Latest AMD Adrenalin driver brings performance boost for Diablo II: Resurrected

AMD has released a new graphics driver, and with it comes multiple bug fixes, support for new games and optimisations for existing ones. The biggest highlight is a significant performance improvement for Diablo II: Resurrected, which now runs up to 13 percent better. 

Diablo 2: Resurrected now runs up to 13 percent better for Radeon RX 6700XT users. The Adrenalin 21.9.2 graphics driver also introduces support for the new World War Z: Aftermath and Amazon’s upcoming title, New World.

Multiple bugs were also fixed with the new driver, including the missing CPU metrics section from the Performance tab and the missing Auto Overclock feature on systems using Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and Radeon 6000 series GPUs. The Hitman 3 bug, where the water on the shores was missing, should also be fixed with the new driver. Additionally, users should stop receiving a compatibility error message after trying to load a tuning profile.

Despite all the fixes, there are still some lingering bugs. Here’s the list of known issues:

  • Open Broadcaster Software may continue to run in the background after a user ends a recording session and closes the application.
  • Driver timeouts may be experienced while playing a game & streaming a video simultaneously on some AMD GPUs.
  • AMD Radeon Software may crash or become unresponsive while playing some DirectX 11 games such as PUBG with multiple displays connected in extended mode.
  • Playing Horizon Zero Dawn for an extended period may lead to a driver timeout or game crash on some AMD GPUs.
  • Enhanced Sync may cause a black screen to occur when enabled on some games and system configurations. Users experiencing these issues should disable Enhanced Sync as a temporary workaround.
  • Radeon performance metrics and logging features may intermittently report extremely high and incorrect memory clock values.

To download the graphics driver and check all compatible GPUs, go HERE.

KitGuru says: If you’re playing Diablo II: Resurrected on a Radeon RX 6700XT, we recommend you to download the latest AMD Adrenalin graphics driver. The performance improvement should be enough to justify the update.

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