Modder recreates GoldenEye 007 using Far Cry 5 map editor

A modder has managed to re-create most of Rare’s classic shooter, GoldenEye 007, all using Far Cry 5’s map editing tools. Every level from the original game has been rebuilt within Far Cry 5, with the exception of the game’s two bonus levels. 

The modder, who goes by Krollywood online, spoke with Kotaku about the endeavour, revealing that it took well over a thousand hours of work to complete, spread across a near three-year span.

The reason for building this on top of Far Cry 5 is simple, Ubisoft’s map editor for the game is easier to use than others and it also includes assets from other titles, like Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, making it easier to match the 007 GoldenEye style.

Interestingly, this was all built using a PlayStation 4 rather than a PC. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to take up projects like this when Far Cry 6 comes out, as Ubisoft has made the decision to not include a level editor with the next major entry in the series.

KitGuru Says: This is incredibly interesting stuff and the fact that it was created on a PS4 makes it all the more impressive. What do you all think of this GoldenEye 007 recreation? 

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