Razer Huntsman Keyboard Review

The Razer Huntsman combines a easy graceful influence with legitimate high-performance switches to lift a gleaming mechanical keyboard to the desk.

I had been the utilize of the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard for around two weeks now and after turning into acclimatized to the incredibly clicky Razer Red switches, this slowly turned more toothsome to utilize over that time, albeit for certain a number of the loudest I rep ever tested. The principle talking level of the Huntsman is these Opto-Mechanical switches that utilize infrared light to ship a stamp to the keyboard when the beam of sunshine is broken, however more on these a bit of in a while.

Now we rep the dangerous model right here, with two various variants on offer from Razer. The Huntsman Elite is their top rate offering of the three that contains devoted media controls, a wrist rest, and underglow lighting. Doubtlessly the most newest model of the Huntsman keyboard is the “TE” model, which is Tenkeyless and aspects a removable USB Style-C energy cable.

Let’s dive deeper into this mechanical keyboard and behold the way it stacks up against the competitors and if it creeps into the easiest gaming keyboard category.


  • Notorious Switches – The principle characteristic to the Huntsman is the acceptable, durable, and responsive optical switches
  • Simplistic Make – Right here’s basically created from plastic however its graceful look is for certain a number of the nicest I’ve seen
  • Versatility– With the tool taking into account RGB customization, Macros, and HyperShift, you derive a ramification of versatility with the Hunstman
  • RGB – Each and each keycap is personally lit with its very possess LED.


  • Designate – This board is possibly the most typical model and while it is miles a top rate board, some will assume it over-priced
  • Chatter – Due to the the quite quite quite a bit of portions of aspects the board suffers from a ramification of chatter (rattle)



Keyboard Size & Weight

  • Weight: 862g
  • Size: Plump Size
  • Length: 445mm/ 17.5 inches
  • Width: 140mm/ 5.52 inches
  • Height: 35mm/ 1.38 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: Razer Red Switches
  • OS Enhance: Home windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: No
  • RGB: Plump RGB
  • Passthrough: No
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable size: 2.1m
  • Cable: Braided

What’s In The Field



The box used to be as expected, dusky with inexperienced accents and a mountainous image of the product dashed across the front. What I loved about the Razer keyboard packaging used to be the arrow key cutout, permitting you to strive the switches while you had been selecting this up in-retailer.

Internal we derive:

  • Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard
  • Client Manual




The very first thing I seen when inserting off this from the box used to be the understated graceful influence. What used to be in an instant spectacular used to be the trim, easy to learn font, it’s for certain one of potentially the most productive I’ve seen on a keyboard. 

Unlike a pair of Razer products, this all-dusky keyboard barely aspects any noticeable branding, basically, there might be staunch the one bit of Razer branding at the tip appropriate of the board. The colorful keycaps and matte aluminum plate see apt straight out of the box however even more so when the RGB is in plump traipse with the dash.

This understated influence stroke a chord in my memory of the simplistic BenQ Zowie Celeratis II, which is nonetheless for certain one of my private favorites. The appears to be like of the Huntsman aren’t a million miles far from the pricey Dusky Widow, however, we behold the keycaps are sat over the tip of the plate, making this noteworthy more uncomplicated to trim.

The form is fair usual, easiest we behold more rounded edges and with every thing floating above the plate, we have a in level of truth inviting having a see keyboard from Razer right here. Whereas you might well per chance utilize the characteristic key to activate the media keys, it would had been advantageous to behold devoted media keys included however right here is how they derive you shopping for the more top rate variations I assume.

The board is sturdy and has ample weight to it, even though it’s supremely lighter than a Ducky or the previously mentioned Celeritas II. Its lack of weight is all of the trend down to being basically plastic and while it’s sturdy it does rep a ramification of rattle. The rattle is all of the trend down to the substantial portions of aspects on the board right here, with stabilizers on every switch there might be staunch a ramification of chatter. The chatter isn’t one thing you stare while typing or gaming too noteworthy however it is miles there. 

The underside of the keyboard falls in step with the the rest of the simplistic board, with six rubber toes for stabilization. Furthermore, there might be a pair of top adjustment (now not just like the Celeritas II) with two flip-down stands (one small and one apt).

Lastly, the cable which is a 2m lengthy braided one is onerous-wired! Whereas this isn’t the largest of deals I would noteworthy decide to behold a removable cable, saving me the rep to wrap this around when transporting.

Total you are getting an incredibly visually appealing, high-performing keyboard however it is miles extraordinarily pricey for the included aspects.




The Razer Huntsman Gaming keyboard comes with some natty aspects and it’s the principle driver at the wait on of the head rate worth mark we behold within the range. Whereas this might likely even no longer rep as noteworthy going for it as the elite model, it nonetheless has plenty underneath its hood.


The switches are a pair of of potentially the most productive I rep standard, with the tactile second apparently completely aligned with the actuation. This appropriate performance is owed to potentially the latest switch skills – the Opto-Mechanical switch. In desire to expecting contact, this keyboard makes utilize of an optical laser. Must you press any of the buttons, the stem travels down breaking the beam of sunshine. As soon as broken, the switch actuates, registers, and resets all at the same time. Now that’s responsive!

The switches featured listed below are Razers Red, that are very resembling the Greens we have seen on old boards. These are incredibly “clicky” with two audible tactile clicks. These responsive switches match Greens in phrases of actuation too, with 45g power and a 1.5mm distance required to actuate and a traipse back and forth distance of 3.5mm. So total, these switches give us one thing that is 30% faster than a venerable mechanical switch. Mighty relish the Greens, these are in overall the label’s switch possibility that performs closest to Cherry MX Blue.

It is worth noting that these Red switches are the loudest I rep ever standard on any keyboard and we are in a position to duvet what that used to be relish all over utilize a little bit in a while however in overall, this isn’t a keyboard for the build of enterprise!

Each and each switch has its possess stabilizer, which does a gleaming job of retaining every thing proper and manner you might well per chance precisely actuate a button from any attitude. The principle anguish, albeit a small one, is the prolong in chatter from these stabilizers. Regardless, the performance used to be very edifying all over utilize.

On the tip of every of the switches, we behold MX trend stems, meaning you might well per chance without issues swap out the keycaps for one other field. Whereas we’re close to keycaps, these are ABS. That’s appropriate, a keyboard as pricey as this with low-quality keycaps. This isn’t a monumental deal to me however these will put on over time and originate to see moderately disgusting, so that you just might well per chance even rep to gain some PBT caps to interchange them.


The lighting is moderately subtle from Razer with this dangerous model, especially when when put next with the Elite. The aluminum dangerous reflects an attractive underglow to every key and the RGB in level of truth does produce this board see incredible. Each and each secret’s personally backlit with its possess LED and the lighting is amazingly vibrant.

Earlier than we discuss the effects, or the a bit of traumatic Synapse tool, there might be a trim little influence preference that goes a lengthy manner right here. Typically while you are in a sorrowful room you might well per chance’t behold which of your keys is the media possibility for volume or play however Razer has a workaround. Must you preserve the Fn key to activate media controls, the board’s lights traipse out, leaving easiest the characteristic keys lit up in white, advantageous.

This keyboard is well matched with Razer Synapse 3.0 and is basically apt for putting in your lighting effects. I rep had some malicious program points within the past however this time we had been OK and every thing behaved.

The keyboard has hybrid on-board memory and might well assign profile configurations to the cloud storage, with up to 5 profiles on the board itself. The Huntsman is an element of your whole Chroma range from Razer so that you just might well per chance sync this up in conjunction with your mousepad and mice or staunch rep it going crazy on its possess.

Razer HyperShift/ Macros

The Huntsman comes with constructed-in macro and game modes, with this being customizable within the tool. With this board, you might well per chance customize and mix macros to present you the in-game management you will need. Now, this isn’t a characteristic I in my notion utilize as I basically play FPS however it is miles commonly apt to behold versatility.

Now, all boards equally priced characteristic macro customization however with Razer Hypershift you might well per chance basically derive double the series of on hand keys. This form you might well per chance build a button to larger than one characteristic and with a keypress,  you might well per chance utilize it. Again, all right here is easy to navigate and saved by the Synapse tool.



Arms-On Results

So I’ve mentioned how noteworthy I loved the performance of these optical switches however how had been they in-game?

The very first thing I seen appealing from my Ducky One2 Mini (60%) used to be that I significant to adapt to the size, as I used to be consistently pressing the nefarious key. This wasn’t the keyboard’s fault of course and once my brain caught up it used to be frightful crusing from there on out. I basically play FPS titles equivalent to CS:GO, Warzone, and Squad, so I used to be unable to check out the 10-key rollovers performance in-game however the characteristic kicks in and does its job when significant.

I believed appealing from the swiftly Crimson Cherry MX switches to those tactile “blue-relish” Razer Purples would negatively influence my gaming in CS:GO however it didn’t. In level of truth, moderately the choice, as I had a tactile response to what I used to be doing, giving me increased self perception when swiftly switching, appealing, or ‘nading.

Doubtlessly the most productive ingredient that used to be a enviornment while gaming used to be the streams of abuse I used to be receiving from my Discord server. Now, I don’t utilize push to discuss (don’t shoot me) however I needed to flip recount activation up to counter these switches as every keypress used to be being heard on the server. So streamers, right here is possibly a no traipse for you.

Typing used to be a pleasure, although I decide the fluidity of Crimson trend switches as I in level of truth feel I will form noteworthy faster. Again, the noise used to be the largest anguish right here, with me getting several loss of life stares while the utilize of this, with it beating the Redragon K552’s deafening switches for noise.

Total, accidental presses had been saved to a minimum and the jump time is fair noteworthy non-existent due to the the optical switches.

Our Verdict

Assuming you’re a lover of tactile, clicky switches, there might be little to loathe about the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard. It can per chance had been advantageous to behold a volume bar and some devoted media keys however these aren’t the largest of aspects and likewise you might well per chance always traipse for the next one up while you’re dedicated.

Ignoring the cost, we have a sturdy board with extremely-responsive switches that are no longer going to damage any time soon. The ABS plastic keycaps are a bit of of an oversight, shall we embrace, on Razer’s behalf however the influence is worthwhile and the keycap font is for certain one of my favorites to this level.

On a whole then, we have a visually appealing keyboard that is customizable, responsive, and legitimate and while the “Elite” model comes in conjunction with your whole bells and whistles, this simplistic manner is more up my avenue.

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