Razer Kraken X Gaming Headset Review

Razer are unquestionably one of the essential superior names within the peripheral game. Whether or now not you’re having a imprint to pick out on a mouse, keyboard, headset, bungee, or mousepad, you’ll perhaps encounter Razer’s name someplace along the plot in which. Whereas Razer are more veritably known for their impressive array of mice – Deathadder V2 and Basilisk V2 being two top examples – they truly have a extremely intensive checklist of headsets to their name as effectively. 

As of late we’ll be taking a nearer imprint at one thing from the worth range stay of their arsenal, the Razer Kraken X gaming headset. That is a headset that comes to shelves boasting a sub $50 imprint, which plot it lands slap bang within the midst of a extremely competitive mark pool. 

That being said, the Razer Kraken X is a quite total, no bells and whistles headset that caters to almost somebody’s desires. That makes this headset a extremely stunning prospect – in particular ought to you judge about its lightweight make and hidden positive aspects. 

So, with that in tips, let’s soar straight into it and watch how the Kraken X gaming headset stacks up in mark, performance, possess fine, and sound. 


Razer Kraken X Gaming Headset Specs
Headphone Frequency Response 12 – 28,000 Hz
Microphone Frequency Response 100 – 10,000 Hz
Wireless No
Battery Lifestyles N/A
Drivers 40mm Neodymium magnets
Weight 250g
Cable Length 1.3m

Contained within the Razer Kraken X field, we uncover the following items:

  • Kraken X headset
  • Y-splitter
  • Instruction manuals
  • Encompass sound 7.1 net promotional code


  • A lightweight make that offers no pressure to your head or neck
  • Happy seating spherical the ears
  • Valid sound fine at this mark point
  • Ultimate microphone
  • Encompass sound enabled


  • Fabricated from plastic
  • Cable isn’t the longest


The setup job for the Razer Kraken X headset is an especially easy one. The headset doesn’t provide any removable parts so every thing is “pre-installed” factual-out-the-field. The fully setup requirement for this headset is to merely depart the key audio cable into the splitter that comes supplied. 

For PC gamers, that is an wanted step within the setup job as it enables you to receive command of the mumble microphone it comes equipped with. The Razer Kraken X headset does provide simulated 7.1 surround sound. However, it does require customers to have a reproduction of Windows 10 64-bit and Razers 7.1 surround sound application


Razer has given the Kraken X headset a extremely understated make that works in every gaming and day to day conditions – you recognize, if it wasn’t for the static microphone that is. The Kraken X retains the total make blueprint figured out across the full Kraken variations but does approach in quite of smaller than a pair of of the costliest alternate choices. They’ve opted for their all-black coloration theme – no surprises there – with three subtle positive aspects of branding figured out on every earcup and across the headscarf. The earcups were lined with leatherette which, on one hand, feels quite relaxed, but on the assorted, doesn’t provide a gargantuan amount of airflow. So, search info from a pair of sweaty ear classes when you reside in hot climates.

They approach equipped with astronomical, circular ear cups that (as mentioned above) sport the elegant Razer snake logo within the heart of every ears. Surrounding the Razer logo is a skinny layer of metal mesh that seems to were installed for exquisite reasons fully. 

The headset is form of completely manufactured from plastic, now not surprising at this worth range mark point, yet feels quite sturdy and effectively-made. The headscarf offers adjustment to receive particular it sits very easily to your head, with spherical eight settings to pick out on from. A skinny layer of padding is figured out on the underside of the headscarf, nonetheless, it doesn’t undoubtedly undoubtedly feel that gargantuan in terms of comfort. 

The mumble microphone stands out and is non-retractable. Having said that, this would be very versatile – as a result of its subject topic makeup – which plot you’ll have the option to finding the valid impartial for the length of game time. 

Overall, the make would possibly perhaps well perchance well be a plus for me personally. The exquisite is understated yet aloof “gamery”, which plot it caters towards most user kinds. 

Impact High quality

Love many gaming headsets of this mark point, possess fine is on the entire the key explain that will get sacrificed in sigh to meet the budgetary necessities. However, upon preliminary inspection of this headset, that didn’t seem the case. 

Love we mentioned above, the Razer Kraken is designed using plastic for the most portion. However, whereas which that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well perhaps judge that’s a important recoil, the headset in actuality feels extremely sturdy. After doing some quite packed with life assessments on the headset, we quick came to the conclusion that the Krakens would nearly unquestionably withstand day to day utilization.

Even supposing loads of the fittings receive command of easy screws and plastic, they all undoubtedly feel quite sturdy and effectively place collectively. The headscarf has a tight amount of flexibility and offers up absolutely zero rattle. The adjustment characteristic would possibly perhaps well perchance well be the most sturdy explain of the headset, feeling absolutely rock valid – greater than replace elevated-priced decisions. 

The microphone makes command of a versatile subject topic that seems to be effectively-designed, nonetheless, we won’t have the option to take a look at the rigidity of the microphone till we’ve aged it for a longer time frame. The important cable feels, again, sturdy and isn’t abrasive within the slightest. 

Once you pair that with the lightweight make of this headset, you delivery as much as possess the gargantuan work that went into this worth range headset. 


Subsequent up we now have comfort, that is an explain the set before every thing, I believed the Kraken X’s would tumble quite of short. However, I was pleasantly stunned with the outcomes.

The Krakens system to the desk equipped with two astronomical over-ear earcups that sport leatherette covered padding. The leatherette feels quite cosy and offers ample softness, nonetheless, as a result of the closed-support make of this headset, excess heat soon builds up spherical the ear making the full trip quite of uncomfortable, if reality be informed. It does select quite of little bit of time for the warmth to amass, so total customers most likely won’t have too great of a bother here. 

The headset has an adjustable headscarf with eight settings accessible. This implies even the superior of heads won’t fight to fetch a cosy seating impartial when using the Kraken X headset. The Kraken’s have a lightweight make that is form of unrecognizable for the length of prolonged gaming classes and doesn’t undoubtedly provide any pressure to the aspect of the head either. That goes for glasses wearers too.

Overall, the Kraken X used to be a extremely cosy headset for the most portion. Once you don’t tips the excess heat generated spherical the ears, you’ll be very elated with how these undoubtedly feel.


Transferring onto performance, I was in actuality quite impressed with how the Razer Kraken X’s carried out. Once you judge about that that is a headset that comes to shelves at below $50, it undoubtedly locations the headset’s fine and worth into standpoint. Gunfire used to be easy to pinpoint and grenades will likely be heard from the assorted aspect of the plot. Spatial awareness used to be extremely spirited and gave me a heightened sense of awareness when in-game – in particular when utilizing the 7.1 surround sound. Overall, I was quite elated with what I was listening to. 

We didn’t factual take a look at this headset in video games though, I also place the Kraken’s by plot of an expansion of various sorting out conditions to receive particular every that which that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well imagine user trip used to be covered. 

So, with that in tips, let’s receive straight into it. 


I started off by using these in a non-gaming bother. I sat down and listened to quite replace various musical genres to receive an even bigger conception of the vary this headset would possibly perhaps well perchance provide. I started off by taking note of a pair electronic music and, to my shock, the Krakens sounded precisely as I had anticipated – quite factual, but now not groundbreaking.

The bass used to be most likely the stand out characteristic of the headset since it supplied that “boomy” characteristic that you just search with bass-oriented headphones. For electronic music, the headphones sounded quite damn factual when comparing to various headsets of this mark point. The melodies in actuality sounded quite moving and spirited, with basslines being easily recognizable amongst the mix. Various genres also yielded an identical trip, which to me, used to be a valid shock. Be unsleeping, that is a sub $50 headset. 

After staring at a pair of clips from movies and TV reveals, and coming to the same conclusion as I had reached whereas taking note of music, I fired up the video games to study what they’d perchance provide. 

The Kraken X headset comes equipped with 40mm drivers which, if reality be informed, are quite great what which that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well search info from from worth range headsets in on the present time’s market. They’re OK, but nothing particular. As with the music, the bass played a quite prominent impartial in my gaming trip, making sniper photos and explosion sounds boomy – adding effectively to the immersive trip of the game. 

I fired up my hunch-to game when it comes to, effectively, one thing – CS:GO. I played a pair of rounds of deathmatch and without prolong, it used to be obvious the headphones had quite factual spatial awareness. The gunfire sounded moving and cutting, whereas the grenades and smokes were audible from a strategies away. The 7.1 surround sound played its portion on the gaming entrance, allowing me to accurately pinpoint enemies with self belief.

In outdated posts, I’ve been quite of a skeptic when it comes to 7.1 surround sound, and I aloof am if reality be informed. However, on this occasion, I undoubtedly feel Razer have accomplished a quite factual job and the characteristic in actuality added to my gaming trip – if fully by quite of. It clearly modified the sound queues in a plot that I would mumble used to be a superior particular when it came to gaming. So, factual job on that one Razer. 


The microphone, regardless that quite total in every make and versatility, would possibly perhaps well perchance well be unquestionably one of the essential standout positive aspects of this headset. It sounded extremely factual. 

The microphone has very factual recording fine, offering a deep and entire recording of my speak at nearly every occasion. The speak clips sounded adequately loud and undoubtedly obvious, which plot teammates were by no plot at hour of darkness when it came to enemy positioning. 

The mumble microphone has constructed-in cardioid skills which helps present an even bigger recording of the speak from the fronts and aspects of the microphone’s elevate up. Basically, it offers an even bigger accessible vary in which your speak would possibly perhaps well perchance well additionally be picked up. 

On the recoil, the microphone used to be quite soft to breathing and ambient noise. The ambient noise would reduce the fine of vocal recordings, but nothing too diminishing that I would steer you faraway from this headset. The microphone is also non-retractable or removable, which plot when which that it is seemingly you’ll perchance well gain to switch it out of the plot in which, you’ll merely must bend it accordingly. Unfortunately, this used to be quite of annoying for me personally, because the headset’s microphone used to be nearly in my peripheral behold when now not in command. 

As antagonistic to that though, thus a ways as $50 headset microphones hunch, this one ought to be factual up there. 


Whether or now not you’re having a imprint to pick out on a current gaming mouse or a graphics card, the positive aspects that approach equipped with that hardware play a important impartial to your decision-making job. 

As for gaming headsets, that principle is quite great the same. In the case of Razer’s Kraken X headset, it doesn’t approach with a ton of positive aspects, but the ones it does approach with, possess effectively. 

So, with that in tips, let’s soar straight into it. 

Multi-Platform Enhance

Multi-platform headsets are nothing current. However, since the arrival of USB analog connections figured out in PC headsets on the second, multi-platform versatility has change into more and more sparse. To receive particular the Krakens focused a superior assortment of gamers and customers, Razer equipped the Kraken X headset with a outmoded audio jack that would possibly perhaps additionally be aged with nearly any design. Whether or now not you’re gaming on a PS4, XBOX ONE, Smartphone or tablet, you’ll have the option to easily and quick receive issues impartial up and in a position to switch with this depart-n-play headset. 

Encompass Sound

We’ve touched on surround sound already listed here for the length of the performance portion, but now not in gargantuan aspect. Encompass sound, on this case, is 7.1 simulated surround sound. That is when your headset adjustments sound queues to receive spatial awareness more practical. 

As said above, I’ve always thought this used to be quite of a gimmicky characteristic, in particular when it first came into apply. However, since then, the skills has approach a prolonged plot and it in actuality worked quite effectively when trialing in competitive esports conditions. 

Even supposing the skills isn’t quite groundbreaking factual yet, it’s unquestionably attractive within the factual direction – which plot it goes near the slay of the Razer Kraken X’s characteristic checklist. 

Light-weight Assemble & Impact High quality

Light-weight peripherals are turning into more and more standard amongst esports gamers and hobbyists alike – factual select the vastly standard lightweight gaming mice that now flood the market. 

The lightweight make of the Kraken X headset makes using this headset for prolonged classes of time a valid pleasure. With their adjustable headscarf, the Kraken X’s undoubtedly develop provide excessive stages of comfort, to speak the least. And whereas possess fine isn’t crazy impressive, it is miles aloof very factual when comparing this headset to various equally priced decisions. 

Our Verdict

So, there you have it, our entire review of the vastly standard Razer Kraken X gaming headset. We finally system to the last portion of the review the set we give our closing tips on whether or now not or now not we judge the Kraken X’s are charge your consideration and money.

The Razer Kraken X headset is a worth range offering that comes equipped with a no bells and whistles make and a characteristic checklist to examine. However, the few positive aspects that it does have, it performs them extremely effectively. The sound fine – for a headset of this mark point – is intensely factual, and the microphone outperforms the worth mark easily. Aspects that consist of a gargantuan exquisite, lightweight make, and surround sound, all add to this headset’s overall worth for money. 

In the slay, the final analysis is that this. Once you’re within the marketplace for a sub $50 headset that offers immense sound across every gaming and music platforms, would possibly perhaps well perchance well additionally be aged on nearly any design, and has a gargantuan microphone – to now not point out some extra positive aspects too – then this would possibly perhaps well perchance well thoroughly be precisely what you’re shopping for. The Razer Kraken X headset is one other unparalleled offering within the worth range headset market.

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