NZXT H510 PC Case Review

NZXT’s H-series PC cases are one of the most necessary most very talked-about available amongst the PC constructing team. These modern cases are known for his or her high-stage form quality, ease to form in, and value.

On the present time we will be reviewing the NZXT H510, which is technically the “execrable” mannequin nevertheless here’s far from contemporary. The H510 is basically an upgraded H500, biggest with USB Form-C and is the “heart baby” of the series. This mid-tower sits in between the higher H710 and the mini-ITX H210 cases, making it one in all the extra popular alternatives from NZXT.

This NZXT refresh is today in the market in moderately a couple of colours, particular editions, and different gadgets, with the extra costly “Elite” and “i” gadgets that contains RGB fans and an updated fan controller respectively.

Anyway, let’s occupy a leer at what makes this all-spherical improbable case tick.



  • Sizable aesthetics
  • Water-cooling give a arrangement shut to
  • Vertical GPU mounting probability
  • Very particular person-capable
  • Sizable thermal and acoustic performance
  • Effectively constructed


  • Elite version is overpriced
  • Airflow config attracts dirt in undesirable locations
  • Screw fittings are too tight
  • Restricted front I/O ports


Case Form Mid-Tower
Dimensions (mm) 428 x 210 x 460 (L x W x H)
Provides SGCC Metal, Tempered Glass
Available Colors Matte Unlit, White, Unlit/Red
Weight 6.6 KG
Entrance I/O panel Energy Button, USB 3.1 x 1, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Form-C x 1, Headset jack x 1
Growth Slots 7 2
Power Bays 2 1 x 3.5″
2 1 x 2.5″
Motherboard give a arrangement shut to Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
Cooling (Entrance/High/Rear) 2x 140 or 2x 120mm / 1x 120mm / 1x 140mm / 1x 120mm

Maximum GPU length 381mm w/o front watercooler put in, as a lot as 325mm with front watercooler put in

NZXT H510 Cooling Capacity

Main Facets

  • Entrance panel USB-C
  • Tempered glass, PSU masks, All-steel development
  • Cable administration Bar
  • Two pre-put in Aer F120mm fans
  • Detachable radiator bracket
  • “Elite” and “i” versions come with Effectively-organized Blueprint V2
  • “Elite” version choices 2 x RGB Aer fans



All the design by the Box:

  • NZXT H510 PC case
  • Audio/Mic jack splitter
  • Particular person Manual

The Exterior

The originate on the refreshed NZXT H510 case is silent as modern as its predecessor, with a matte sad, grainy enact. For sure, this texture is one that can presumably well attract dirt and on the total struggles to masks scratches nonetheless it’s miles so critically better than the radiant different you earn with many cases. The Elite mannequin incorporates a tempered glass front to mumble their maintain praises integrated RGB fans, whereas this version is a dapper featureless panel that oozes class.



On the abet, we glance a fan vent for one in all the integrated 120mm fans, which is as broad as you would per chance presumably well even crawl in the fan division here. You earn your fashioned seven growth slots at the abet plus a double slot for vertical GPU mounting when you capture away the pre-connected bracket.

With the exception of that, there would possibly per chance be cramped to chat about at the abet diversified than the highest price feel continues here too.


The Facet

No topic being moderately simplistic in its originate you today know that you just will most certainly be dealing with an NZXT case, with the interesting field-esteem angles and a cramped fade of visible air waft. The tempered glass panel is a cramped diversified from diversified cases as the backside quarter is genuinely fragment of the PSU masks leaving the glass fully separate.


The panels come off moderately easy, if you earn previous the thumb-screws, which, unsurprisingly, shredded my skin, so earn the screwdriver out. The tempered glass aspect shouldn’t appropriate tumble out, because of the the flee-to-lock mechanism nevertheless be cautious in a while! The abet panel featured a cramped amount of air waft at the front, which is where the harmful stress setup goes to be drawing air from.


Effectively-organized, fit-for-cause, and tremendous. Traditional NZXT.

The High

The tip follows the relaxation of the case’s originate; it’s minimal. Here’s a originate probability I moderately esteem, with appropriate a single 120mm fan vent exhibiting in direction of the rear of the tip fragment. The appropriate gripes I had with the H510 had been at the tip of the case, sadly. The rear fan vent has an insane amount of flex in it when when put next with the relaxation of the case which pops within and outside. Now, it biggest moves when I press it so don’t let it put you off, nevertheless I needed to fetch one thing immoral with the shut to-supreme H510.

The 2nd web squawk I had genuinely doesn’t genuinely have an effect on me for my fragment nonetheless it’s the front panel I/O ports; or lack thereof. 

These consist of:

  • Energy Button
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Form-A
  • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen2 Form-C
  • 1 x Headset Audio Jack


Now, I could per chance presumably well well argue here’s sufficient ports on the front, plus it keeps with the total minimalist originate of the case. NZXT is a lot from stingy, you earn loads for your money with the H-series, as an illustration, an integrated audio jack splitter, nevertheless I’d occupy cherished to occupy considered a couple of extra ports here.

The Interior

When that you just will most certainly be acquainted with the predecessor, the H500, then there would possibly per chance be nothing that will shock you on this refresh. Regardless, the within incorporates a logical layout and a enticing amount of room for a mid-tower, or after all that is the design it feels.

You don’t earn any cutouts with rubber grommets on the NZXT cases, instead, there would possibly per chance be a gargantuan cable routing slot that is cleverly disguised by NZXT’s trademark cable bar. The cable bar will normally occupy a contrasting coloration when you earn one in all the gadgets that aren’t jet sad and genuinely is an aesthetically pleasing feature. That being stated, it isn’t appropriate looks to be on offer here. The cable bar expertly hides the cables nevertheless also acts as a region to mount your reservoir for the water-coolers available. While you wanted extra region within the case this cable bar can even be fully eradicated. Effectively played NZXT.


You would possibly per chance presumably well install motherboards from Mini-ITX as a lot as ATX in the H510 nevertheless I came upon ITX boards leer a cramped misplaced, even supposing it isn’t the biggest enclosure. Furthermore, the within is fully launch, so don’t put a query to a couple roughly crazy HDD setup in a case esteem this.

In direction of the front, we glance a removable bracket for fans when you wanted to commerce the airflow configuration or mount a radiator. This appropriate simplifies the installation direction of, especially when dealing with an AIO cooler. The front is the biggest suppose you would per chance presumably well even install 140mm fans and there would possibly per chance be also room for a rad as a lot as 280mm.

DSC03755 1

In direction of the backside of the case, we glance the conventional PSU masks which serves just a few attention-grabbing purposes moreover hiding the nest beneath. While you had been planning on water-cooling the system, the perforated fragment of the masks is one in all three locations you would per chance presumably well even mount the res. There is also a at hand cutout for your GPU energy, saving you a cramped bit of room at the abet and on the total holding the form having a leer dapper within.

The Encourage Panel

The major talking show the abet of the H510 is the integrated cable administration brackets we glance dotted around. Experienced builders most seemingly wouldn’t care about them and they would presumably well even be eradicated fully moderately without jam when that you just will most certainly be one in all them. That being stated, I used to be ready to cable take care of the PC with out a tools and if I wished to flee the procedure, I wouldn’t need a single cable tie. The system works at the abet and encourages contemporary builders to are attempting to take care of the cables, so magnificent play, I’m a fan.


The diversified major talking point is the unbelievable resolution to occupy the FP cables all rolled into one connector, lastly. Here is down to the truth motherboards are standardizing the FP, so sausage finger builders, rejoice.

In other locations, we glance the two 2.5” SSD brackets which stay unchanged from the H500 and masses cable tie aspects to prevent the need of tie bases.

Lastly, in the decrease fragment at the abet, we glance the HDD cage, hidden, accurately. For sure, the HDD cage can even be moved forwards or backward or eradicated fully.


NZXT cases are by no design vexed of choices nevertheless, in fashioned, offer PC builders a honorable quality enclosure that simplifies the constructing direction of. The enduring H-series cases are one of the most necessary cleanest having a leer gadgets on the market and the H510 silent brings the same loveable parts we seen with the H500.

Effectively-organized Create – All the issues in regards to the modern H510s look is calculated and dapper. The knowledgeable exterior looks to be improbable when blended with the uninterrupted tempered glass panel. Furthermore, the cable bar and PSU masks crawl a protracted formulation to creating the within leer spotless, giving even the most inexperienced builders one thing to be overjoyed with.

Airflow – The case is expertly designed and the two 120mm Aer fans that accompany the chassis work in unison to make unbelievable airflow. It is price noting that by formulation of an airflow configuration a lot like this has out of the sector, you would per chance presumably well even put a query to dirt to earn in undesirable gaps for the length of the chassis, so be willing. Regardless, there are masses of removable dirt filters and a bracket to simplify the installation of a radiator.

USB-C – This kind of connector is moderately contemporary among cases this show day nevertheless when you ingredient in the cost it’s miles but one other feature that makes this a bargain. The Form-C connector is on the front panel, which design you would per chance presumably well even without jam connect your phone or contemporary gaming headset without needing to flow the case from under your desk.


The final NZXT H510 is feature-packed and it owes its success to the carefully idea out originate, prepare for a protracted line of refreshes on this traditional.

Our Verdict

So as that’s the bits and bobs of the NZXT H510, one in all the cleanest having a leer cases currently available. This execrable mannequin silent affords substantial value for money, with the “Elite” version being a cramped costly to me for appropriate an extra fan and one other tempered glass panel, nevertheless every to their maintain. 

Appropriate esteem its predecessor, the H510 is a acquire case, it’s been well constructed and legit affords had been mature for the length of. When that you just will most certainly be going to be alongside with an AIO or extra fans that you just will most certainly be positively going to are searching to utilize in mind the H510i even supposing. From water-cooling to value range builds, everything will leer unbelievable within this NZXT case, it’s miles genuinely a mid-tower for all.

The NZXT is supreme for trace contemporary and skilled builders alike nevertheless what goes to be your next case enhance? Head over to the WePC team and portion the following enclosure for your form with us.

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