Intel refreshing Comet Lake Core i3 CPUs, stock arriving at retailers

Alongside the 11th Gen Core lineup of desktop processors, Intel is also planning to release refreshed Comet Lake-S SKUs. Proof of this has begun to surface, with one retail worker in Malaysia uploading photos of the new CPU packaging. These photos confirm that Intel won’t rebrand its refreshed Core i3’s under the 11th Gen Core series, instead they will continue to be sold as 10th Gen CPUs. 

According to u/dkmokeish, the photo of the Core i3-10105F uploaded to Reddit is from the Facebook account of the owner of a “popular PC retailer in Malaysia”. Unfortunately, the uploader hasn’t revealed any specifications of the processor, but considering it’s a refresh of the Core i3-10100, it should come with similar specifications, including 4x cores, 8x threads, and a 65W TDP. Base and Boost clock speeds have not been confirmed yet, but it should come with an extra 100-200MHz on both base and turbo frequency. Just like other “F” named processors, this processor likely won’t feature an integrated GPU.

Image via Reddit

Besides this Core i3 processor, there should be more refreshed Comet Lake-S CPUs coming. From the i3 series, we expect to see an i3-10105 with iGPU, the higher clocked i3-10305, and the respective “F” variant. The Celeron and Pentium series should also be refreshed, consisting of various SKUs with 2-cores (with and without Hyperthreading) and different iGPU configurations.

These CPUs are expected to become available in March alongside Intel’s 11th Gen Core series desktop processors.

KitGuru says: How much better do you think the Core i3-10105F will be compared to the Core i3-10100? Would you consider a refreshed Comet Lake-S processor for a budget PC build?

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