Seasonic CONNECT Review – A New Kind of Power Supply!

Seasonic CONNECT is a PC energy provide adore nothing we be pleased now ever seen earlier than. The major unit is a 750W Gold rated Prime energy provide with a transient, mounted major 12V cable that plugs into the CONNECT unit, and that’s where things derive attention-grabbing. CONNECT is a distribution panel that is hooked as a lot as the mid-panel of your PC with the purpose of tidying all those messy cables.

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Key functions

  • 80 Plus Gold licensed
  • Micro Tolerance Load Laws (0.5 %)
  • Cable-free Connection Produce
  • Top rate Hybrid Fan Abet an eye on – Fanless till 40% load
  • Multi-GPU setup
  • Gold plated connectors
  • 10 years guarantee

SSR-750FA Technical Specifications

  • 80PLUS Rating: Gold
  • Dimensions: 140 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H)
  • Fan Dimension: 135 mm
  • Fan Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours at 40°C
  • Cable Information: Totally Modular
  • Cable form: Flat dim cables
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
  • Complete exact energy: 750W

If you happen to hunt for at the specification of the CONNECT energy provide it adds as a lot as a susceptible 750W Gold rated unit that is housed in two models. In time we hope that Seasonic will carry moderately about a variations with moderately about a energy rankings that per chance stretch to Platinum or Titanium, however for now the CONNECT family has a single mannequin known as SSR-750FA.

The major energy unit properties a 135mm FDB fan and outputs 12V energy and 5V stand-by through the chunky mounted cable to the CONNECT unit that distributes 12V, 5V and 3.3V spherical your PC. This style the CONNECT unit is performing two determined tasks as it properties the hardware that converts 12V to 5V and 3.3V, and it moreover acts as a connection level for the cables that energy your CPU, motherboard, graphics card(s), storage drives and peripherals.

Working with a protracted-established Seasonic Prime PSU

We constructed a test PC inside of the stylish Lian Li O11D case to investigate cross-test out about a scenarios, starting up with a Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium energy provide with long-established cables. The Lian Li has tinted glass panels that conceal the innards of the scheme to a sure extent. With the glass removed you should clearly see inside of the case and the aesthetics of the cables were moderately OK with nothing too offensive on conceal. Across the help of the case the flexibility plate covers the cables, then all another time when the plate changed into as soon as removed the PC light seemed properly-kept ample.

Including £40-£50 CableMod extensions to the stock Seasonic cables makes a principal inequity to the hunt for of the major compartment. Across the help of the PC we now be pleased extra cables to tuck away so it’s not a perfect ache however general the scheme looks to be like better than after we started.

The utilization of £90-£100 CableMod replacements increases the value vastly. Within the major compartment we be pleased now the same appearance we noticed with the extension cables, however spherical the help the PC now looks to be like beautiful and properly-kept.

Inserting in Seasonic CONNECT

Inserting in CONNECT doesn’t steal vital thought as the unit requires a living measuring at the very least 330mm by 65mm with 21mm of depth. If you happen to be conscious of the CONNECT is tethered by the 12V cable you should very properly be unlikely to be pleased many alternate choices… so clear the a truly noteworthy living, set the equipped magnets for your case and stick the CONNECT in set.

After that, you poke in the 24-pin cable and one or two EPS cables (as required) and then concentrate for your alternate choices with the PCIe graphics cables. After that hook up your storage and peripherals and the job is achieved. The CONNECT unit transforms the looks to be like of the help of the case however would perhaps per chance more than seemingly be problematic when it comes to clearance.

In the major compartment you should very properly be confronted with susceptible flat dim cables and as the total level of CONNECT is to moderately up your PC we’re assured you should desire to upgrade to replacement cables ASAP.

Closing Thoughts

We know fat properly that Seasonic understands energy presents and there is also no argument that a Prime 750W Gold will work properly as a PSU so that main facet of Seasonic CONNECT is a given. The cable administration facet of things is a special subject as the achieved scheme has to hunt for correct and, ideally, the building process would perhaps per chance light be easier than stylish.

The truth we’re uncommon with CONNECT scheme the scheme takes a runt bit longer than a susceptible ATX PSU, however getting the gargantuan bits in set doesn’t recent vital fret. Connecting up the cables is easy ample however this moreover requires a runt amount of thought as we be pleased now been doing this for moderately some whereas and are a runt bit living in our ways.

The cables coming from CONNECT were very shut to the grommets in our O11D case so we fed them through as we introduced the CONNECT into set till the total lot landed with a satisfying magnetic snick. It’d be reliable if CONNECT changed into as soon as shorter in length and required less living, and if that scheme it helps fewer connection then so be it.

If we would perhaps per chance exchange one thing on this CONNECT, it would perhaps well be the areas of the connectors for the major 24-pin and the PCIe graphics on the CONNECT as we were forced to push the cables through grommets that wouldn’t were our first replacement.

The moderately about a level is the monstrous one which the stock flat dim cables detract from the looks to be like. We aren’t too fussed about that with a susceptible energy provide however Seasonic CONNECT is all regarding the looks to be like and we desire both facet of the PC to hunt for properly-organized which contains the entrance apart from the help.

We don’t yet be pleased a grab link for the Seasonic CONNECT, however we be pleased now been told to looking ahead to pricing at £161 inc VAT.

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  • Excessive quality energy provide at an more cost-effective label.
  • Installation is easy and the CONNECT unit looks to be like radical and moderately about a.
  • The cables disappear horizontally and require less bending and wrestling into set.
  • Satisfactory connectors for any enthusiast PC.


  • You wish to budget for a living of cables that can provide a achieved seek for to your PC scheme.
  • CONNECT requires heaps of living and can light living off points in some PC circumstances.
  • In most circumstances CONNECT will seemingly be hidden in the help of a bag panel (except you derive modding definitely …)

KitGuru says: Seasonic CONNECT is moderately about a and hallelujah for that, however it light requires work. A living of smarter cables would disappear a protracted technique against making us happier.

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