Intel Rocket Lake-S vs AMD Ryzen 5000: Which should you buy?

AMD versus Intel. Ryzen versus Core. Over the past few years, the two chip giants have been going toe-to-toe. This round pits AMD’s powerhouse desktop Ryzen 5000 chip (represented by the Ryzen 5900X) versus Intel’s new 11th-gen desktop Core chip, Rocket Lake-S (the Core i9-11900K).

We’ve gathered information that each manufacturer has published about the Ryzen 5000 and the Rocket Lake-S chips, plus our own conclusions from our reviews of each chip on features, price, power, and performance, to help you choose which is best for you. Some factors, however, are out of our control—namely chip availability, and the price-gouging that can come with that. The best chip for you may be the one you can buy at the most reasonable price. 

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