SEGA’s brand new RPG is (unfortunately?) a mobile game

Recently we reported that SEGA announced that it would be revealing a brand new RPG at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. With the publisher owning so many iconic RPG franchises, fans began to speculate about what the game could be – from a new Valkyria Chronicles to Persona 6. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be neither of these, as the game is said to be a mobile title.

In the wake of the speculation surrounding what this new RPG could be from SEGA, the publisher went ahead and released a new teaser website alongside a trailer. While this teaser has given little away, it has revealed that this new RPG will be coming to mobile devices and that it will feature a non-linear story allowing players to make story-affecting choices.

As translated by IGN, the teaser trailer (which is only available in Japanese) features a voiceover explaining that the team behind the game wants to “make something different to the linear stories prevalent in RPGs, and take inspiration from tabletop RPGs that could take the form of one-off experiences without a set ending,” with the goal being to “release a smartphone RPG where the player gets to decide how the story unfolds through their choices.”

While some may be disappointed to see the game turn out to be a mobile effort, the concept art released so far does show off an interesting looking world, with a larger scope than some may be expecting. With all of the early Final Fantasy games available on mobile, and games such as Genshin Impact being huge on the platform, it is entirely possible that this new RPG could be just as big as any console release…maybe even bigger. Time will tell.

KitGuru says: What do you think of mobile games? Do you play any? Will the platform ever reach parity with consoles when it comes to audience expectations? Let us know down below.

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