ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

This Ultralight gaming mouse is a refresh of a fan approved, the KPOE. This one drops a ton of weight, implements a recent, extremely simply sensor, and some flashy RGB. What extra could presumably you wish?

ROCCAT in all fairness smartly identified within the peripheral trade presently time, but mainly for their wacky mouse designs that strategy crammed with buttons and RGB fancy they’re going out of fashion – the ROCCAT Kova being a elegant instance of this ideology. It used to be a trait that regarded discipline to continue till they released a few stripped-down mice that had been extra geared in direction of FPS titles.

Surely among the most basic smartly-most usual mice within their arsenal to originate this contemporary pattern used to be the spectacular KPOE (Kone Pure Owl-Scrutinize). Nonetheless, we won’t be that this day, we’ve already reviewed that in beefy. This day we’re having a explore at the latest arrival from the ROCCAT camp, the refresh of the KPOE, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely.

It’s a ways a mouse that presents a comely mild-weight fetch, contemporary RGB, and a recent sensor for elevated accuracy. It’s all the issues the well-liked Kone pure used to be, most productive improved.

So, with that in thoughts, let’s utilize a explore at how this mouse performs in gaming, glean quality, fetch, and price for money.


  • Mammoth Gentle-weight fetch
  • ROCCAT’s ergonomic shape
  • Very grippy
  • Stripped-aid beautiful
  • High-efficiency sensor


  • Small buttons
  • Moderately expensive


Mouse Dimension & Weight

  • Weight: 66g
  • Dimension: Diminutive-medium
  • Length: 11.75 cm / 4.62 in
  • Width Lend a hand: 7.35 cm / 2.89 in
  • Width Entrance: 6.19 cm / 2.43 in
  • High: 3.81 cm / 1.50 in
  • Hand Orientation: Right-handed

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: 3389 Optical
  • Buttons: Omron Switches
  • DPI: 50 – 16000, in steps of 50
  • Polling Price in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.9 m / 5.9 toes

What’s In The Box


ROCCAT has in the end dropped the ridiculous box fetch and has gone for one thing somewhat sleeker and additional sophisticated for their contemporary lineup of mice. The contemporary box in all fairness generic, providing a image of the mouse of the entrance and some part of specs and aspects on the aid. As you need to well presumably inquire of, the Kone Pure Extremely comes housed in a skinny layer of protective plastic, alongside a quickstart handbook. All fairly identical outdated.

Inner You Get:

  • ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely Gaming Mouse
  • Quickstart Handbook


ROCCAT absorb historically given their mice crazy designs that cater extra in direction of MMO gamers procuring for plenty of buttons, over high-efficiency sensors and aesthetics. Nonetheless, with their contemporary KPU, as we’ll call it, that’s now now not the case.

Let’s glean straight into the fetch of this mouse.


Dimension And Weight

As a ways as size goes, this ingredient hasn’t in actuality changed from the well-liked KPOE. It has an nearly a similar fetch, unexcited providing itself properly to puny-medium sized simply-handed customers. The skedaddle in all fairness basic the identical, unexcited providing a shrimp broadness that makes it easy to grip – finest for instant-paced FPS shooters.

Nonetheless, by manner of the weight category, the contemporary KPU in actuality excels dramatically. It has shed 22 grams of weight from the well-liked (that’s a quarter of its total make-up) in give an explanation for to fit into an ever-changing market that appears to lean within the prefer of sunshine mice. That makes it no doubt among the lightest mice obtainable simply now, no doubt with out striking any holes within the shell – a pattern that’s becoming extra and additional usual (Excellent Odin shall we embrace).

It’ll be sharp to request how that weight distinction reflects within the gaming efficiency of this mouse, especially in FPS video games. That’s growing somewhat later though.


Shape And Texture

Transferring onto the form and texture, as mentioned above, the Kone Pure Extremely presents up the particular identical shape as its predecessor. In point of fact nothing to document by manner of changes. Having said that, the KPOE used to be no doubt one of their most smartly-most usual mice, so why tamper with an already total blueprint?

The shape is swish and accentuated by subtle curves for grip and ergonomics. The skedaddle is prominent but nothing crazy, while the mouse buttons slope gently in direction of that irregular-attempting entrance portion that has been argued over since its arrival. The left-hand side of the mouse presents a subtle thumb grip within the ways of a groove, even as the simply presents nothing by manner of fetch aspects, most productive a soft, somewhat recessed space that feels just appropriate for grip.

ROCCAT has done the fetch of this mouse off with a subtle soft matt fancy live that’s both grippy and durable. The coating passe encases the entire high and aspects of the mouse, so titillating this ingredient even as within the warmth of fight is now not any discipline whatsoever. Total, very impressed with the form and texture.


Next up, are the buttons. Now, as here’s adapted in direction of FPS gamers, we won’t moan too basic referring to the buttons. Successfully, I won’t in my opinion, because I most productive use four buttons even as playing FPS video games, but some could presumably.

Anyway, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely presents up seven buttons which would per chance presumably be all properly placed to advertise their usage while in-game. The 2 fundamental clickers in actuality feel fairly tactile and don’t require a colossal quantity of power to actuate. The scroll wheel is, once extra, fairly tactile and presents a optimistic in actuality feel and actuation sound for the most phase. It has a optimistic resistance which would per chance be passe for accurately scrolling through weapons in-game, but can’t be altered fancy some mice obtainable fancy the Razer Basilisk V2. The 2 DPI buttons are doubtlessly the least spectacular of the bunch, showing a pretty spongey in actuality feel if fact be instructed. They are pretty extensive, however, which arrangement if you are going to utilize them for binds, they’re easy enough to hit. The side buttons are very an equivalent to the DPI switches, most productive providing up somewhat extra firmness when in use. On the plus side, they provide a extremely efficient spring aid power which arrangement hasty clicking of the side buttons is with out a doubt an option.

In the waste, the buttons were left fairly basic as they had been within the well-liked KPOE. All of them unexcited use Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, and all in actuality feel fairly first fee – albeit some somewhat on the spongey side.


Cable And Make Advantageous

As a ways as glean quality is apprehensive, I can’t in actuality knock this mouse at all. I mean, there’s a shrimp rattle when I shake the mouse pretty aggressively, but nothing too crazy. More impressively, however, is how the ROCCAT personnel managed to fetch a mouse at this weight with out striking holes within the shell.

Now, spoiler alert, there are holes within the fetch of this mouse, appropriate now not on the bottom. The ROCCAT personnel took what many manufacturers are doing presently time and became it on its head. They made up our minds to connect the holes on the inner so the aesthetics on the exterior weren’t affected. High-quality lope. To me, that shows real ingenuity from the fellows down at ROCCAT, one thing that installs confidence in me, as a purchaser.

The shell feels extraordinarily sturdy, even when below low strain within the course of checking out. There’s puny to no flex or bending on the shell. Nonetheless, as mentioned above, there’s a puny rattle when shaking pretty aggressively.

Transferring onto the cable, ROCCAT has equipped this mouse with a 1.9m rubber-lined cable that feels pretty sturdy and versatile. I in my opinion revel within the explore of a rubber-lined cable over the latest braided ones, and undoubtedly factor in they provide much less abrasion.

Sensor And Efficiency

So, let’s glean onto the finest stuff, the stuff you came here to examine – how this ingredient performs in a gaming discipline. Successfully, to lower a prolonged tale instant, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely performed extraordinarily smartly over a alternative of diversified platforms. I was rather now unsure of what to glean of this mouse when reviewing the size, weight, and shape, but after I gamed with it, those preliminary thoughts had been rapidly forgotten. This ingredient is awesome!

Earlier than we discuss about efficiency though, let’s explore at the sensor ROCCAT made up our minds to lope along with.

At the guts of this mouse lies ROCCAT’s Owl-Scrutinize sensor – a variant of the vastly usual 3389 sensor that we absorb got considered in so many high-efficiency mice over the years. Admire diversified mice that expend this sensor, the ROCCAT KPU feels pinpoint simply and extraordinarily responsive. The contemporary sensor presents up to 16,000 DPI, now not that you just’ll need it, and doesn’t provide any gimmicky aspects fancy smoothing or acceleration – as you’d inquire of. The LOD (Defend off distance) is around 2 CDs, but fortunately, you need to well presumably alter the distance in ROCCAT’s utility suite.

So, let’s glean into some gaming, how did this ingredient in actuality feel? Successfully, to connect it in standpoint, I’ve been the use of the MX518 Legendary for a actually prolonged time now, it’s an unparalleled mouse to whisper the least. So, when I purchased tasked to examine the ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely – a mouse that weighed half of the weight, I was lower than overjoyed. Nonetheless, after the use of it for per week or two, I rapidly understood why so many mavens are leaning in direction of the lighter mice in this day’s esports.

I started by playing CS:GO, a instant-paced first-particular person shooter that requires hasty reactions and accuracy. I’ll be factual, in the starting up attach, it took me somewhat little bit of time to glean passe to the weight because it used to be so basic lighter than the MX518 I was the use of sooner than. Luckily, however, the form fit my hand completely from the phrase lope. When I purchased passe to the weight though, I primarily need to whisper, I believe my in-game efficiency primarily improved when in contrast to the use of the MX518. I felt extra agile, extra simply, and on the entire chanced on aiming somewhat less complicated. The mild-weight fetch allowed me to game for longer with out the feeling of fatigue or wrist strain – I’m talking a 5-6 hour CS:GO session here by the fashion. After an very finest few video games, I could presumably in actuality feel my blueprint becoming somewhat tiresome when the use of the MX518, AWP flick photographs weren’t as snappy, AK sprays regarded somewhat wilder. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the case when the use of the ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely.

I performed a couple extra FPS titles after CS:GO, all of which resulted within the identical final end result. I tried my success at some MMO titles quickly after that, but let’s be factual, you need to well presumably also use a laser mouse and glean away with playing MMO titles – no disrespect lads!

Sensor apart, the shell of this mouse felt VERY grippy even as the use of it. The contemporary coating know-how ROCCAT has passe in this mouse clearly works wonders, even when somewhat perspiration has came about. The skates on the bottom are fairly extensive, but I in actuality feel they added somewhat extra one thing to the texture of the mouse. Significantly when spraying – the attach minute changes are required.

So, general, I was vastly impressed with this mouse. With its no-frills fetch, the Kone Pure Extremely does the easy issues extraordinarily smartly. Its shape presents colossal grip, even as the sensor brings an accuracy that’s bang up to this point with stylish sensors. A colossal FPS gaming mouse.




To instant touch on the utility, ROCCAT presents up its SWARM peripheral suite to customers looking for to alter the settings of their mouse. Now, having said that, this mouse will most likely be plugged in simply-out-the-box and could presumably work completely, attributable to DPI buttons below the scroll wheel. Nonetheless, in case you’d fancy to remap some buttons or alter the polling fee, you need to well presumably must make use of the utility.

The RGB will most likely be changed as smartly, however, since the Kone Pure Extremely most productive has one RGB lightning zone, the decisions are fairly restricted to what you need to well presumably primarily fetch. Total, the utility in all fairness general but presents customers all the issues you’d must customise the mouse to your likings.

Our Verdict

So, onto the verdict. This is the attach we shatter the mouse down constant with label and efficiency, and in a roundabout arrangement, articulate whether or now not or now not we in actuality feel it’s rate your money.

For me, here’s a pretty easy one to answer to, this mouse is entirely incredible. I’ve had the pleasure of the use of many mice which would per chance presumably be categorized as “mild-weight” over the years. Nonetheless, they at all times tumble instant in a single manner or one other. It appears fancy a anxious task designing a mouse that seems to be colossal and performs smartly. ROCCAT appears to absorb chanced on a actually optimistic heart ground between the two though.

As a ways as label goes, I primarily need to whisper, this mouse shows fairly just appropriate label for money if fact be instructed. It for the time being retails appropriate below $60, and if you compare that to diversified choices, I in actuality in actuality feel this provide one thing the diversified don’t.

So, in case you’re procuring for a high-efficiency gaming mouse that’s supreme for FPS shooters – even as being grippy and mild-weight, then explore no extra. The ROCCAT Kone Pure Extremely ticks the entire simply bins!

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