Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard Review

The Razer Ornata Chroma is a keyboard tailor-made round two main parts – Razer’s proprietary mecha-membrane switches and their with out kill evolving RGB – each of which truly feel and peek ultimate. 

Razer is a tag that has been criticized over time for prioritizing RGB and parts over put-quality and performance. Notoriously, their products function properly initially, however quickly salvage existence too hard and inaugurate to deteriorate fleet. The Razer Basilisk being a top example of this – however we gained’t salvage into that one but again.

Fortunately, Razer is ultimately starting up to grab claims of discouraged put quality a minute bit extra seriously, enforcing better offers into the originate of their mid and high-cease products. Spacious details for patrons. With that in thoughts, on the fresh time we’ll be taking a closer peek on the Razer Ornata Chroma – a gaming keyboard that offers proprietary mecha-membrane switches for the “easiest of each worlds” expertise.

We’ll be pushing it to the restrict to peek the design it performs in a gargantuan collection of eventualities which include gaming, put quality, RGB, and value for money. Furthermore, we’ll query the design it compares to keyboards within Razer’s beget arsenal (BlackWidow & Huntsman) alongside some massive alternatives like the Corsair K70.

So, with all that in thoughts, let’s dive straight into it!


  • Wrist relaxation – A truly chuffed wrist relaxation to insist the least
  • Hotkeys  – Customers occupy the power to adjust media controls by capacity of purposeful keys
  • A huge selection of first charge parts – Collectively with 10 key rollover, RGB, wrist relaxation, re-mappable keys
  • Ethical value for money – Involves cupboards at a tag level that is amazingly aggressive


  • Form quality – Plastic originate which isn’t basically the most sturdy
  • Wrist relaxation easy falls off – Magnetic mechanism can plunge off reasonably with out problems


Keyboard Size & Weight

  • Weight: 950g
  • Size: Corpulent Size
  • Size: 463mm/ 18.22 inches
  • Width: 154mm/ 6.06 inches ( 70mm with wrist relaxation)
  • Height: 31mm/ 1.22 inches

Keyboard Tech

  • Switches: mecha-membrane
  • OS Toughen: Windows 7,8,10
  • Media keys: No (does include hotkeys)
  • RGB: Corpulent RGB
  • Passthrough: No
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable dimension: 2m

What’s In The Box


Admire every Razer products, the Oranata Chroma comes in a shadowy and inexperienced field that showcases the keyboard in fleshy on the entrance, whereas showing specs and parts on the again and sides. The sphere is rather sturdy, meaning no injury can also quiet happen all over transit, and it even has a minute bit carve out in the entrance so that you just may possibly are trying-sooner than-you-buy. Superb contact.

Internal we salvage:

  • Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard
  • Razer Manual
  • Welcome Notes



Factual out the field, the main ingredient you view regarding the Razer Ornata Chroma is the design it loses virtually the total Razer branding – very powerful like the Razer Cynosa Chroma. The handiest signal of Razer’s branding is stumbled on on the very bottom fringe of the keyboard underneath the spacebar, however even that is rather hard to plan. Speaking of the Razer Cynosa, there isn’t truly a large deal of distinction when evaluating the two designs of these keyboards. They’re precisely the identical dimension and virtually same in shape. On one (the Cynosa), you occupy a minute bit plastic RGB Razer tag on the underside and a reasonably extra angular shape, whereas the opposite (the Ornata) has Razer carved underneath the spacebar and a plastic indicator panel above the volume pad. Other than that, the two boards are very same in originate.

That being acknowledged, the Ornata involves the table offering Razer’s classic all-shadowy enticing which works completely with the engaging, fully customizable RGB that we’ll contact upon in extra detail later. This keyboard is made essentially from plastic, which, after some robustness checks (twisting and bending with some pressure), we concluded became once of first charge quality – however no longer one of the best we’ve viewed. The plastic that surrounds the keycaps has been accomplished with a subtle tough matte texture which feels nice, for basically the most piece. It doesn’t provide a large deal of grip or comfort, however I order that’s what the Ornata’s ideal pro affords – the wrist relaxation.


We’re going to discuss regarding the wrist relaxation in extra detail afterward, however from a originate level of salvage out about, it appears to be rather nice. On the outside, it affords a leather-essentially based-like peek that feels massive and affords salubrious-attempting comfort. It does add a form of depth to this keyboard, on the opposite hand. So, whereas you’re working on a minute desk, you may possibly want to grab into legend this sooner than buying.

One in all the massive adjustments that separates the Ornata from the Cynosa is the keycaps. Razer has equipped the Ornata with half of-top keycaps, giving the board a powerful decrease profile. I if fact be told truly like the design the low profile keycaps put the board peek, and contrary to a pair people’s beliefs, they manufacture even occupy a purposeful reason as properly. We’ll salvage onto that later even supposing.

Intriguing to the again of this board affords minute or no when it involves originate parts. It comes with a sturdy braided cable that appears like it’ll stand the take a look at of time whereas providing minute to no abrasion in your mat which is a distinct income. Underneath, customers will have the selection to cable space up the Ornata in three varied directions thanks to cable routing cutouts. Very helpful. The bottom of the keyboard affords four minute rubber feet that wait on preserve the keyboard in place. It also affords two pop-out feet that elevate the rear of the board for a extra chuffed typing place. The handiest map back to those feet, other than the real fact they handiest provide one level of top, is that they provide no grip the least bit. I if fact be told occupy a tumbler desk, and the keyboard became once slipping in all places. So, for me, a minute bit stressful.

Total, I truly feel the Ornata’s originate leaves a minute bit to be desired. Pondering the originate is steadily one of many huge selling gains of Razer products, you’d like to peek a minute bit extra from the Ornata in this department. Alternatively, as all of us know, the RGB usually makes up for any understated originate flaws, so it’ll be attention-grabbing to peek how the lighting will affect the originate when it involves the RGB take a look at piece of the analysis.



Subsequent, we’ll be taking a closer peek at about a of the parts the Razer Ornata has to present. Unusual gaming keyboards now near packed with parts and advantages that wait on separate the market dramatically. Razer is notorious for jamming parts onto their boards, whether or no longer it be a funds mouse or high-cease keyboard. So, after a reasonably mundane originate analysis, we occupy been extra than intrigued to peek what this keyboard supplied in the parts department.

Let’s dive straight into it.


First and major place, let’s grab a peek on the switches this keyboard affords. The Ornata comes equipped with Razer’s new Mecha-membrane switches – a “easiest of each worlds” swap which displays the soundless actuation of a membrane dome, with the savory tactile truly feel of a mechanical swap. Relatively frosty.

The switches are a large characteristic of this keyboard as they’ll also be archaic by each office customers and gamers alike. As a ways as truly feel goes, these switches truly feel rather rattling honest. I’ve tried lots of hybrid switches sooner than, with most falling in one camp or the opposite. Alternatively, Razer appears to be to occupy hit the nail on the top with their mecha-membrane switches. Add the half of-top keycaps to the equation as properly, and also you occupy a truly savory typing expertise.

RGB Lighting fixtures

Subsequent up we occupy the RGB lighting. As all of us know, Razer is significant for the utilization of RGB in their peripherals to the utmost doable. A huge selection of their products rely upon the typical of the RGB as one of many main selling gains. So, with that in thoughts, we occupy been extremely angry to peek what a keyboard branded with the Chroma expertise name had to present.

Straight out the field, the Ornata showcased nice, engaging RGB settings. Alternatively, the fun truly began once we entered the Synapse III diagram equipment. Internal Snypase customers occupy fleshy customization of the keyboard and the RGB lighting, all the design down to every particular person key.

The Chroma studio is amazingly user-apt and makes customizing this keyboard’s RGB a right pleasure. Customers occupy the power to separate the keyboard into particular person segments and customize every to their desired taste. You’ll have the selection to customize every piece or key with a preset, whereas having the power to put a different from 6.8 million colours as properly.

If that level of customization is a minute bit too powerful for you, apprehension no longer, Razer also put in a collection of presets to put existence a minute bit simpler. Presets range from color cycles to (my inner most favourite) the ripple compose and rather powerful everything in between. They even equipped this board with a fab “audio meter” preset which adapts the RGB to the kind of music you’re taking note of. Very graceful.


Half-Height Keycaps

As mentioned above, this keyboard does provide a decrease profile originate thanks to the half of-top keycaps Razer determined to implement right here. These are slap bang in between chiclet and fleshy-top keycaps, making them (once extra) one of the best of each worlds.

Other than making the keyboard peek somewhat extra classy, Razer says the mid-top keycaps truly wait on with gaming performance too. They’re acknowledged to be designed in this kind of formulation that truly promotes responsiveness whereas gaming. To me, that factual sounds like advertising and marketing and marketing jargon, however one ingredient is for distinct, the tip of these keycaps became once virtually easiest for typing and office use. So massive thumbs up there.

Anti-Ghosting & Key Rollover

Anti-ghosting and key rollover is nothing new in the keyboard alternate; on the opposite hand, it’s quiet a truly efficient characteristic to occupy in a gaming keyboard.

For folk which would possibly be unaware of what this characteristic is, ghosting occurs when several keys are pressed simultaneously, ensuing in one (or extra) no longer being registered by the keyboard. To eradicate the possibility of this happening, keyboard producers began to implement the main rollover characteristic on their boards.

This enables the keyboard to register every single keypress no matter what number of are pressed on the identical time. Nicely, originate of.

Key rollover comes in a collection of reasonably lots of kinds, all offering a maximum collection of keypresses sooner than complications inaugurate to happen. Overall keyboards would possibly possibly well provide between 3 and 5 simultaneous keypresses. Extra top charge choices would possibly possibly well near with NKRO (N-Key Rollover) which design every single key on the board will also be pressed and all would possibly be registered.

The Ornata falls in the midst of this spectrum, offering 10 key rollover – extra than enough for neutral about every typing and gaming scenario.

Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Subsequent up we occupy the wrist relaxation. Now, we’ve had the pleasure of attempting out many keyboards that provide this characteristic in the previous, that being acknowledged, this has bought to be one of many perfect available in the market (at this tag level).

Razer’s wrist relaxation affords unbelievable comfort, a tender contact, and a easy to join (magnetic) mechanism. Razer has embossed its snake tag in the midst of the wrist relaxation and has saved it all shadowy – as you may possibly query.

The relaxation itself feels extremely tender, for basically the most piece. The padded layer isn’t the thickest in the world, so that you just may possibly truly feel the laborious plastic underneath whereas you press down laborious enough. That is factual a minor gripe even supposing, as total it’s rather honest.

Synapse III Instrument Equipment

Lastly, we occupy Razer’s Synapse III diagram equipment. Through the years Synapse has been slated for no longer being user-apt or versatile enough. Fortunately, Razer has taken this criticism on board, now providing a powerful better, extra rounded diagram equipment.

With the exception of for RGB customization, Synapse affords a total bunch of extras that put your peripheral a large deal extra versatile. Customers will have the selection to space a game mode – toggled the utilization of a characteristic button on the keyboard – alongside a gargantuan collection of profiles tailor-made for diverse video games and eventualities – with every key on the Ornata keyboard being re-mappable by capacity of the Synapse diagram.


Hands-On Outcomes

So, we’ve discussed the originate and about a of the parts that near with this keyboard, it’s time to put the Ornata to the take a look at in about a right-world eventualities to peek the design it performs.

Let’s inaugurate with about a video games.

I started off by taking half in my lag-to game when it involves attempting out keyboards and mice, CS:GO. This lickety-split-paced shooter requires the ideal levels of response and actuation, making it the ideal attempting out facility for a keyboard. The main ingredient I spotted, became once the switches.

So, as we’ve discussed, the Ornata comes with proprietary mecha-membrane switches which would possibly be a hybrid between membrane and mechanical technologies. To my surprise, the switches truly felt rather honest in-game. I’d lag as a ways as announcing it became once 60% mechanical to 40% membrane when it involves truly feel, which is a nice steadiness between the two. They felt responsive and proper, and I’m no longer distinct if that advertising and marketing and marketing jargon is corrupting my concept course of, however the low profile keycaps truly perceived to wait on in-game.

The handiest effort I did salvage when the utilization of the switches, became once that about a of them felt a minute bit slack to “jump again” after being pressed. Here’s purely minor, however going from my Ducky Miya Sakura to this, it became once surely noticeable.

We played about a MMO titles after this, and the keyboard perceived to withstand the take a look at rather properly. Having the possibility of re-mapping every and every key absolutely came into its beget in these titles. I didn’t truly query any key rollover characteristic kicking in, however however, it’s no longer truly something you grab into legend in fresh keyboards.

Gaming apart, I truly enjoyed factual typing on this keyboard, in actuality. It felt truly nice, and I suspect a form of that feeling will also be contributed to the half of-top keycaps. The switches occupy been a distinct plus in this department as properly, offering a soundless expertise for basically the most piece.

Total, I truly feel the Ornata did a reasonably honest job as a ways as performance is anxious. Razer appears to be to occupy left the total thrills and spills late, taking extra time to be conscious of fundamental elements equivalent to performance and parts.


Our Verdict

And with that, we with regards to the cease of this total analysis of the Razer Ornata Chroma. Being correct, I didn’t think I’d like this keyboard as powerful as I did. I became once a minute bit skeptical of the Mecha-membrane switches, no longer to level out the unfriendly put quality you largely salvage with Razer peripherals.

Alternatively, I became once pleasantly a great deal surprised by what this keyboard dropped on the table. Alongside a reasonably overall originate, Razer equipped this keyboard with first charge parts that truly helped separate it from aggressive alternatives like the Corsair K55 and Razer’s beget Cynosa.

The wrist relaxation is among one of the best I’ve archaic, and Synapse is now in a spot that I’d categorize as user-apt. So, total, properly played on this one Razer.

Whenever you’re attempting for a mid-range board that has a ton of parts, adequate put quality, honest gaming performance, and rocking RGB, then peek no further. The Razer Ornata Chroma has you lined.

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