Razer BlackWidow 2019 Keyboard Review

The BlackWidow from Razer might perhaps very well be a more cost effective different of a fan popular, however don’t let that fool you. Here is aloof a extraordinarily upright, extremely responsive keyboard that ticks a entire lot of the correct containers. 

Razer are well-known in the end of the peripheral universe for his or her elephantine arsenal of gaming peripherals along side keyboards, mice, headsets, and perfect-looking worthy every other peripheral you are going to be ready to impart when it comes to PC gaming.

On the present time we’ll be taking a closer at one of their top class keyboard offerings, the Razer BlackWidow (2019). It’s the most recent arrival to the Razer family and is, for all intents and purposes, a stripped-again, mark-awake refresh of the hugely trendy BlackWidow Elite. Now, no longer all americans is racy to lose out on top class aspects similar to onboard media keys, USB/audio scuttle-by, and a contented wrist-leisure, however for folks who are, this keyboard is correct up there with the very most efficient.

We’ll be placing the Blackwidow by its paces to take into myth the map in which it stacks up by the spend of assemble high-quality, performance, aspects, and worth for money. So, with all that in mind, let’s kill no additional time and dive straight into it.


  • Correct Switches – The ideal selling point of this keyboard must be the switches. They’re responsive, upright, and durable
  • Excellent-looking Form – Even if it’s some distance a plastic board, it aloof looks the segment, especially when below the plump RGB headlights
  • Versatile Beneficial properties – Beneficial properties that consist of RGB customization, N-Key Rollover, On-board reminiscence, and HyperShift, assemble this board extraordinarily versatile
  • Very perfect RGB – Extremely shiny and beautiful RGB


  • Label – Pondering the lack of top class aspects, I’d pronounce this board is awfully dear
  • Plastic Makeup – Primarily made of plastic, in incompatibility to the head class “Elite” version


Keyboard Dimension & Weight

  • Weight: 1248g
  • Dimension: Elephantine Dimension
  • Dimension: 448mm/ 17.6 inches
  • Width: 170mm/ 6.7inches
  • High: 38.8mm/ 1.53 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: Razer Green Switches
  • OS Increase: Windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: No
  • RGB: Elephantine RGB
  • Passthrough: No
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Cable: Braided

What’s In The Field


As we’ve reach to ask of from Razer, the BlackWidow 2019 packaging is a wash of shaded and green. The box is somewhat account for – one thing I always notion used to be a kill – showcasing the keyboard in all it’s glory on the entrance. There could be a diminutive gash out within the box so users can essentially attempt-forward of-you-consume. You’ll be ready to in point of fact feel the switches and the noise they make by tapping the arrow keys by the gash-out. A racy box characteristic.

Interior we acquire:

  • Razer BlackWidow 2019
  • Minute Razer Booklet
  • Razer-branded Stickers



The BlackWidow 2019 is a plump-sized keyboard (110 keys) that comes to the table offering a reasonably traditional assemble if truth be suggested. The assemble is predominantly shaded and is made fully from plastic – in incompatibility to the aluminum extinct within the Elite version. On the plus facet, the plastic does in point of fact feel of decent high-quality and comes with a chunk of of weight on the again of it – always a legit worth. We ran a temporary robustness test to take into myth how durable the plastic used to be, and to our surprise, it felt very sturdy. The plastic surrounding the keys has been performed with a rather rough texture that I will only presume is a assemble trait for additional grip while gaming. The keycaps, on the opposite hand, comprise a soft stay that feels tremendous for each and every gaming and typing.

As some distance as form is worried, the head two corners of the Blackwidow comprise been squared off, while the bottom two comprise been angled to give the keyboard a itsy-bitsy edge – completely no longer uncharacteristic of Razer. On the very bottom of the keyboard, below the spacebar, you’ll get an RGB logo total with a plastic window that works in total solidarity with the the relaxation of the keyboard’s RGB. As you are going to be ready to comprise a look at from the specs, this keyboard does no longer offer media keys. Razer has stuffed the home most continuously occupied by media keys with a straightforward Razer logo.

Clearly, this keyboard comes with a ton of RGB customization alternatives that every person glance perfect-looking damn perfect. Nonetheless, we’re going to attain that for the aspects share of this review. These looking a sneak search though, this keyboard looks pleasing when the RGB is in plump scuttle.

Razer didn’t end their either. As we glance on the underside of this keyboard, the BlackWidow affords up about a cable routing alternatives to enable users to cable organize to the left, correct, or heart – looking on their explicit wants. The cable is round two meters long and is made of sturdy braided field cloth.

At final, indulge in most keyboards, the Blackwidow affords pop-out feet to give your keyboard a itsy-bitsy slant – with alternatives for 2 varied heights.

Overall, even supposing this keyboard is a mark-awake version of the head class “Elite” model, it aloof feels indulge in the assemble has been well notion out. So, perfect-looking play Razer.


Beneficial properties

Razer is the extra or much less stamp that likes to pack their peripherals out with tons of aspects. This helps make that feeling of greater worth in many of their products. Successfully, the Blackwidow is no varied. The following share would per chance be having a glance at about a of the standout aspects this keyboard has to present.


So, assemble aside, let’s discuss one of many basic aspects this keyboard comes geared up with – the switches. Razer is aloof one of many few companies making proprietary switches for his or her keyboards – racy some distance off from their extinct companions, Kalih.

Within the Blackwidow, Razer has extinct their gaming tailor-made mechanical green switches. They reach to the table boasting an 80 million keystroke lifespan and newly utilized sidewalls to offer protection to against dirt assemble-up and liquid spills. These switches offer a lightweight, clicky, and tactile in point of fact feel – acknowledged to be the ideal of every and every worlds. To give you some context, Razer’s green switches present a the same in point of fact feel and performance trend to Cherry MX blues, only with a lighter actuation force. So yeah, apt for avid gamers.

Not just like the BlackWidow Elite, you don’t comprise the luxury of selecting between a spread of Razer switches when shopping the Blackwidow. A daring scuttle by Razer as it effectively tailors this keyboard to a explicit trend of user. Having acknowledged that, I essentially favored the mechanical switches on this keyboard, even supposing they had been a chunk of on the loud facet. While you occur to work in an office that is aloof and mute, you’re doubtlessly going to are trying to guide some distance off from this keyboard. Bringing the Razer Blackwidow into a aloof office is the identical of taking a JCB by a library. Of us will peep.

For extra knowledge on switches or to take into myth which is correct for you consult with our switch files.

Synapse III Instrument & RGB

One of the basic enormous aspects that incorporates this keyboard is the Synapse III tool kit. Now, many of which it’s possible you’ll well presumably comprise doubtlessly heard of Synapse, however for folks who haven’t, its a apt part of tool that lets in users to fully customise their keyboard (or every other peripheral within the Razer family that lets in it).

Let’s commence with the RGB. As with any Razer products, one of many enormous selling aspects they indulge in to bawl about is the RGB enhance. Razer has been bettering their Razer Chroma for a very very long time now, and it looks to be at some degree where you are going to be ready to actually alternate every key’s RGB for my fragment. Once in the end of the tool, which it’s possible you’ll well presumably comprise the solution to comprise interaction from a few presets which fluctuate from coloration cycles to reactive effects that alternate the RGB relying to your show screen’s background or music selection. That being acknowledged, if no longer one of many presets take hang of your indulge in, why no longer leap into Chroma studio where which it’s possible you’ll well presumably comprise acquire admission to to an nearly countless list of potentialities. Whenever you’ve residing your keyboard to the specified RGB profile, you’ll be ready to synchronize it with every other Synapse detectable peripherals. Pretty gimmicky for me in my notion, however while you’re into this produce of facet, it works very efficiently.


Next up is Hypershift. Here is every other characteristic chanced on in the end of the Synapse III tool kit. It affords users acquire admission to to, theoretically, double the series of readily accessible keys at any individual time. Let me existing. Hypershift is a characteristic that allows you to residing a button to your keyboard to toggle between two separate keyboard profiles. So, while you’re any individual who performs games that requires a enormous series of key binds or spell commands, you’ll effectively be ready to double your keyboard performance on the press of a button. It in point of fact works in a extraordinarily the same map to the characteristic (Fn) button.

N-Key Rollover

Yet every other apt characteristic chanced on internal this keyboard is the hybrid onboard reminiscence. Strictly talking, this isn’t a characteristic of Synapse, then but again, you attain comprise to make your profile internal Synapse. Whenever you’ve created your profile, you’ll be ready to position it aside to your keyboard’s on-board reminiscence. That means you’ll be ready to know your desired profiles where ever you scuttle. You’ll be ready to store up to 5 profiles on-board however can assemble greater that to an countless number if uploading to the cloud.


Palms-On Outcomes

So, onto the fingers-on results, how did this facet essentially acquire in a gaming ambiance? Successfully, if I’m being fully appropriate; perfect-looking darn perfect!

I’m the produce of person who performs a bunch of CS:GO, a sport that requires the absolute best ranges of actuation and responsiveness. Successfully, I was removed from disillusioned with the performance I got from the Blackwidow. Now, forward of we acquire too carried away, let’s be staunch. The incompatibility in responsiveness between the principle mechanical switches is no longer going to be noticeable by the human search. Nonetheless, when comparing this to a membrane or customary keyboard, the mechanical switch completely has an giant list of benefits in its favor. It felt extraordinarily responsive for the most segment, and I didn’t skills any scuttle over-clicks while gaming.

Whilst taking part in CS:GO, I noticed the N-Key Rollover characteristic kicking in on a enormous series of occasions. Here is a characteristic that, irrespective of how many keys are pressed simultaneously, makes sure every press is registered and activated. Here is each and every perfect and putrid, however mainly perfect. For gamers that attain a bunch of what I indulge in to call, button bashing, this is needed characteristic – especially while you utilize a bunch of time in FPS sessions.

For the most segment, I left the RGB in wave mode. Nonetheless, I was bored one evening and made up our minds to comprise a itsy-bitsy play with the Chroma Studio. To my surprise, there comprise been a bunch of alternatives to comprise interaction from and I essentially residing a custom profile the utilization of it. For other folks who like RGB, you are going to be ready to’t in point of fact scuttle inferior with this keyboard. Which you might be able to well alternate the brightness of the RGB in Synapse if it’s a itsy-bitsy too colorful for your liking. Having acknowledged that, I correct left it fully cranked. RGB never damage any individual.

One grievance I did receive while passing this keyboard around the office, then but again, used to be the series of errors other folks had been making while typing opinions and reviews. Now, this is solely down to the actuation stress and N-Key Rollover characteristic utilized on this keyboard. The switches are extraordinarily light and in point of fact uncomplicated to actuate, making scuttle over-kinds a staunch possibility.

Other than that though, I was essentially impressed by the performance this keyboard equipped – across each and every gaming, video editing, and overall spend platforms.

Our Verdict

So, with every part unique in our minds, we at final reach to the percentage of the review where now we comprise to impart whether or no longer this keyboard is worth your exhausting-earned money. And to be appropriate, it’s a perfect-looking delicate one to acknowledge to.

Let’s first, faux that the Blackwidow Elite doesn’t exist. The Blackwidow 2019 is a apt itsy-bitsy board that affords some frigid aspects, a faithful assemble, and apt switches that offer responsive and upright gaming performance. All apt aspects. Nonetheless, ought to you review that to other market leaders, similar to Corsair, ASUS, and Steelseries, the BlackWidow’s worth begins to reach again into ask. Quite a lot of Razer’s opponents offer mechanical keyboards designed round aluminum frames and reach geared up with devoted media-keys. Something the Blackwidow merely does no longer offer. However that’s now to no longer pronounce it isn’t a legit keyboard at this mark point.

So, my closing thoughts. Eventually, it’s some distance a keyboard that does the uncomplicated issues very well. For these accessible that like RGB and wish extremely responsive gaming switches for FPS titles, this keyboard would be precisely what you’re procuring for. It in point of fact is apt on this department. Nonetheless, while you prioritize assemble high-quality, supplies, and longevity, which it’s possible you’ll well very well be greater having a glance at one thing a itsy-bitsy extra high-quit.

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