Intel 12th Gen CPU pricing leaks via European retailers

We’re still a short while away from Intel launching its upcoming ‘Alder Lake-S’ 12th Gen Core desktop processors, but retail pricing appears to have leaked already. Pricing information for K-series processors in Europe has been uncovered, both with and without VAT. 

The prices leaked by @momomo_us come from three different dutch retailers according to Tweakers. The image shared by the leaker shows the CPU prices with and without VAT, including those of the i9-11900K on the same retailers, allowing us to easily compare them. Overall, there seems to be a €20-35 difference between the K and KF processors, depending on the retailer.

Analysing the prices of the 12th Gen Core i9 CPUs at the different retailers, they vary considerably, ranging from €540 to €613 without VAT and €653 to €741 with VAT. The Core i9-12900KF CPU has a similar price range, from €519 to €586 without VAT, to €628 to €709 with VAT. Compared to the price of its Rocket Lake-S counterpart, the price difference can be as low as €10 or as high as €168.

Moving on to the Core i7 processors, prices of both K and KF processors are generally around the €500 mark, with one retailer expecting to sell the Core i7-12700KF processor at €450.

Lastly, there’s the Core i5 series, which includes the Core i5-12600K and the i5-12600KF. Pricing for these SKUs doesn’t fluctuate as much, with the Core i5-12600K averaging at €357, while the Core i5-12600KF costs €327 on average.

KitGuru says: It does look like we can expect a price increase over Intel 11th Gen. Of course, Intel hasn’t announced anything officially yet, so we’ll have to wait a little while longer for confirmation. 

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