N64 games will be playable at both 50Hz and 60Hz on Switch

When the Nintendo switch Online Expansion Pack was first announced, many eagle eyed fans noticed that the European announcement video featured Nintendo 64 gameplay running at 50hz. While an accurate emulation of the European experience, some fans were disappointed by this decision. Fortunately, Nintendo has now confirmed that you can play at both 50hz and 60hz.

Taking to Twitter to clarify, the European Nintendo account confirmed that “All Nintendo 64 games included with #NintendoSwitchOnline Expansion Pack can be played in 60Hz English language versions. Select games will also have the option to play the original European PAL version with language options.”

This poses a relief, as for some, the idea of playing these classic titles at 50hz was much less enticing. While N64 games originally ran at 50hz in Europe, this was never the intended refresh rate, with games being slowed down on all fronts including audio as a result.

Though not the creator’s intent, many European Switch owners may want to experience these classic games as they did back in the day on the original hardware. As such, it is nice to see Nintendo giving European owners the option to choose between 50hz and 60hz. There is no right or wrong, just options – and it is good to see Nintendo offering options.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the decision? Would you play at 50 or 60hz? Will you be paying for the NSO Expansion Pack? Let us know down below.

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