ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO Review

The ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO is a unheard of wired gaming mouse that brings heaps to the table. Having said that, it is clearly tailored against FPS shooters and falls flat in other areas. 

ROCCAT’s Kain lineup of mice has been successful amongst gamers for a long time now ensuing from of their ergonomic rep and intensely unbiased correct gaming performance. Indulge in most huge mouse lineups, the Kain sees one more addition enter into its ever-rising roster of spectacular mice. As of late, we’ll be having a watch at essentially the most up-to-date to hit shelves, the Kain 122 AIMO.

The Kain 122 AIMO is a huge gaming mouse that involves the table offering first price grip, a extremely upright sensor, a gentle-weight rep, and needless to disclose, RGB. The 122 AIMO falls correct into a magnificent competitive imprint pool as a ways as the peripheral market goes, so it’ll be attention-grabbing to glance the plan in which it stacks as much as market leaders and other mice interior the ROCCAT community.

So, with all that in mind, let’s extinguish no extra time and dive straight into it!


  • High grip coating
  • Genuine gaming sensor
  • Shiny RGB
  • Lightweight rep
  • Newly designed cable


  • Competitive imprint level
  • Tiny buttons


Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 89g
  • Size: Medium-Pleasant
  • Length: 12.4 cm / 4.88 in
  • Width: 6.5 cm / 2.55 in
  • Height: 4.3 cm / 1.69 in
  • Hand Orientation: Genuine-handed

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: Owl-Survey 16k
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • DPI: 50 – 16000, in steps of 50
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable dimension: 1.8 m

What’s In The Box


Mouse manufacturers procure suggested a ways from elaborate box designs as of late, with the ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO being no different. Indulge in most other mice, this one is available in a pretty classic box that shows the mouse on the front and records regarding key formulation on the support. You’ll also bag some tech specs under. Interior, the mouse is bundled in a skinny layer of plastic which feels reasonably successfully secured.

Interior you bag:

  • ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO
  • Starter Recordsdata


The Kain lineup has forever been successfully-known for its ergonomic rep, offering a capable grip and an very unbiased correct total feel for gamers with medium to trim-sized arms. With that in mind, the Kain 122 AIMO continues this model offering one more subtle, but efficient, rep that feels huge in most gaming/standard utilize eventualities.

The Kain 122 AIMO is available in two different coloration diversifications, unlit and white. We procure the white one, and reasonably frankly, it appears to be like superior. The gentle coating presents this mouse an opulent magnificent – no longer to disclose a ton of grip – that with out a doubt pops when paired with the spectacular RGB. The buttons procure been separated from the principle shell of the mouse, while the 2 facet buttons procure been performed in unlit to distinction successfully with the white shell.

Other than the ROCCAT logo on the support which is illuminated by shiny RGB, the fully other imprint of ROCCAT’s branding might perhaps well be found on the left clicker. ROCCAT has stamped their title across this button giving it their traditional flare.

A fragment of silver plastic might perhaps well be found throughout the 2 main clickers, housing the DPI button and the scroll wheel. This fragment has been performed with a brushed aluminum model which I feel finishes off the watch of this mouse successfully. As a ways as magnificent rep goes, here is one in every of the simpler-having a watch mice available, individually. Total, huge job ROCCAT.


Size And Weight

The Kain 122 is a mouse that sits in the upper reaches of the scale spectrum, offering an unlimited ergonomic rep for medium-trim sized arms. It has a high high of 4.3cm, while the 2 main clickers sit at round 2.8cm. That’s a bit of better than other mice in this present day’s market, however I reveal that’s all segment of the Kain 122’s ergonomic appeal. The width sits at 6.5cm, giving this mouse a terribly wholesome feel while in-game – one thing I individually enjoyed. The size is superior and presents no awkwardness in anyway, allowing you to hear on those vital headshots over hand placement.

The burden of this mouse is 89 grams, so rather light, however nothing when put next to a pair of the trim light-weight mice we glance populating the market upright now – ROCCAT’s dangle Kone Pure Ultra as an illustration. The burden appears to be like to be successfully dispensed and tailored against FPS gaming, one thing that can please CS:GO fanatics much like myself.

Total, one more huge aggregate of successfully opinion out aesthetics and light-weight engineering.

Shape And Texture

So, onto form and texture, two areas the set aside I feel this mouse excels. The Kain 122 AIMO has a pretty prominent stir at as soon as in the route of the shell, with the principle clickers sloping gently forward rising a capable sitting residence on your fingers. The main clickers procure even been performed with a concave form to promote comfort even extra. The sides slant in reasonably to encourage with the grip. On the opposite hand, the coating of this mouse – one thing we’ll discuss in extra detail quickly – presents heaps of that in abundance.

Even though this mouse is categorized as a upright-handed mouse, it completely has reasonably a pair of traits you’d bag in an ambidextrous rep. Having said that, the rather aggressive left-upright slant magnificent unheard of ruins the ergonomics for left-handed customers.

The shell of the mouse is rather flat, even with that stir in the heart, making it useable by most grip styles. The small quantity of buttons this mouse presents all sit rather flush with the shell of the mouse, giving the total form of this mouse a trim assemble with small angles.

Regarded as one of many fully formulation of the new assortment of mice coming out of the ROCCAT lab must be the new shell coating. Indulge in the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra, the Kain 122 has been kitted out with new coating technology that presents a steady assemble, but serene extremely grippy. Now not fully is this thing very grippy – even with hand perspiration – it’s extremely easy to trim as successfully. I’ve been the utilization of this mouse for a while even though and no longer unheard of rep-up has came about.


Unlike a pair of of the extra elaborate mice that ROCCAT provide – Tyon and Kova – the Kain 122 AIMO doesn’t provide an unlimited deal in the button division. The Kain has been geared up with six buttons which are all reprogrammable by capability of the ROCCAT Swarm scheme suite. The 2 main clickers procure been newly designed for better response and actuation. And I want to recount, I feel ROCCAT has finished an unlimited job with the new buttons, they feel very unbiased correct. Furthermore, they provide a capable actuation sound and feel rather sturdy.

The facet buttons, but again, provide up first price comfort, actuation, and response. Unlike other mice, the ROCCAT Kain 122’s facet buttons procure small to no sponginess in anyway. The facet buttons are successfully positioned and don’t rep in the methodology when the utilization of this mouse for day after day tasks. On the opposite hand, when attach in a gaming downside, they feel thoroughly placed to promote utilization.

The scroll wheel feels extremely successfully-made and sturdy, with first price resistance between every notch. Utilizing the scroll wheel in-game felt very upright, namely when switching through weapons, while the scroll wheel button itself felt huge for grenade binds. The scroll wheel comes with its dangle RGB zone that can perhaps well be altered interior the Swarm scheme suite too.

Below the scroll wheel customers can bag a DPI switch that toggles through diversified DPI presets. Indulge in the rest of the buttons on this mouse, it feels high-quality and tactile. Total, the buttons on the Kain 122 AIMO feel extremely successfully designed and a definite enchancment over a pair of of the older items interior this vary of mice.


Cable And Originate Glorious

Subsequent up we now procure the cable and rep quality of the review. We’ll inaugurate off by having a watch on the latter.

The rep quality of the Kain 122 in point of fact feels very correct. Regarded as one of many broad enhancements I’ve considered in the more contemporary mice must be in the case of the rep quality. They upright feel an unlimited deal better than the older items. The new coating has clearly been successfully designed, whereas the shell itself presents very unbiased correct energy and robustness. When shaking the mouse aggressively that you just can hear the scroll wheel and main buttons rattle a bit of, however nothing too crazy.

Below, the Kain 122 presents two very thin skates that provide gentle movements across most surfaces. The cable is a newly designed braided cable that brings 30% extra flexibility for more uncomplicated mouse movements and no more resistance. I’m individually no longer a broad fan of the braided cables, however they completely procure a segment to play in trendy mice as they attain present unheard of extra robustness. This one appears to be like magnificent unheard of made when evaluating it to other braided cables available, so magnificent play.

Sensor And Performance

So, we in the end come to the segment of the review most other folks procure been ready for – the sensor and performance section. This is the set aside we bewitch a more in-depth watch on the interior specifics of the mouse and the plan in which they originate in a gaming downside.

So, let’s soar on into it.

At the initiating, let’s bewitch a more in-depth watch at what sensor ROCCAT made up our minds to make utilize of on this mouse. To no one’s shock, they opted to make utilize of their new Owl-Survey sensor, a variant of the PMW 3389. It’s been used across many of their fully gaming mice  – esteem the ROCCAT Kone assortment – and presents very unbiased correct accuracy and response, as you’d inquire. It’s price declaring that virtually all trendy mice come geared up with excessive-performance sensors this present day. You are going to infrequently ever glance a gaming mouse in this present day’s market that doesn’t provide flawless performance. Anyway, the Owl-Survey 16k sensor brings a max DPI of 16,000 to the table, no longer that you just’ll want it, and 1000Hz polling price – all of which might perhaps well be altered interior the scheme suite.

So, as forever, I started by firing up CS:GO, my crawl-to game in the case of attempting out excessive-performance gaming mice. After playing deathmatch for a pair of rounds, it used to be stable to recount this thing used to be no silly tale. I procure medium-sized arms, so the utilization of this used to be completely comely for essentially the most segment. I’ve no longer too long ago been the utilization of an MX518 Legendary, so making the switch from that to the ROCCAT Kain 122 used to be rather unproblematic. I found aiming with this mouse with out a doubt reasonably easy, mainly ensuing from of how delighted the mouse felt in my hand. Because you procure such huge grip with this mouse, your confidence to impact long-vary sprays and AWP flick photographs increases, dramatically – or it did for me anyway.

The burden of the mouse felt successfully dispensed in the center, which manner after I obtained used to the mouse, I might perhaps well perhaps throw it round reasonably aggressively and it in point of fact felt magnificent agile. The skates supplied heaps of smoothness, while the new coating supplied up the total grip I required. To the contact upon the weight but again temporarily, the Kain 122 is available in at 89 grams which, for essentially the most segment, is characterized as”heart of the facet street” as a ways as weight is anxious. And while mice appear to be getting lighter for competitive esports reasons, I feel 89 grams is an unlimited combine of rep quality of weight distribution.

After playing CS:GO and Name Of Accountability for a while, I magnificent unheard of concluded the Kain 122 AIMO used to be a first price mouse as a ways as FPS gaming is anxious. On the opposite hand, how does this mouse magnificent in numerous eventualities? Effectively, I tried playing a pair of MMO titles quickly after this, and the dearth of buttons rapidly changed into apparent and problematic.

It’s forever high-quality having extra buttons when playing these particular game styles, alternatively, the ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO fully presents a pair of extra buttons for bindable instructions – so no longer the fully. Having said that, this mouse isn’t geared against MMO titles, so we’ll let it off for that.

Something we haven’t touched upon successfully but is the RGB. Indulge in quite a bit of gaming mice in this present day’s market, the ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO comes with a pair of RGB lights zones to impact the aesthetics pop. And by pop, I in point of fact attain indicate pop. The RGB on this mouse is amazingly shiny and outshines most mice in this present day’s market. You might perhaps well customize the 2 lights zones by coming into the SWARM scheme suite, alongside with quite a bit of the opposite areas too. You’ll procure a ton of more than a number of preset alternate choices and coloration patterns to pick out from to impact this mouse watch alternatively you desire it to.

The underside line is, as a ways as FPS gaming is anxious, this thing with out a doubt does excel. It has successfully dispensed weight and feels extremely responsive and agile while in the warmth of war. As a ways as other gaming styles crawl, there are potentially better mice available, however that’s no broad deal pondering here is adapted against FPS gamers.



ROCCAT, esteem in the case of all mouse manufacturers, presents patrons with a at hand scheme kit (SWARM) to encourage customize this mouse to your actual requirements. Contained in the scheme kit, it is doable for you to to customize RGB, DPI, polling price, LOD, and magnificent unheard of all the things else that you just can agree with of too. The RGB has a ton of preset alternate choices and 16.8 million colours to pick out from. DPI and polling price might perhaps well be altered in steps of 50 and profiles might perhaps well be saved to the mouse itself for on-the-cruise utilization.

The one thing I will teach in regards to the SWARM scheme, alternatively, is that it feels reasonably complex when you aren’t used to the utilization of this roughly application. It isn’t essentially the most user-appropriate fragment of kit I’ve had the pleasure of the utilization of, that’s for upright.

Luckily, this mouse is magnificent unheard of plod-n-play, which manner it’s correct to crawl upright out the box.

Our Verdict

And with that, we in the end come to the quit of the ROCCAT Kain 122 AIMO mouse review. This is the set aside we round up our final thoughts regarding this mouse and glance the plan in which it compares to in the same model priced picks that currently sit interior the market.

So, what did I agree with of this mouse? Effectively, to be factual, I’ve been with out a doubt impressed with a pair of of the mice that procure come out of the ROCCAT camp no longer too long ago. Their Kone Pure Ultra conducted and felt extremely correct, and the Kain 122 feels very equal. As a ways as performance went, this thing used to be magnificent flawless when it got here to FPS gaming. It handled magnificent unheard of all the things I threw at it and made aiming a actual joy, namely when spraying down folk the set aside accuracy is the biggest.

On the opposite hand, on the flip facet, this mouse isn’t huge for other makes utilize of. It didn’t with out a doubt provide unheard of up in the MMO gaming eventualities as it lacked the buttons required to in point of fact compete in that market.

So, as a ways as FPS mice are concerned, the set aside does this mouse lie? Effectively, it currently retails for round $65 which, if I’m being factual, reduces quite a bit of the price that consists of this mouse. That puts it into and above the realm of leading gaming mice much just like the Razer Deathadder and the MX518 Legendary. Comparing to those two mice, it has equal performance stages with a pretty different rep, however a extra costly imprint tag. The Deathadder is one in every of essentially the most very popular mice in this present day’s market; alternatively, the ROCCAT undoubtedly brings better rep quality to the table. The same can no longer be said when evaluating it to the Logitech, alternatively. Total, I feel it’s magnificent unheard of placed, however completely has some stiff opponents surrounding it.

So, the final analysis is, when you’re anyone who has rather trim arms and requires a trim upright gaming mouse that feels responsive and agile, I feel this mouse must be excessive to your list of considerations.

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