Nvidia hotfix driver addresses Doom Eternal crashes

Following id Software’s RTX update for Doom Eternal earlier this week, some GeForce graphics card users began experiencing driver-related crashes. Fortunately for anyone experiencing this issue, a hotfix driver has now been made available.

Earlier this week, Nvidia released the 471.11 driver, which enabled support for ray-tracing and DLSS in Doom Eternal. For some people, this driver would cause Doom Eternal to crash to desktop, an issue that has now been corrected in a 471.22 hotfix driver.

The hotfix driver also fixes a few other issues, including League of Legends failing to launch, a mouse cursor colour error when using certain DSC monitors in HDR mode, an HDMI audio playback issue and an issue causing some users to have their resolution locked at 640×480.

If you’ve faced any of those issues, then the 471.22 hotfix driver should help. You can download the driver, HERE.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you face issues after the latest driver update? Have you tried the hotfix driver? 

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