Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Review

Whereas Razer will most definitely be greater identified for its hugely impressive array of gaming mice (including the Razer Basilisk V2 and Deathadder V2), they’re peaceable one among the absolute perfect names in the game by the use of headsets, mousepads, and keyboards. 

In right now time’s article, we’ll be taking a nearer non-public a study one among their most long-established gaming headsets, the Razer Kraken Match Version headset. The Kraken TE, as we’ll name it, comes to the desk boasting an array of frigid aspects that entails THX surround sound, game/chat steadiness controls, a retractable microphone, and more. 

We’ll be hanging the Razer Kraken Match Version by its paces to switch attempting how it stacks up against competitively priced doable choices in attach, performance, comfort, and sound. We’ll be answering a couple of of the spacious questions that surround Razer headsets and concluding whether or now not or now not we feel this headset is value your consideration and cash. 

So, with all that in mind, let’s kill no additional time and win straight into it!


Below we non-public outlined the principle specs of the Razer Kraken Match Version gaming headset. 

Razer Kraken Match Version Specs
Headphone Frequency Response 12 – 28,000 Hz
Wireless No
Battery Lifestyles N/A
Drivers 50mm Neodymium magnets
Microphone Uni-directional, noise cancelling microphone
Weight 322g

Within the Razer Kraken Match Version Field, we glance:

  • Razer Kraken Match Version headphones
  • THX Surround Sound USB dongle
  • Manuals


  • Top-notch compose high quality
  • Unbelievable comfort
  • Retractable microphone
  • Decent spatial awareness
  • Feature-packed USB dongle
  • Multi-platform versatility 


  • Sound high quality isn’t wide for tune


Establishing the Razer Kraken Match Version headset absolutely wasn’t as easy because the Razer Kraken X’s we reviewed only in the near past. Thanks to the addition of the feature-packed USB dongle, you furthermore would possibly can’t true crawl this headset in and initiating popping heads. There are a couple of extra steps required to construct basically the most of this headset to its plump doable. 

For users who require crawl-n-play, you furthermore would possibly can discard the USB dongle and true use the three.5mm audio cable for your chosen map. However, if that’s the case, you perchance wouldn’t clutch this headset – would you? To construct basically the most of your entire aspects this headset has to give, you would possibly maybe maybe must win and set up the Razer Synapse map suite. 

After doing so, you’ll non-public access to EQ controls, THX surround sound, microphone tweaks, and more. We’ll touch upon the controller in plump quickly, however for now, those are the steps required to voice up the Razer Kraken Match Version headset.


As you’d ask, the Kraken Match Version headset keeps the Kraken family construct traits that we’ve considered across many of their iterations up to now. Whereas the Krakens are peaceable having a respect barely “gamey”, they aren’t half of as deplorable as other gaming headsets in the interim in right now time’s market. Having acknowledged that, I peaceable wouldn’t be strolling round metropolis wearing these anytime quickly, they true aren’t that versatile. 

The Kraken TE’s are equipped with two spacious round closed-help earcups that encase your ears of their entirety. The earpad lining is a aggregate of top rate-feeling supplies that presents very supreme comfort and durability. Fake leather-essentially essentially based will most definitely be found on the exterior of the earpad for styling applications, whereas a delicate breathable fabric is dilapidated on the interior dwelling that straight touches the face. Memory foam is the neatly-known field topic dilapidated for the padding itself, with a cooling gel layer on prime to be tremendous issues don’t win too sweaty when in the warmth of fight. 

The headset feels neatly made and presents a aggregate of hardy supplies that encompass each and every plastic and steel. The headset is available in a couple of varied coloration adaptations (one among which is neon inexperienced), on the opposite hand, we’ll be reviewing the all-gloomy version in right now time’s article. Whereas Razer hasn’t long gone overkill with the branding right here, their emblem is peaceable subtly embossed into each and every earcups and across the headscarf. 

The earcups, whereas made of plastic, perform non-public a steel mesh layer on the exterior which looks frigid and feels very sturdy. The headband, treasure most of right now time’s offerings, comes with an adjustable mechanism – giving round 30mm of extra headspace for those who need it. The headband is laced in faux leather-essentially essentially based with a spacious cushion on the underside and performed with more breathable fabric. 

The microphone is fully retractable, slim in construct, and virtually same to other Kraken devices. Whereas there don’t appear to be any volume controls attached to the headset itself, you perform non-public inline controls on the cable for on-the-soar changes. Furthermore, the USB dongle presents a total bunch of additional extras that we’ll touch upon quickly. 

Total, from a construct level of peek, I non-public to relate right here’s one among the greater Razer headset offerings available. 

Trust Tremendous

Trust high quality is continuously an dwelling that has disappointed me with Razer merchandise over the years. On the opposite hand, on first impressions, I feel the Kraken Match Version headset will most definitely be initiating to interrupt that age-outmoded trend. 

The very very first thing I seen about this headset upon unboxing used to be true how sturdy it really felt. You would possibly maybe well perchance also divulge straight away that right here’s a valuable step up from their Kraken X headset. Tremendous supplies are dilapidated for the length of, with steel being most long-established in the more inclined areas of the headset (headband, earcup forks, and so forth.). 

Speaking of the headscarf, right here’s in total an dwelling of failure in many finances to mid-vary gaming headsets. On the opposite hand, with the Razer Kraken TE, the headscarf is the least of my worries. The adjustable mechanism is neatly on the stiff facet – in a seemingly way – making me purchase this would possibly increasingly maybe potentially stand the take a look at of time. The aluminum dilapidated in the headscarf itself presents very supreme durability and suppleness – excelling in our tension assessments across the board. 

The earcups feel thoroughly made and I’m in no question they would possibly maybe take care of a couple of excessive rage quits, to relate the least. The steel mesh re-inforces the already durable plastic to construct a really solid waste product. 

On a much less particular existing, the earcup lining – which I imagine is non-replaceable – will most definitely be an dwelling of whisper in months to advance help. It feels a miniature of flimsy and would possibly maybe originate as a lot as advance help away from its housing. Furthermore, with extraordinarily versatile microphones akin to this one, I’ve found they originate as a lot as switch after a Twelve months or so. Obviously, we can’t construct assumptions in response to that, however it absolutely’s absolutely value noting. 

In the waste, whereas the compose high quality isn’t ground-breaking, it’s absolutely transferring in the upright route when put next with other Razer merchandise. 


Comfort is an dwelling I feel Razer has been excelling in massively at some stage in the last few years. All but again, the Kraken TE comes up trumps with an especially glad construct that ought to swimsuit most head and ear sizes. 

Let’s originate with the earcups. Whereas the earcup lining didn’t win a preferrred obtain in our compose high quality assessments, the padding does provide decent phases of comfort. No longer easiest is the padding gentle and non-abrasive, however it absolutely also comes equipped with a cooling gel layer that bodily reduces the temperature across the ears. 

Furthermore, the earcups non-public a limited rotational construct feature which enables users to obtain the absolute perfect seating predicament whereas in use. 

Transferring onto the headscarf, attributable to its aluminum construct, the headscarf doesn’t practice too noteworthy weight on the neck or head – making lengthy gaming sessions your entire more appetizing. The underside of the headscarf presents a skinny layer of memory foam for some additional comfort. It’s value declaring that if the headset used to be any heavier, this padding potentially wouldn’t be ample. On the opposite hand, in this whisper, it presents mammoth comfort. 

Whereas the headset does practice a miniature of stress across the ears, essentially to help greater phases of immersion, it isn’t overpowering or glaring. Evaluating this headset to others in the Kraken lineup I’d non-public to relate it presents same (if now not a miniature of greater) comfort than most. So, decent job Razer. 


With construct out of the vogue, it’s time to switch attempting how the Razer Kraken Match Version headset performs in a preference of varied games and leisure scenarios. The next piece will non-public a study the Razer Kraken from a sound and performance standpoint, seeing whether or now not sound cues, spatial awareness, and total high quality is as a lot as scratch.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive straight into this thing!


Esteem continuously, we kick-started the sound testing half of this article off by sampling a preference of varied musical genres. I feel initiating with tune presents me a greater figuring out of what sounds and vary the headsets we evaluate can bear. With that in mind, I started with some instant-paced digital tune and then went onto something a miniature of more chilled, finishing with rap and nation. 

The next assessments non-public been done the utilization of a flat EQ in Razer Synapse and any tweaks made to the sound the utilization of the controller shall be referenced. 

Let’s originate with the positives. Apt off the bat, you furthermore would possibly can divulge the sound profile used to be going to be a miniature of bass-heavy. The bass sounded barely neatly-known in all genres I listened to and gave a fine boomy attribute – especially when cranked up whereas the utilization of the bass-booster on the dongle. On the opposite hand, that’s barely noteworthy the place the positives waste from a tune standpoint. 

The highs tended to sound on the gritty facet, with an enhanced sound that did sound a miniature of too provocative as a long way because the mix used to be alive to. Furthermore, the mids appeared barely non-existent for basically the most piece. Retract digital tune as an illustration. You treasure to non-public to hear thick bass and a pudgy synth backed up with some solid mids. Whereas the bass used to be there, the mids and high true didn’t lower it for me. 

I did are attempting the utilization of the THX surround sound feature however, as you’d ask, the sound true grew to develop into extraordinarily muddy and puzzled. The clarity virtually entirely leaves the headset when hanging THX surround sound on at some level of tune sessions, with miniature to no enjoyment coming from the skills. 

That used to be barely noteworthy the feeling across most musical genres. Razer has never been very supreme at creating headsets for tune, so after I listened to the Kraken Match Version, I wasn’t precisely surprised by the high quality. 

All being acknowledged, I peaceable had a miniature of little bit of hope for this headset from a gaming stand-level. I fired up my celebrated gaming title by the use of testing headsets, CS:GO. Here’s the form of game that depends carefully on sound cues and spacial awareness, making it the absolute perfect time to ascertain a headset for gaming. 

I started by playing a couple of games of deathmatch to win a taste of what guns and footsteps sounded treasure. To my surprise, they sounded barely upright and simple to pinpoint. The bass used to be, once again, barely neatly-known. On the opposite hand, the gritty highs that didn’t sound overly inviting in tune came into their very enjoy at some level of gaming sessions. Having that provocative high frequency lets you purchase footsteps and gunfire with ease. This used to be extraordinarily valuable at some level of my competitive session that very same evening. The sound of AWP scopes and flashbangs grew to develop into a long way more glaring, giving me a noteworthy greater sense of my atmosphere. 

I tried the THX surround sound in-game and, now not just like the tune, it did really provide some particular suggestions. Now, what I point out by that is, I would possibly maybe divulge the place enemies non-public been coming from a miniature of greater than I would possibly maybe with out the utilization of it. On the opposite hand, in the event you treasure to non-public immersion from your gaming skills, this potentially isn’t how one can recede. The entirety turns into a miniature of mucky and clarity is affected comparatively dramatically. That being acknowledged, in the event you treasure to non-public greater spacial cues, slap it on for tremendous. 

Evaluating this to other headsets of same attach, I non-public to relate that, total, the skills is a miniature of hit and omit. Whereas the sound isn’t overly impressive for tune, it isn’t insufferable. You would possibly maybe well perchance also with out whisper sit and be all ears to tune on these headphones and non-public an appetizing skills. On the opposite hand, in the event you furthermore would possibly can non-public several headsets sat subsequent to each and every other and also you’re continuously comparing the sound, you originate as a lot as realise the place the opinions advance in. 


As with the closing Razer headset we reviewed (Razer Kraken X), the microphone on this one is barely total however does its job neatly ample. It’s a fully retractable microphone that sits in a miniature of recess in the left earcup. The microphone is extraordinarily versatile and is derived housed in a rubberized field topic that, whereas now not feeling overly sturdy, looks fit for its motive. It has a unidirectional ECM Improve purchase-up sample which makes sound high quality that miniature bit greater. 

Speaking of which, I believed the microphone in this headset did a barely true job total. It sounded very tremendous and had a balanced sound for basically the most piece. Whereas it does lack a miniature of in the bass division (as perform most finances/mid-vary headsets), it offered up very supreme clarity and crispness for the length of the gaming session. 

On the downside, it used to be very gentle to ambient noise and breathing. It especially picked up my mechanical keyboard – to my teammate’s annoyance – whereas in Discord. Fortunately, there are a preference of varied tweaks you furthermore would possibly can access interior the Razer Synapse map suite which shall be dilapidated to dazzling-tune the microphone’s output. 

Total, I used to be very glad with the high quality of the microphone. It will even be easy, however it absolutely presents true versatility and a clear representation of your affirm. 


As soon as we discuss about headsets in and across the $100 attach level, aspects play a valuable feature in whether or now not or now not they are deemed a success. Due to manufacturers easiest non-public a miniature finances, aspects are in total one among the areas that win compromised for greater compose high quality or sound. 

Having acknowledged that, Razer has managed to pack an absolute ton of aspects into the Kraken Match Version headset.

Let’s kill no time and dive into what I imagine are the standouts.

USB Controller

Let’s originate off with one among the absolute perfect promoting functions this headset has to give – the USB controller. 

We’ve tested a couple of headsets up to now that provide controllers (most long-established being the Steelseries Arctis Salubrious GameDAC) and nine times out of ten, it’s an very supreme feature to non-public. 

The Kraken TE presents a barely evolved controller which enables users to commerce and toggle settings on the soar. It comes equipped with volume controls, a microphone tranquil button, bass controls, THX surround sound toggle button, and game/chat steadiness controls – most of which we will touch upon below. 

THX Surround Sound

We’ve already touched upon this option in the performance piece, however for those which would possibly maybe maybe well be unaware of what this option presents, THX surround sound changes the audio output to give more upright spatial cues for competitive games treasure CS:GO and PUBG

Whereas this option has been strongly criticized up to now, in this explicit whisper, I feel the surround sound really presents true in-game data of the enemy’s whereabouts. 

I wouldn’t counsel the utilization of this for tune or long-established leisure applications, however in the event you’d like some extra sound cues in-game, positively are attempting this option out!

Bass Controls

The bass controls are barely easy to win your head round. On the controller, you furthermore would possibly can non-public a smaller clicker that enhances or decreases the bass. Whenever you happen to treasure to non-public a miniature of more immersion for your game or film, crank the bass up by clicking by the on hand adjustments. 

Need to pinpoint footsteps a miniature of more uncomplicated? Decrease it the opposite way. A to hand feature to non-public, albeit very easy. 

Sport/Chat Stability

At closing, we non-public the game/chat steadiness controls. Here’s an especially to hand feature to non-public and one which I dilapidated your entire time when gaming and the utilization of Discord. The controls enable you to alter the steadiness between incoming chat and in-game volume, to obtain the absolute perfect steadiness between the two. 

In case your teammates are being a miniature of too loud, simply alter the steadiness unless you obtain your desired level. 

Our Verdict

So, there you furthermore would possibly can non-public it, our entire evaluate of the Razer Kraken Match Version gaming headset. As we advance to the waste of this handbook, we purchase to give our last thoughts on this headset as a total. We overview it to in an analogous trend priced doable choices and establish whether or now not or now not it’s value your cash. 

Apt now, this headset comes to shelves for round $100, which straight puts it into an incredibly competitive attach pool. Up to now as sound goes, I’m worthy-pressed to truly counsel these for any individual who wants a headset for something else as an alternative of gaming. There are severely greater-sounding headsets available by the use of tune at this attach level.

From a gaming level of peek, on the opposite hand, I’m comparatively eager on this headset. Whereas the THX surround sound won’t be all individuals’s cup of tea, it positively provides a miniature of extra awareness in competitive titles. 

You’ve also obtained to purchase into epic that, at this attach level, you’re getting into inappropriate-level wi-fi headset territory- a ramification of which now provide wide sound high quality and performance.

So, in the waste, the underside line is that this. Whenever you happen to’re already a mammoth fan of Razer and favor a glad headset that presents true in-game sound cues, a limiteless microphone, and very supreme compose high quality, then this will most definitely be precisely what you’re buying for. 

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