, onto the fingers-on results. This is the half the build apart we flee the keyboard by device of a range of diverse gaming eventualities to scrutinize the device it performs. Let’s leap on in.

Being an avid PC gamer, I love to possess the final discover equipment at my fingertips relating to peripherals. I in point of fact revel in very responsive, just correct, and punchy key switches – one thing else is taken into memoir a little disappointing relating to gaming. So, going from my snazzy Ducky Miya Sakura to the HyperX Alloy Core became once lower than shipshape. Before everything, I won’t lie, it became once no longer comely. Transferring from mechanical switches to membrane is a poor bound to compose, nonetheless, for evaluation purposes, I persevered. I’ll try now to not review this to my Ducky and possess a more open-minded, self sustaining notion on it.

I started off by playing CS:GO – my bound-to game. The first aspect I noticed when playing became once how spongey the rubber domes felt. I suggest, it wasn’t that obtrusive when typing, but when gaming, it grew to changed into primary more obvious. So some distance as responsiveness went, I couldn’t’ the truth is whine the variation between this and other keyboards of a identical sign. They felt pretty responsive and just correct – albeit with a a little more difficult actuation pressure wished for each and each keypress. Any other aspect I picked up on became once the spring relief pressure. I felt that other membrane keyboards provided a little more in this department, helping in rapidly tapping on a single key. Total, I opinion the keyboard became once OK when it got here to FPS shooters as a total.

We tried a few MMO titles after this. Let’s be correct, a keyboard that doesn’t advance with macro keys will not be going to be the final discover for MMO. Having acknowledged that, the important thing rollover positively perceived to kick in at times and worked properly at the same time as playing games love WOW. In the end, though, there just correct wasn’t sufficient efficiency to play MMO form games. Even the Razer BlackWidow provided a HyperShift feature which theoretically doubles the chance of readily on the market keys on the board. No such feature will even be chanced on on the Alloy Core, nonetheless.

Having fun with with the RGB became once a previous-time that lasted mere minutes. To reiterate what we’ve already touched on, the Alloy Core doesn’t offer the final discover range of presets and customization as some distance as RGB is anxious. You discontinuance possess the chance to lower the brightness or simply turn it off altogether – a feature one member of our team liked drastically. On the plus aspect, I did the truth is revel in the brightness of the RGB on this board, despite the indisputable fact that the presets had been pretty stylish.


Our Verdict

We in a roundabout device advance to our closing ideas of this budget gaming keyboard. This is the build apart we give our closing affect on this board and whether or no longer we feel it’s price your consideration.

So, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB gaming keyboard. Let’s delivery with my ultimate gripe. This is the entry model of the Alloy Core series and has been named the RGB by HyperX. So, you’d quiz of them to thunder an even amount of time guaranteeing the RGB became once up-to-scratch – which, unfortunately, became once no longer the case here. Annoyingly, the RGB became once lacking in opposition to in an analogous device priced imaginable choices.

On a more particular cowl, I feel after an even amount of utilization, the membrane dome switches aren’t the worst aspect ever made. I suggest, they’re nothing on mechanical switches, clearly, but here’s a keyboard that retails for $50. The membrane switches on this board felt pretty responsive and pretty just correct – to the naked glimpse anyway. So thumbs up in this department.

The bottom line is, ought to you’re a first-time gamer, or any person seeking out an inexpensive board that supplies pretty rudimentary components, this might perchance well well furthermore thoroughly be a noble fit to your wants. It supplies a little of RGB, spill-resistant underlining, devoted media keys (mammoth plus), and a few frigid overall aesthetics.

Then every other time, ought to you’ve played games for a whereas and wish a keyboard that’s going to snatch your game to the following diploma, this doubtless isn’t the keyboard for you.

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