Logitech G Pro Wired (HERO) Mouse Review

At the unusual time we are taking a perceive on the updated Logitech G Skilled Wired. This gaming mouse has been refreshed to characteristic Logitech’s high optical sensor, the HERO, and it comes with a slimmer and lighter rubber cable. The G Skilled Wired modified into on the foundation the replacement for the favored G100 and is yet yet any other fetch shape in Logitech’s locker.

Rather then for the highly efficient optical sensor at its helm, the mouse choices as much as 16,000 DPI as a change of 12,000 and is derived with OMRON developed switches for responsive and kindly utilize, with as much as 50 million clicks. This low profile, yet reputedly wide-bodied, mouse is a meager 83 grams and is one amongst the extra delighted ambidextrous mice I the truth is occupy historic.

With the likes of the Logitech G Skilled wi-fi, Cooler Master MM710, and Zowie S2, there’s about a steep lightweight competition in the market already. It is price noting that while this choices one amongst the most attention-grabbing optical sensors in the market, it’s come impossible to gape the adaptation in gaming, so is it price upgrading? Potentially now not. But, whenever you happen to are on the hunt for a new mouse then this HERO version is the manner to head.


  • Prime optical sensor (HERO)
  • Light-weight
  • Pleased to grip
  • Improved lightweight cable
  • Feels balanced


  • Thumb buttons soundless a chunk too easy to click



Mouse Dimension & Weight

  • Weight: 83g
  • Dimension: Minute
  • Dimension: 11.6cm -4.5 inches
  • Width: 6.2cm – 2.4 inches
  • Height: 3.8cm – 1.6 inches
  • Hand orientation: Ambidextrous (appropriate)

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: Optical (HERO)
  • Buttons: OMRON (50 million)
  • DPI: 100-16000 (increments of 50)
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired

What’s In The Box?


The Logitech G Skilled Wired packaging is almost identical too, handiest with Logitech’s esports companions that comprises on one amongst the perimeters. All the pieces’s effectively fetch, with the cable being come ideal out of the box.

  • G Skilled Gaming Mouse
  • Peripheral leaflet


First impressions of the G Skilled wired is that every thing has quite snug and rounded edges. Right here is a runt mouse and the create follows Logitechs basic patter, simplistic and fetch.


Dimension & Weight

The mouse is 11.6cm lengthy, which is referring to the identical measurement because the MM710/MM711 and correct about as runt as my hands would possibly perchance well also very well be in a pronounce to head (18x11cm). I procure into fable my hand measurement to be a medium but I also handiest ever budge for appropriate-handed ergonomic gaming mice. On the other hand, this felt delighted for me to sport with. The 6.2cm width would be the main motive I came across this tremendous to utilize as I have a tendency to favor bigger mice fancy the Deathadder Elite, V2, or the EC-series from Zowie. The G Skilled Wired roughly has a 2-1 ratio, which would possibly perchance well even be even handed ideal for somewhat about a assorted hand forms.

There would possibly perchance be rarely any alternate with the weight in this refresh, the G Skilled Wired is soundless 83 grams. Right here is slowly becoming a heart-tier weight with manufacturers hitting 50 grams with some mice. My preference is continuously nearer to 90 grams but 80 is without be troubled something I would possibly perchance well also get historic to rapidly.

Shape & Texture


The form, as mentioned, is a extremely fetch selection from Logteich’s colossal amount of capable alternate choices. There would possibly perchance be a low key bolt to the physique which is a good deal much less intrusive than the MM710. Despite customarily desiring a bolt to give a secure to my palm-esque grip, I came across the form of the G Skilled Wired to be more than pleased, giving the mouse an even bigger the truth is feel in the hand.

The one runt gripe that didn’t the truth is occupy an affect on the utilization of the mouse or its comfort modified into the rounded sides. I snatch flat sides on a mouse, fancy those on the G302, as I the truth is feel I’m in a position to get an even bigger grip but, as mentioned, this modified into barely noticeable.

The buttons occupy a gratifying snug perspective downward and each has a a puny bit concave create, allowing your fingers to naturally nestle into web page. Pointless to declare, right here is an ambidextrous shape but with the 2 thumb buttons primed correct for appropriate-handed customers, it favors the righties. The G-Skilled Wired appears to swimsuit claw and fingertip gamers but with ample width to accommodate for palm grip too, as lengthy as your hands aren’t too gargantuan.

The identical excessive-quality plastic shell is historic on this refreshed version. The plastic shell is soundless and very excellent to wait on. That being acknowledged, it would also be a problematic arena fabric for the sweatier avid gamers in the market, but right here is basically subjective. An RGB strip separates the tip and backside fragment of the shell on the encourage, which if I’m correct, doesn’t add vital to the create nonetheless it’s there.

In disagreement to the scratchy Cooler Master mice (MM710/MM711), the Logitech G Skilled Wired’s PTFE feet were soundless from the get-budge. There would possibly perchance be a skate in every nook of the mouse, with additional arena fabric around the sensor gap, providing a balanced, gratifying cruise across the desk.



The mouse buttons with Logitech are as kindly as they come. The G Skilled Wired comes with the identical mechanical button tension scheme, with every most indispensable button being damage away the shell. The buttons offer a consistent actuation always, with puny to no unintentional clicks.

This has come with a total of six buttons, in conjunction with two thumb buttons mounted on the left side. The thumb buttons aren’t the most attention-grabbing to actuate all one of the best most likely diagram by gameplay but right here is extra to fabricate with how some distance my thumb needed to maneuver quite than the buttons themselves.

The scroll wheel appears to occupy nearly sunken between the 2 most indispensable buttons and works very well. Each incremental step has a tactile bump and swiftly scrolling in-sport or on the fetch modified into easy to manipulate. Appropriate fancy on the G100, there’s a DPI switch seat in the encourage of the scroll wheel. Having correct the a technique you would possibly perchance well additionally handiest cycle by DPI alternate choices quite than budge up and down but the button does its job, you’ve acquired on the hover DPI switching whenever you happen to need it.


The cable on the older version of the G Skilled Wired featured a thick and heavy braided cable. Logitech has finished away with the horrid and opted for a extra lightweight rubber cable. It is most likely you’ll well presumably also get away with the utilization of no bungee on the G Skilled wired now and it’s one amongst the higher rubber cables in the market, with it fascinating the mouse vital now not as much as Zowie’s rubber cable. The braid on the outdated version modified into now not handiest heavy but somewhat rough-textured, so this new 2.1m rubber cable is a mountainous alternate in my e-book.

I’d snatch to gape Logitech observe Razer and Cooler Master’s cable create, as their mice are rocking some spectacular weaves on the 2d but right here is without be troubled an quite loads of boost.

Alternatively, whenever you happen to are a lover of Logitech who hates cables and money isn’t an object, I’d highly point out trying out the Logitech G Skilled Wi-fi, which for me, is up there with the most attention-grabbing gaming mice on the market.

Sensor & Efficiency


Whenever you now occupy the G Skilled Wired with the PMW 3366 sensor, don’t dismay, it’s miles soundless a high optical. This choices the HERO sensor and would possibly perchance well perchance you sigh? No, there are subtle differences but you would possibly perchance well additionally now not sigh the adaptation when in-sport.

So what is the adaptation? Properly, the HERO sensor is Logitechs efficient reboot of a high optical sensor, with a 16good enough DPI and 400 IPS for seamless tracking. Furthermore, this sensor makes utilize of ten times much less vitality than the outdated sensor (3366) giving it its title (excessive efficiency rated optical). The HERO sensor modified into recently added to the G Skilled Wired and the G502 mice after beforehand handiest that comprises in the G903, G703, and G403.

I the truth is occupy historic the G Skilled wired model before and heaps Logitech mice with the aforementioned HERO sensor, so it modified into rather easy attending to grips with this mouse as soon as extra and you too can by no diagram be disappointed with the efficiency of this sensor. There would possibly perchance be zero smoothing or acceleration and the consistent accuracy of the sensor modified into a joy to sport with as unprecedented. At no level did I perceive any tilt slam or deviation which I did occupy with the Deathadder Elite and Mamba’s sensor. Flicks were more straightforward than with the MM710/MM711 but that is basically appropriate down to the truth right here is nearer to my desired mouse weight.

Overall, I’d declare this mouse has some clout and is potentially one amongst the higher runt mice I the truth is occupy examined.


The Logitech G-Hub is one amongst the higher tool programs I the truth is occupy historic on the side of mice, to the level and easy to utilize. The tool enables you to alternate all-kinds, most significantly those DPI steps whenever you happen to wanted.

With the tool, you create profiles, bind macros and commands, and fiddle with the RGB lights. What’s mountainous and something I continuously revel in from a mouse is the truth you don’t must download the tool as lengthy as you are jubilant with the four out the box DPI stages.

All drivers and updates would possibly perchance well even be finished by G Hub which is continuously to hand. I’d point out trying out our web page on Logitech’s G hub whenever you happen to are new to Logitech products.

Our Verdict

The most up-to-date change for the G Skilled Wired presents ambidextrous mouse customers an cheap possibility that can now not ever dip in efficiency. Right here is one kindly and balanced mouse and needs to be seriously even handed for competitive gamers in the market. The frail high optical sensor is being replaced by yet any other high optical sensor and the improvements to the cable handiest better the mouse. That being acknowledged, whenever you happen to’ve got one with the PMW 3366, then I wouldn’t bother upgrading except you will must as you are now not going to perceive any disagreement.

For those now not on the hunt for a new mouse then you are surely going to must develop obvious you budge for the HERO version of this mouse, giving you one correct mouse. A soft snug ergonomic shape that feels mountainous in the hand, makes this a straightforward pleasure to utilize and when paired with those high specs, you’ve acquired something lethal.

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