Redfall gameplay and new details revealed in massive leak

During E3 this year, Arkane Studios made a surprise appearance to announce Redfall, a Vampire-themed co-op game coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. The announcement trailer was purely CGI, with no gameplay shown. However, some recent play testers have now broke NDA on the game, revealing a bunch of screenshots. 

Redfall isn’t due out until some time in 2022, but it looks like third-party play testing is already underway. Usually, we wouldn’t hear anything about these play tests due to NDAs, but one employee decided to go rogue, unveiling 14 screenshots online, some of which show more polished areas of the game, while others show in-development areas and tools, such as enemy spawners and other developer toggles.

As we can see from the screenshots, Redfall is a looter shooter. We can already see legendary gear, damage numbers a levelling system in place and more. The leaker also confirmed a few more details about the game, confirming that gameplay is very similar to Borderlands, but with a seamless open world, similar in scope to something like Ghost of Tsushima.

Each playable character has their own unique hero ability and in keeping with Arkane’s tradition, you can focus on stealthy gameplay or guns-blazing action to get through missions. Some of these missions will also have Borderlands-style boss fights. Weapons will also be varied, from normal weapons like rifles and handguns to more unique weapons, like a stake launcher to keep enemy vampires at bay.

The game will include six playable characters at launch, four of which we already saw in the trailer for the game. Finally, the game can be played fully single-player, or in co-op mode, just like Wolfenstein: New Blood, which Arkane also worked on.

KitGuru Says: This leak seemingly came out of nowhere. Given that the game is already in play testing, it’s starting to seem likely that this game will indeed meet its 2022 launch window. 

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