Logitech’s new carbon labels show your mouse and keyboard’s impact on the environment

It’s Earth Day, and all the world’s companies want to make sure you know they care about the planet too. So please, buy their stuff? Sure, that’s a little cynical, but Earth Day promotions are often just ploys to sell more products, which seems counterintuitive to the first two of environmentalism’s Three Rs. This year, however, I have to admit I found Logitech’s approach to sustainability marketing intriguing. 

Logitech announced new “carbon impact transparency” labeling for all its packaging on Thursday. The new labeling will show a product’s carbon footprint measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions (kg CO2e) over a typical two year period of usage. Logitech sees this number as akin to nutrition labeling on foodstuffs. You can take a look at the number on the side of the package, and then decide whether or not you want to participate in the carbon impact of said product.

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